23 [Lovely] Yorkshire Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

23 [Lovely] Yorkshire Terrier Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Yorkshire Terriers are quite the characters, aren’t they? 

Though they’re so very small, they have enormous personalities that can’t help but win and warm your heart – sometimes so profoundly that their owners will choose to remember them forever through a body art memorial.

Today we’re going to take a look at some amazing Yorkshire Terrier tattoo designs so that you can see how other’s have done exactly that and perhaps get a few ideas for your own memorial tattoo.

Take a peek, see what you think, and prepare to be impressed!

1. Yorkie Ankle Tattoo

Let’s face it. The right ankle tattoo is cute as a button and you’re looking at a great example. 

In this Yorkie Ankle tattoo, you can see a lot of great detail work in the face, making this some body art with a whole lot of personality that only takes up an itty-bitty amount of space.  

Remember, your memorial doesn’t have to be gigantic to get the point across. It’s all about what you choose!

Yorkie Tattoo on Ankle

2. Yorkie Face Tattoo

Speaking of detail work, this memorial tattoo is absolutely exquisite! 

A Yorkie face tattoo is a great remembrance and while it takes a few sessions to get this kind of detail, you can see that it’s worth every minute.

Non-dog people don’t seem to get that each dog has very distinctive markings in their fur and this makes it important to capture their specific faces in art. 

In this example, the artist has done exactly that and it’s an impressive feat indeed!

Yorkie Face Tattoo

3. Cute Yorkie Tattoo

Sometimes cute is the right way to go with a memorial piece of body art and in this image we can see a remembrance for a dog named Teddy. 

The facial detail is excellent and framing the face with flowers allows for additional color and for keeping the memorial scene light.

Memorial body art is for keeping precious memories and cute tattoos like this help us to remember our furry friends at their happy best!

Cute Yorkie Tattoo

4. Geometric Yorkie Tattoo

If you like your tattoos to be on the more eccentric side then this Geometric Yorkie tattoo might be right up your alley. 

Geometric tattoos like this incorporate colors and shades so that there is no mistaking the breed, so they are a great choice for dogs like Yorkies or even Shih Tzu dogs.

Even presented in angles, the perky little pup you knew is clear for all to see.

Geometric Yorkie Tattoo

5. New School Yorkie Tattoo

New school style tattoos can look absolutely amazing, as you can see in this New School Yorkie tattoo. 

In it we can see Romeo the dog, with a colorful ascot, and beautifully rendered detail and color. It’s an eye-popping memorial for sure and Romeo must have been quite the good dog indeed!

If you are looking for a memorial that’s big on color and style, then you should definitely consider New School – it captures spirit with style!

New School Yorkie Tattoo

6. Neo Traditional Yorkie Tattoo

Neo traditional is another great style option and here we can see another dog, this one named Louie, being remembered in quite the creative fashion. 

Dressed as Chewbacca and framed with stars, this adorable little dog’s memory has been stylishly preserved by his owner for all of time.

Neo Traditional is a great choice for dogs, as it does a good job of communicating their happy and mischievous little natures. 

Just something to consider when you are making your own!

Neo Traditional Yorkie Tattoo

7. Yorkie Outline Tattoo

On the other side of the coin, a cartoonish tattoo is a great way to remember the playful spirit of your furry friend. 

In this Yorkie outline tattoo you can see that someone has done exactly this, capturing the little scamp happily playing with a ball.

Tattoos don’t have to be photorealistic to make an effective memorial and this is one choice that will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Yorkie Outline Tattoo

8. Minimalist Yorkie Tattoo

This minimalist Yorkie tattoo is a great piece of artwork. While it doesn’t take up much space at all, the carefully rendered detail of the face is practically photo quality. It doesn’t even need color to pop, proving that with body art it’s all about the uniqueness of the design.  

Art doesn’t have to be giant to have an impact and a minimalist tattoo like this is a perfect example. 

It’s got everything you need to tell the world that this little guy or gal was loved!

Minimalist Yorkie Tattoo

9. Yorkie Paw Print Tattoo

Who says your memorial tattoo needs to be a face? A footprint tattoo can be a statement of significance, symbolizing the bond of dog and owner and the times that they walked together. 

This Yorkie paw print is also a good option for when you want to remember but a face or full image is simply too painful. It doesn’t take up much space, but it says it all.

Yorkie Paw Print Tattoo

10. Cartoon Yorkie Tattoo

Here we’ve got an adorable tattoo of a puppy dressed up for Halloween! This cartoon Yorkie tattoo brings a smile to your face, with his little wagging tail and ghost costume. 

Cartoon tattoos like this are great memorials, helping you to remember the good times, and are a great choice for dogs like a Morkie or the Yorkie that you see here.  

Their cute little faces are simply perfect for cartoon art, wouldn’t you agree?

