Womb Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Womb Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

A womb tattoo or Inmon gets its name from its shape rather than from where the tattoo is located. You may have heard of this term in the world of anime and hentai and are curious about what it is.

Or are interested in getting on yourself. Either way, you have come to the right place to learn more about what these kinds of tattoos are. 

First of all, womb tattoos are more popular outside the anime or hentai world than you think, and the meanings behind these tattoos cover both sexual and non-sexual references.

They are usually of a simplistic design, making them quite an attractive tattoo option for many people. This article will explore what womb tattoos are, their symbolism, meanings, and more. So, read on. 

What is a womb tattoo?

Let’s be honest; if you just heard of the term “womb tattoo,” you probably narrowed your eyes with some confusion.

And like most people, you probably thought, for a second, that it was a tattoo for the womb. But what are these tattoos, and why are they referred to as such in the first place?

Well, in simple terms, a womb tattoo is a tattoo designed to look like a womb. It’s a general misconception that the tattoo gets its name from its location – above the womb area.

However, that can be right. If that was the case, every tattoo located in that region should be a womb tattoo. 


What does a womb tattoo mean? 

The English term “womb tattoo” refers to the same thing as Inmon in Japanese. According to experts, an Inmon isn’t necessarily a tattoo. It is a crest-like shape that takes the form of a tribal tattoo.

An Inmon is a “lewd” symbol that gives off sexual suggestions or relates to sex in many cases. 

However, these tattoos do not always carry sexual meanings. Some of these tattoos are also used to showcase or illustrate love.

Such womb tattoos would have the drawing of a heart included in the tattoo. In addition, you can make the heart design look just like a uterus to add some creativity to your design.

That is why most womb tattoos look just like distorted heart shapes. However, it is essential to note that not every tattoo you find on or around the crotch is a womb tattoo.


The tattoo must bear a close resemblance to the shape of the uterus, heart, or even the fallopian tubes, for it qualifies as such a tattoo.


Types, designs, and meanings of womb tattoos

Womb tattoos come in a variety of designs that carry various meanings. Although most of the designs may have sexual meanings, this is not so for all.

We will separate the tattoos into sexual and non-sexual options to better explain them.

Sexual womb tattoos

  • Tramp stamp designs

Tramp stamp tattoos are generally used to indicate loose morals and usually appear on the lower back. Most people associate womb tattoos with tramp stamps because of the lewd meanings associated with the tattoo.

This may not be far from the truth. In fact, in most cases, the only difference between a tramp stamp and a womb tattoo is the location of the tattoo – the former at the lower back and the latter below the stomach. 

The tramp stamp tattoos, both men and women can get this tattoo to showcase their sexual availability. Some also use the term reverse tramp stamp for womb tattoos.

  • Strictly sexual designs

Several womb tattoo designs have strictly sexual meanings. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

  • The slave design symbolizes discomfort and pain when obeying a sexual master. 
  • The mind melt design means that every time she reaches orgasm, she ‘melts’ or erases one memory. 
  • The messaging design means that the bearer projects lewd thoughts into their body, preparing them for a moment of pleasure. 
  • The receptacle design shows that the person becomes weak unless there is a good deposit of ‘manly stuff’ inside her. 
  • The mantraction design is usually tattooed on a woman who cannot contain herself when a man is close to her. 
  • The pheromone design indicates that the closer a man is to the bearer of this tattoo, the more likely he would be aroused by her. 

Non-sexual womb tattoos

  • Love designs

As mentioned earlier, some of these tattoos come in various heart designs distorted to look like a uterus.

Most of these designs come with actual love shapes as part of the design and signify love or some form of a romantic commitment to someone. 

  • Falling to evil

This design is usually used by a person falling from grace. In other words, a sort of a heroine now becoming a villain. To use a phrase you are probably more familiar with: a “good girl gone bad.” 

  • The Elf-eared Fairy Design

If you are a fan of anime and hentai, you might have come across a womb tattoo design that looks like a fairy with elf ears, which has nothing to do with a lewd effect. 


Context and location

Although you will find most of these tattoos on the crotch, it does not have to be located on the crotch or lower stomach area. It can also be displayed on the chest or waist area, as long as the crest has a lewd effect. 

However, you must be careful not to call any tattoo or crest that appears in a horizontally symmetric pattern Inmon or lewd just because it appears at the body’s center.

History of womb tattoos

Most of these tattoos you find today come from animated works of fiction, with most of the various designs inspired by fictional characters.

For example, one design with bat wings references Succubus, a type of lewd monster girl with demonic capabilities. Also, some designs with flowers reference a Japanese genre of lesbian fiction. 


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