Windmill Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Windmill Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

As you may already know, getting a tattoo isn’t a decision to make lightly.

You want it to have some meaning behind it, and when it comes to choosing a windmill tattoo, understanding the symbolism and meaning is going to help you to make the right choice.

Of course, not every tattoo has an underlying meaning, but this is one that really does! 

Windmills are unique, iconic, and enduring, and we’re not talking about those modern monstrosities that you find in the ocean these days.

We’re talking about the old-school windmills that are the reminder of a time gone by. These are tattoos that nod to an era long gone, as windmills used to be for milling grain or pumping water.

The more modern ones today no longer do that, though they are still useful in their energy production. The most important thing here is that the older windmills are beautiful when they are designed into ink!

Windmill Tattoos: A Little Symbolism

Windmill tattoos don’t often have a defined meaning in themselves, but they do have meaning to the individual who chooses to have one inked onto their skin.

They are seen to be a symbol of sustainability and consistency. They’re a throwback to the past; perhaps the wearer spent summers in fields and the windmill image gives them the feels!

Windmills are not simple in their structure. The complexities of a windmill are what make them beautiful, and it’s often seen as an element that connects man with the forces of nature.


Mills use the power of the wind to generate more energy, and the windmill itself is a big part of our global history.

Traditional Dutch windmills are often chosen as a tribute because of a connection to the Netherlands.

It would be a choice based on heritage and family, and whether you choose a black and gray image or you go for a colorful option, you can’t fail on this one looking great.

Windmills have been used for years in art and across literature, making them an excellent option for anyone who wants to have something symbolic in their windmill tattoo.

They’ve also been known to represent dreams and fairytales. 

Tattoos of windmills can be elegant and simple or they can be wholly complex and large on the body.

Whether you choose one that your tattooist has dreamt up or you have a specific windmill in mind, there will always be a story behind them!

Many people who choose to get a windmill tattoo choose to pair it with another tattoo type, such as one that represents the wind.

You’ll even see windmill tattoos with the skyline or the field itself within it to make it more of a picture rather than just one image. 


Windmills & Wind

Before you choose which windmill tattoo you want, think about what you want it to represent and choose an artist who will design it with you with the right colors, background and complexities.

You might find that this is a tattoo full of complexities and you may need to base the placement of this tattoo on how complex it is.

If you choose to add the wind to the windmill tattoo, it may be worth thinking about how you can portray the wind in this tattoo, too. 

The wind is represented in many different ways and not just with windmill tattoos.

Whether you have the wind “lines” tattoo or you have the wind represented with Japanese or Chinese writing, you can interlock the wind tattoo with a windmill one and show how the two go together hand in hand.

We talked earlier about how windmills are the connection between man and wind to create energy, which is what was used to power the pumping of water or milling of grain.

The connection between the two is why you’ll often find wind depicted in a windmill tattoo as a “side note” piece. 

Windmill tattoos can be simply drawn, or they can have depth and color, meaning and complexity in their design.

Choosing a windmill tattoo shows that you have a connection to these energy-creators, but adding wind to the tattoo will make a big difference to that meaning.

Wind Tattoo Meaning

If you choose to add wind to the windmill tattoo of your choice, you want to ensure that you are keeping that link between man and wind.

The wind is weightless but powerful, invisible but often seen in the trees and the fields. It’s magic defined, and it speaks of impermanence – and yet the permanence of a tattoo defies that.

Windmills are powerful in their use, and the symbolism in the tattoo on its own may – for some – feel unfinished without the wind.

The wind can be anything from a gentle breeze to a devastating hurricane. The symbol of wind in ink can often mean quick thinking, power, freedom, movement – there are so many meanings.

In this context, the wind powers the windmill, so the two together on one tattoo is designed to show the creation of man manipulating the wind for gain – or grain, as it were.

Being aware of the impact of the wind on windmills shows an awareness of power and adding the fact that wind is mysterious, a windmill with wind is going to look beautiful, mystical and have a touch of control.

Man controls the building of the windmill, but the wind is the natural assist. 

Tattoos are art brought to life, and more often than not, people choose the tattoos that have the most meaning to them.

Understanding what it means to have a windmill on your skin will help you to choose whether it’s the right option for your body or not.


You want your tattoo to make sense, and this particular design can have so many different meanings. Choose the one that matters the most to you before you ask your artist to ink it to your skin.

Your wind and windmill tattoo can be as bold or as simple as you want it to be.

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