Cartoon Yorkie Tattoo

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11. Yorkie Line Tattoo

Line tattoos are very creative and make for excellent memorials. They manage to look both simple and complex at the same time… and they don’t take up much space. 

This Yorkie line tattoo is a perfect example — It’s artistic, classy, and it’s definitely unique.

Yorkie Line Tattoo

12. Small Yorkie Tattoo

Tattoos don’t have to be enormous to pack a punch and this small Yorkie tattoo certainly drives that point home. 

The detail and colors are quite beautiful and capture a lot of detail, from the bright eyes to the shiny little nose and that cute pink tongue.

This is definitely a good way to remember your furry friend at their absolute best.

Small Yorkie Tattoo

13. Yorkie Ears Tattoo

This classy little tattoo is quite the unique memorial. In this Yorkie ears tattoo we those distinctive, perky ears and there’s a cute little heart for the nose to show how precious this little one was. 

Sometimes tattoos with too much detail can be painful, making options like these ears tattoos an excellent choice.

Yorkie Ears Tattoo

14. Yorkie Portrait Tattoo

Wow! Take a look at all of the details and color in this Yorkie portrait tattoo. Looking up playfully with a red bow in her hair, this adorable little dog has definitely been captured in time. 

While portrait tattoos definitely take more visits to your tattoo artist, there’s no denying that they are definitely worth it, and small dog breeds make for amazing art.

So, if you have a Yorkie Poo or another small breed dog that is super-cute and special, portrait body art is well-worth considering!

Yorkie Portrait Tattoo

15. Yorkie Memorial Tattoo

This memorial tattoo to a dog named Riley is more on the somber side and extremely well-done. 

In this Yorkie memorial tattoo no color is needed, as exquisite shading and attention to detail quite realistically show us Riley’s face, name, and the time that they spent with their master. A perfect memorial for this perfect little dog.

Memorial Yorkie Tattoo

16. Yorkie Silhouette Tattoo

Silhouettes can be a pretty and minimalist way to remember your furry friend. In this Yorkie silhouette tattoo, we see that so-familiar Yorkie shape and the only color is the clever shape of a tiny heart. 

Memorial tattoos don’t have to be complicated — even in silhouette, the shape and the heart say everything that you need to know.

Yorkie Silhouette Tattoo

17. Realistic Yorkie Tattoo

With a bow in its hair and a happy expression, this realistic Yorkie tattoo is quite the lovely piece of body art. 

If you have owned a few dogs before then you are well-aware that they have very distinctive faces, and in this body art someone has saved the face of a special dog forever.

It’s a touching memorial and a spectacular piece of body art indeed!

Realistic Yorkie Tattoo

18. Traditional Yorkie Tattoo

More stylized in appearance but with tons of detail and color, this traditional Yorkie tattoo is a beautiful piece of work. 

With the caption ‘my boy’ below and little details like the sun and a flower, you can instantly tell how important this little one was to someone and that they will never, ever be forgotten!

Traditional Yorkie Tattoo

19. Watercolor Yorkie Tattoo

When you want to capture personality, you’ve got a lot of artistic options at your disposal. 

Watercolors happen to be one of the prettiest and this Watercolor Yorkie tattoo is a perfect example of what you can do! 

Notice how all of the detail is focused into rendering the face, while the colors above and below indicate a vibrant personality.

It’s a beautiful tattoo and a fitting memorial indeed!

Watercolor Yorkie Tattoo

20. Simple Yorkie Tattoo

Cute and heartbreaking at the same time, we see a cartoon Yorkie looking up and thinking ‘I love you’ in this simple tattoo. 

Small tattoos are nice because they are so compact and often quite clever at the same time and this piece of body art manages to do both with a lot of style and skill.  

Simple Yorkie Tattoo

21. Black Yorkie Tattoo

Another amazing memorial, check out all of the detail and love that went into this tattoo! You can see someone’s special dog looking perky and happy, with love in its heart and flowers at its feet. 

Black and white tattoos can look absolutely amazing when the time is taken for perfect shading and detail and this Black Yorkie tattoo is quite the handsome example!

Black Yorkie Tattoo

22. Tiny Yorkie Tattoo

Only a little bigger than a quarter, this tiny Yorkie tattoo has still got an amazing amount of detail in it. 

With clever shading and line work, a little face has been perfectly preserved while using the minimum amount of space. It’s impressive work, indeed, and a lovely memorial for a special little dog.

Tiny Yorkie Tattoo

23. Yorkie Tattoo on the Forearm

Forearm tattoos have a little extra ‘kick’ to them, as they are not so easily hidden, which means that whatever you put there is important indeed. 

This Yorkie tattoo on the forearm shows a cute little girl that has been quite beautifully rendered and sure to always be remembered for the special dog that she was.

Yorkie Tattoo on Forearm

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