Zinnia tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Zinnia tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Floral tattoos have a variety of different meanings and symbolism associated with them. Traditional floral tattoo designs date back to ancient times, and since the West has adopted this tattoo style, it’s only become even more popular.

The Zinnia tattoo is no exception. This tattoo has deep symbolism and meaning. In this article we will discuss in greater detail the history of the Zinnia tattoo, it’s symbolism and meaning, where a Zinnia tattoo is usually placed and common characteristics and styles of this popular flower tattoo.

What is the History of Zinnia tattoos?

Traditional tattooing practises consisted mostly of tribal designs, but flowers and animals were incorporated in many of the designs. Traditionally, the tattoos helped establish a sense of identity, and the tattoo would use plants and animals local to the area where you were from.


The Zinnia is native to Mexico and other parts of Central America. Zinnia is named after Johann Gottfried Zinn, a German botany professor who discovered these plants and brought them back to Europe in the 1700s.

The Aztecs referred to these flowers as “plants that are hard on the eyes” due to their bright colours.

What Do Zinnias Symbolise?

There are a few meanings for zinnias depending on the colour.  Zinnias are usually given to an absent friend. If a good friend is moving away zinnias make an excellent gift, as they represent the idea of saying goodbye to someone who is important to you.

Zinnias often symbolise affection. These flowers are available in several colours and can be given to family and friends.

Finally, zinnias also can symbolise remembrance for friends and family who are no longer around.

Different coloured zinnias also have different meanings. They are:


1. Red zinnias

Red zinnias often symbolise love. They can also symbolise anger in certain cases. Most of the time though, zinnias are chosen to represent more positive attributes.

2. Pink zinnias

If you want to give a flower to your beloved, then a pink zinnia is a good choice. These pretty flowers represent romantic love and affection.

3. Purple zinnias

As with most purple flowers, purple zinnias symbolise royalty, class, and beauty.

4. Yellow zinnia

If you want to brighten up a good friend’s day, give them a yellow zinnia. Yellow zinnias represent joy, cheer, and optimism.

5. White zinnias

White zinnias make the perfect addition for wedding bouquets, as the symbolise innocence and purity.


What Do Zinnia tattoos Mean?

Zinnia tattoos can mean a few different things. However, more often than not zinnia tattoos represent an absent friend or loved one who is missed dearly. It can either be a friend who has moved away or done as a memorial for a loved one who has passed away.

These tattoos are often got as a tribute to someone who is deeply loved and cared for. Zinnia tattoos are not as common as other flowers, so they are good choice if you are looking for something a little different.

Interestingly enough, when getting tattoos of other flowers, like cherry blossoms, for example, due to the small size of the blossoms, tattoo artists tend to use zinnia blossoms as a reference as they are quite similar.


Where Do Zinnia tattoos Usually Go?

Zinnia tattoos can be placed wherever you would like it to be placed. Your tattoo artist is a great person to ask if you are unsure where you would like it. The most common places are the forearm, the back of the shoulder, upper arm, hip, and ankle.

Some things to remember when choosing your tattoo placement is what will happen as you age, how big the tattoo is going to be vs. the spot you have chosen to put the tattoo, and if it can be covered easily for work.


Characteristics And Styles of Zinnia tattoos

Traditionally, floral tattoos come in many different flavours. It’s very much down to personal preference combined with the tattoo artist you choose. Some tattoo artists are renowned for their delicate line work, others for their colour work or black and white style. Below are several different styles that work with Zinnia tattoos: 

Black and white

The most traditional tattoo art is done with black ink on the skin. Zinnias work well as black and white tattoos just as a line drawing on the skin or with some great shading work.


A popular style is combining the zinnias with a shape. Creating a geometric design with just the blossom of the Zinnia or having a bunch with a diamond shape coming out of them is another trendy design.

Another way is by the tattoo artist using triangles to create the shape of the Zinnia blossom itself. This style is usually done in black and white.

Zinnia with quote

Floral designs with a personal quote are very popular, and the same is true with zinnia tattoos. Adding a date and initials to a memorial tattoo or a quote that reminds you of your loved one adds a special touch to the tattoo.

These tattoos can be done either in black and white or in colour. Bear in mind if you choose to add words to your tattoo it can make your tattoo more expensive as inking words is difficult.

Zinnias with an animal

Floral tattoos traditionally look really good with animals, so including a favorite animal of your absent friend or loved one is another great way to make the tattoo unique and personal.



Zinnias are a bright, bold flower that symbolises the love and affection for dear friends, family, or loved ones who are absent, either permanently or living far away.

The different coloured blossoms have different meanings, linking back to the main idea of remembering an absent friend. This symbolism carries over into the tattoo world.

Zinnia tattoos are a unique and beautiful way to remember an absent friend. Whether you choose black ink work or coloured, it’s a wonderful way to show how much someone means to you.


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