Wren Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Wren Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

If you’re looking for a little bird tattoo, you might consider a wren. Small and brightly colored, the wren has a history of symbolism and meaning going back to the days of the druids, and it can make for a bright and cheerful image.

The wren may be a small bird, but it has a big reputation dating back to ancient times. As a harbinger of spring, the wren is a beautiful and well-liked image for  a bird tattoo.

This article explores the history, symbolism and meanings behind the wren tattoo.


What Is the History of Wren Tattoos?

Wrens are a well known bird in the British Isles. Their images have been in use since the age of the Druids.

Wrens are well known for being cheerful little songbirds, who have long been considered an inspiration to musicians, including bards.

History of Wren Imagery and Symbolism:

In Irish Gaelic tradition, the Wren is the King of Birds and inspiration of the Bard Taliesin.

In Celtic tradition, the Wren is the Holly King – whose passing heralds the return of Spring and Summer

In North American tribal cultures, wrens symbolize a warrior spirit,


What Is the Symbolism of Wren Tattoos?

Wrens symbolize a number of things. The symbolism of the wren includes:

The wren is a harbinger of spring and is thus considered a symbol of renewal and rebirth

– Its association with Bards makes it a symbol of the arts: a symbol of art and artistic passion

– It also symbolizes rebirth, immortality and protection

In Norse mythology the Wren symbolized wisdom and divinity: Spotting a wren was supposed to indicate one would be blessed with knowledge in the coming year.

– According to Irish mythology, the wren symbolizes a trickster and cleverness, due to the way it supposedly outsmarted the eagle to become King of Birds

– In Celtic traditions the wren is a symbol of light-hearted joy and a free spirit

– In tribal cultures, such as the Pueblo Indians, the wren is a symbol of courage, meant to boost a warrior’s spirit.

– Wrens sometimes symbolize a resourceful and resilient spirit

– They can also symbolize skill and a social nature

– Among Christian traditions a wren can symbolize a carefree nature, and messenger of Heaven


What Are Some of the Meanings Wren Tattoos Can Have?

The meanings behind Wren tattoos are varied, like their symbolism.

Many people choose a wren tattoo to represent them as their spirit animal. Tattoos with this meaning indicate the individual has a bright, cheerful, energetic spirit with a sense of humor and a resilient personality.

Others choose a wren to represent a social nature, either as a personal symbol, or as a memorial for someone who had these qualities.

A wren tattoo may also represent someone who seeks rebirth or spiritual renewal. It may also provide a reminder of an event that caused a spiritual rebirth of sorts.

For those of an artistic mindset, a wren tattoo may hearken back to the Celtic traditional meaning of inspiration and passion.

For Christians a wren tattoo may represent a messenger of Heaven, and a connection to God. It may mean that the person feels a connection to God in their life.

Having a wren tattoo may also symbolize a person is seeking wisdom or guidance.

A wren tattoo may also mean a person is seeking protection from negative energies through use of a positive image.

Symbolism of a Blue Wren:

Blue wrens are also called fairy wrens, and represent a connection to the whimsical and mystical.

A blue wren tattoo can represent a whimsical personality. It may mean the person has a whimsical mind and a connection to ‘flights of fantasy’.

It may also serve as a representation for someone connected to the person who has a whimsical and fantastical mind.

These wrens can also represent a source of inspiration through breaking from previous patterns.


Where Are Wren Tattoos Usually Placed?

Wrens are small, compact birds, which in turn usually provide small, compact images. And these images can be applied anywhere.

Upper arms and shoulders are common locations for wren tattoos.

Forearms are also a popular choice for placing wren tattoos.

Wren tattoos are also commonly found on the ankles.

Wren tattoos are also commonly found on the chest, just below the collar bone.

Some individuals may also choose to have a wren tattooed on the abdomen, or on the back of the shoulder blade

Larger-than-life wren tattoos are sometimes located on the hips and thighs.

Miniature wrens can also be displayed on the hand.


Styles and Characteristics of Wren Tattoos:

Wren tattoos come in several different designs.

Wren tattoos always depict the full bird. Beyond that, they can take a number of different forms.

– Wrens can be depicted in flight or perched on a bough of some kind

– Wrens that are not in flight are often shown surrounded by leaves and flowers

– Wrens can be done in watercolor designs or abstract images

– They are usually done as illustrations in varying degrees of realism.

– Wrens are sometimes done in pen-and-ink drawings, usually in the more realistic images.

– Colored images are often done in blues, representing the fairy wren

– Other images are done in browns and yellows, similar to a normal wren

– Wrens are often shown surrounded by holly berries or evergreen boughs in connection with the legend of the Holly King in Celtic mythology

– Some wren images are done with spring flowers, in connection with themes of rebirth and renewal

– Illustrated images can also be done in bright colors.

– Sometimes wren images are placed against a background, usually of nature, like a sunset or a forest.



Wren tattoos are a perfect image to represent a new life or a renewed spiritual energy, but that’s far from the only meaning they have. If you’re looking for a bird to represent a bright and upbeat spirit, then the wren may be the perfect tattoo for you.

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