Yellow Rose Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Yellow Rose Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

While the name brings the ‘Yellow Rose of Texas’ song to mind for most of us, yellow roses have been popular for quite some time and some very definite symbolism of their own. In this article we’ll tell you a little more about their history, meanings, popular placements, and more!

So, find a comfortable spot and read on to find out all about it. Yellow rose tattoos can have a lot of different meanings and we’ll explain that to you in-depth in the sections below.


What is the History of Yellow Rose Tattoos?

While we are used to seeing them all of the time, yellow roses actually became popular in the 18th century and originally come from the Middle East. Once noticed, their popularity definitely spread, and they were quite the hit at Victorian birthday parties, symbolizing light and joyousness of spirit.

Historically, it is worthy to note, that they haven’t always had bright connotations. For instance, in some parts of Europe, certain flowers have very specific messages – mint plants could mean madness, while striped carnations meant that you acknowledge someone’s love for you but you don’t know them.

Yellow roses meant that love was on its way out and could even represent infidelity.

In the modern day, we tend to think of yellow simply as the color of sunshine, so yellow rose tattoos are view more a brightening of the day or for a person who is beautiful but not your average lower(like the common Red rose). Meanings change over time, but that means a yellow rose can say a lot of things!


What Do Yellow Rose Tattoos Symbolize?

The symbolism behind yellow rose tattoos is typically meant to describe the one who wears it. Usually, it’s a positive expression that this person is beautiful and uncommon and this bright, happy rose does a nice job of saying that.

Aside from infidelity and love on the decline, a yellow rose can also symbolize jealousy, so some may choose to wear this tattoo as a lovely way of telling the world that they don’t like to share the attentions of their mate! While this is certainly an old-fashioned interpretation, sometimes those are the most fun.

After all, when you use unique symbolism and someone catches on, then your skin art choice turns out to be a beautiful secret code with a little practical function in the bargain!


What Do Yellow Rose Tattoos Mean?

The meaning behind yellow rose tattoos depends on how it’s depicted. Alone, it could represent a bright and buoyant soul, or even a jealous one or someone whose relationship is on the decline.

Placed with other roses of a different color, it could indicate standing apart, but you could take that further and create a memorial to someone that you want to remember who definitely stood out from everyone else in your life.

A yellow rose turning black or a black one turning yellow would also be a powerful statement, expressing to the world that one’s soul is slowly becoming darker or brighter, as represented in the way that the final art is intended to communicate this.

Meaning is a tricky thing, because it’s based on both traditional meanings and our own personal experiences in life. Personally, we like when a little of both goes into a design, but it’s really going to be up to you – there are a lot of things that a yellow rose can say so you can really get creative with it!


Where Do Yellow Rose Tattoos Usually Go?

The hip, the ankle, and the shoulder are probably the most popular places where yellow rose tattoos are placed, but they are hardly the only ones.

A wrist tattoo of a yellow rose with it’s thorns encircling that part of your arm could indicate a loss of faith in love and still be quite subtle, despite the location.

If more than one yellow rose will be depicted, then it could be done on your back, but more often than not the arms, hip, and the ankle are still the most popular placements.

This is because people tend to depict a single yellow rose the most often, as it’s generally a statement about themselves, and a single rose is easy to fit in a lot of places on your body.

As a plus, if yellow roses are your favorite, then you could even wear many roses in separate places with a little different meaning for each!


Characteristics and Styles of Yellow Rose Tattoos

Yellow rose tattoos work with any style that you would like. Even if you favorite stark ‘black and white’ designs, yellow roses can really work well, because the contrast of only having the yellow color with the black and white is really quite amazing.

Watercolor tattoos are especially good for yellow roses, as are New School depictions, and even Japanese styles – where the yellow rose doesn’t just mean cheer, but is also a symbol of inner-strength and courage.

A Tribal mix of stem and thorns, topped with a bright, yellow rose-top is another way to take the symbol and to make it your own, and because of the compact design that nature has given this flower, it’s even complimented quite sweetly with a bare-but-succinct Minimalist tattoo design.

A rose by any other name? Hardly. The yellow rose has a lot more when it comes to details and layers than most would even suspect!


Some final words on Yellow Rose Tattoos

Yellow roses, as it turns out, have quite a lot of meaning ascribed to them and make an excellent choice for some skin art that really expresses who you are on so many levels. It can indicate a bright outlook, a jealous bent, or if you like a certain song then it could even be a reference to being from Texas.

With so many meanings and so many styles to choose from, yellow rose tattoos have a lot more potential than most people realize and when you really get down to it, that’s definitely something that you want in your skin art design. Let the information that we’ve shared today simmer a bit and see what you think.

The yellow rose might be ‘just what the doctor ordered’ when it comes to your first or next tattoo!

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