Wreath Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Wreath Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The wreath signifies beauty, elegance, unity, and wholesomeness. Inking a wreath tattoo will always carry positivity and an infectious attitude around it depending on your purpose.

It is a popular design because of the numerous additional tweaks and ease of personifying the tattoo. 

The Meaning

The wreath is a symbol of honor, beauty, and utmost respect. The variation of the wreath with various items of writings gives the wreath an additional sense of style and design.

There are numerous opportunities to liven the wreath tradition from ancient Greek and create a modern and personal take of your ink design.

Whichever reason you choose to get a wreath tattoo, its design and style will have a sentimental meaning in your life. 

Wreath Tattoo Styles and Designs

According to your intended meaning, you can change your wreath design and style. To celebrate and highlight your wreath tattoo, you need to consider the following factors:

Your Skin Tone

It would help if you considered your skin tone because it will determine the color scheme you can use.

The colors you use on your wreath need to blend with your skin tone as the wreath’s center will mostly be a blank canvas.

Colors You Expect To Highlight

The type of colors you choose should match your purpose and skin tone. 

The Meaning

Where You Want To Have the Tattoo

Wreath tattoos were mostly considered sleeve designs due to their intricate and tiny nature. However, You can diversify and have it on your thigh or arm according to your preference. 

Personal Style

Your style will usually crown the wreath tattoo. Some people choose to add unique features that highlight their personality, character, or event that inspired the wreath.

You only need to ensure it blends in well with your skin tone. 


The floral wreath is the most popular wreath tattoo because it mirrors the original purpose of the wreath celebrating beauty.

It represents the fun and content lifestyle that you have. The inclusions of the leaves, flowers and branches in the wreath give it the visual appeal. 

With such elaborate patterns, you need to get a significant size of the wreath to maintain its beauty.

You can have this floral design on your thigh since it will accommodate and celebrate the wreath entirely.

You can choose to have a black and white color scheme or have brighter color highlights to create contrast in the design. 


The daisy flower is one of the most beautiful flowers. Using the daisies in your wreath creates a royal and pretty flower arrangement in the wreath.

To improve on the body and beauty of the daisy wreath, ensure you include the entire design of the twig to represent the unity and wholesomeness of the wreath.

The daisy wreath also symbolizes honesty. This tattoo is preferred for lighter or fairer skin tones and can be done on the wrist, arm, or sleeve because it is more beautiful on a small scale. 


If you are fond of the summer, the poppy tattoo is perfect for you. You will get to celebrate the bright and beautiful colors and flowers in your wreath.

You can have a larger or a small-scale version of this poppy wreath. You can use the poppy or meadows to celebrate the summer sunshine and fun activities.

It is best inked in the sleeve for the perfect look. You can choose to do a grayscale version, but it will not do justice to the summer mood and brightness. 


If you want to celebrate color in your wreath, you can get a colorful wreath tattoo.

You can choose to include crazy color combinations and even add a personal message at the center of the wreath.

There is no specific flower or leaf combination that you need to use; you only need to ensure that the colors and flowers match and blend well.

Its simplicity yet deep meaning makes it perfect for your arm. You also get to celebrate the simple wreath’s art, design, and origin.


You can expect masculine wreath tattoos to highlight more masculine features.

You can maintain the basic and original wreath circle; the design and additional features will differentiate this tattoo. 

Some people will choose to have the basic twig wreath with an additional personal item or messages like armory, rifles, swords, fancy vehicles, or fun activities at the center.

Typically, you will maintain a black and white color scheme to bring out the masculine feel and nature of the design. You can get these tattoos regardless of your skin tone.

However, you need to consider the color shades if you have a pale skin tone. 


A unique wreath will be more personal to you in meaning and design. You get to celebrate who you are and what you like.

You can choose to have a half-circle wreath and act like a basket where you can use different items, writings or illustrations to elaborate your character and feel. 

These variations are mostly done by men who want to celebrate the wreath but add a masculine trait.

Some of the designs you can have can be a decorated eye, illustrated skeleton hand, animations, or your favorite drink. 

The design opportunities are endless; it is up to you to choose which image has a deeper meaning. You can also have these tattoos on your sleeve, arm, or thigh.

Choosing a larger tattoo version will have a significant impact on its beauty. 


You can also choose to go traditional and celebrate the ancient Greek mythology and traditions by having an image of the ancient wreath.

Even though it will have a basic design, you can incorporate the Greek tradition in the wreath by having a personalized Greek message. 


You can also modernize the wreath by tweaking the colors, designs, and purpose to fit the modern culture but still celebrate the original wreath culture. 

The simplicity of the wreath tattoo will often fool you into assuming or neglecting its main celebratory purpose.

Its symbolic nature makes it the perfect tattoo to celebrate your personality and achievements

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