Top 73 Yggdrasil Tattoo Ideas In 2021 [Symbolism, Meanings, And More]

Top 73 Yggdrasil Tattoo Ideas In 2021 [Symbolism, Meanings, And More]

In different cultures, tattoos represent a variety of things. For example, in the United States, tattoos can be broken into two different time periods: pre-colonial Native American culture and contemporary American culture.

Tattoos in America have gone from symbolizing nobleness in Native Americans to become a widespread art technique that does not need to be backed by any meaning or feeling. 

Regardless, the world of tattoos has continued to grow over time. The world of tattooing includes inked up shoulders of American traditional style to the ever meaningful Yggdrasil tattoo. 

Now, Yggdrasil tattoos may not be the most mainstream style in the tattoo industry, but that does not make the template any less relevant or awesome. 

Yggdrasil tattoos appear in many cultures, as they are representative of the tree of life.


Yggdrasil style is the most universally accepted depiction of the tree of life, originally introduced as a component to Norse mythology, representing life, growth, wisdom, knowledge, and strength. 

Still, other countries and cultures depict the Yggdrasil tree differently. It truly is all perspective.

At the same time, there is one thing for sure: Yggdrasil tattoos are awesome. Below are some of the best locations (and ideas) of Yggdrasil tattoos out there:


Shoulders are typically a great spot for tattoos, but tattoos of the tree of life? Shoulders are a near-perfect placement spot.

Just like having a “chip on your shoulder,” having a tree of life on an upper arm is a great area for a design that carries so much meaning behind it. 

The shoulder, in some ways, is the start and foundation of an arm. The Yggdrasil tree of life represents that foundation and extension of life, so the shoulder and the Norse tree of life are a perfect pair. 



Similar to the shoulder, the back is also a foundational piece of the body. Unlike the shoulder, the back is THE foundational piece of the body and not just the foundation for a singular arm.

So, when talking about a tree of life that carries a message of strength, stability, and growth, the back is an ideal spot to put a Yggdrasil tattoo design. 

What part of the back it is on is ultimately up to the recipient of the tattoo, but below the neck and on either shoulder blade are the most common spots for Yggdrasil back tattoos. 



Similar to the back, the chest is a strong supporting piece of the torso. Now, is it as essential as someone’s back? Maybe not, but it is still a part of the body that can display meaningful works of art. 

For example, it is very common for people to get chest tattoos on or around the area in which the heart is.

No, those people are not getting their actual arteries inked up, but the human heart carries a lot of symbolism with it- just like the Yggdrasil tree- making it an ideal spot for someone to get this tattoo style.


Forearm and Wrist

Having a Yggdrasil tattoo on a forearm or wrist will help keep the artwork at the forefront of whoever decides to put it there.

But why does having the art at the forefront matter?

Well, if someone wants to get a meaningful tattoo, like a tree of life, having it on an area of the body that can be seen repeatedly throughout the day can be a constant reminder of the meaning it carries behind it.

So, when it comes to the Yggdrasil tree, having it on a wrist or forearm can help be a constant reminder of growth, strength, and resiliency. 



Getting tatted on the upper body is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that should not dissuade them from getting amazing artwork.

Just like the shoulder, the thigh is a foundational piece of the body, except instead of the arm, the thigh is the main starting point of a leg.

Still, regardless of where the tattoo is put, the tree of life will always carry the same weight behind it.

Where it is placed on the body is up for the human canvas to decide, but at the end of the day, the location may not be the most important part of the tattoo.

What is the most important aspect is the artwork itself. 


Style Ideas for Tree of Life Tattoos

Considering the Yggdrasil tree of life contains certain, consistent elements, almost every single tattoo of them will resemble one another in some way.

Seriously, just think about it: trees look like trees. However, there are more than just a few ways for someone to personalize a Yggdrasil tattoo. 

That personalization could include the location of the tattoo (discussed above) or the insertion of certain images and objects like animals, vines, long roots, and on and on. It honestly depends on how creative someone wants to get. 

For example, if one were to google ‘Yggdrasil tattoo designs,’ they would get a boatload of images that include trees with Celtic lettering, dragons, wolves, birds, waves, and much more.

Either way, each tattoo carries similar characteristics to one another. 

One interesting thing one could find when it comes to the designs of these tattoos is the form in which it is tattooed.


There are some tree of life designs that are encompassed in an entire circle, while there are others that stretch across the whole length of the body/body part.

Some people even have a Yggdrasil tattoo across the entire length of their back. Good on them, but that may be biting off a little bit more than others could chew.

Regardless, Yggdrasil tattoos are meaningful, customizable, and masterful to look at. In a world where there are more and more styles of tattoos, these trees of life are some of the most beautiful and consistent designs out there.


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