Zipper Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Zipper Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

One of the great things about tattoos is that they allow us to express our inner feelings, thoughts, values, and life journey, through the images that we display on our skin.

While there are many different tattoo motifs that have been popular over the years – and that continues to be popular – one tattoo design trend which is currently attracting a lot of attention is tattoos with a zipper motif.

A zipper tattoo can symbolise all kinds of things ranging from recovery from injury and past trauma, to inner depths being hinted at and revealed.

And they can be incorporated into a lot of visually striking designs, as well. Here’s a look at a few zipper tattoo designs, ideas, and their associated meanings.

Animal Print Patterns Under A Zipper

For many people, animal motifs are a great way of tapping into something primal that seems to reflect an aspect of their true inner character, or the way they view themselves beneath the surface.

Throughout all of human history, there has been a belief in the power of “animal totems” to symbolise the spirits of individuals and tribes, and to act as guardians and helpers, among other things.


One great zipper tattoo design motif you could go for, would be to have a zipper opening somewhere on your body and revealing an animal skin or animal print design underneath.

In theory, you could go for any kind of animal skin or fur pattern – but people typically go for ones which are immediately recognisable, such as tiger stripes, or leopard spots.

Since animal print patterns are so popular in general for fashion, these kinds of tattoos can help you to mix a bit of style with a bit of edge, and some inner reflection.

Zipper Opening to Reveal Muscle

Zipper patterns that open up to reveal muscle or inner parts of the body in general, can be quite gory.

Still, for some people, this is exactly the type of motif they are looking for – as they are attention-grabbing, a bit edgy, and can help to showcase a unique personality.

Zippers that open up to reveal the muscle underneath are popular tattoo options for people who are into exercise and fitness in particular – as they draw attention to the area of the muscle itself (often shoulders), while at the same time drawing attention to the individual’s physique in a more general sense.

Martial artists and others who want to display some degree of raw physicality may also find that zipper tattoos opening to reveal the muscle underneath are a great fit.

Keep in mind, however, that in order to pull this tattoo style off you need to make sure that your tattooist is capable of properly detailing the intricacies of muscle fibre – because, otherwise, there’s a risk that your tattoo will end up looking like a bit of a mess.

Zipper Tattoo Over The Heart

Heart disease of all different types is a major killer, and is frequently responsible for ruining lives as well as ending them, and causing all sorts of stress, agitation, and heartbreak to those it touches.

Heart surgery is a major thing to go through in life, and if you have successfully undergone that kind of surgery and have regained your health as a result, there is a very good chance that you will want to commemorate the event going forward – as a testament to your resilience, and as a reminder to always appreciate life, and never take it for granted.


Zipper tattoos that open up over the heart are a common tattoo motif for individuals who have undergone heart surgery.

One added benefit of these types of tattoos in this context, is that the zipper can follow and conceal the outline of the surgical scar that was left when the operation was carried out.

Whether you actually want the tattoo to open up and reveal the design of an anatomically correct heart, or whether you just want a closed zipper on your chest as a reminder, this particular type of tattoo can be quite powerful.

Zipper Tattoo down the Back of the Leg

A zipper tattoo down the back of the leg is an attention-grabbing and stylish way of showing off your toned calves and thighs in the summertime, while out and about in your favourite skirt.


These tattoos are both sexy and interesting and conjure up images of the zips on the back of thigh-high boots.

They also benefit from being simple and minimalistic, meaning that you can have one of these tattoos done over the course of a relatively short session in the tattoo parlour, and still walk away feeling like your look has been transformed.

Zipper Tattoo on the Back of the Neck

Zipper tattoos on the back of the neck are increasingly popular, for a few different reasons.

For one thing, these kinds of tattoos add a certain mystique and allure to your look, as they imply something deeper hidden beneath surface appearances – while at the same time not giving too much of the game away.


These tattoos also tend to be quite small and elegant, meaning that they can be done relatively quickly and cheaply, and can add a little touch of character to your looks, whether just out and about in town, or at a formal event or gathering.

As visible tattoos are becoming more widely accepted in society, small and stylised tattoos on the back of the neck like this one are a great option for anyone who wants to show off their ink, while keeping it simple.

Zipper Tattoo over a Scar

Life is always a complicated business, with plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes, the challenges that life throws our way are physical in nature, and we end up carrying around scars as a result.


Whether you find that your scars make you feel insecure, or whether you just want to incorporate them into something new and different, zipper tattoos that run across the length of your scars can be a great way of acknowledging those past experiences, and incorporating them into your new journey going forward.


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