14 [Fantastic] Whale Shark Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

14 [Fantastic] Whale Shark Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Sharks are symbols of power and the whale shark is definitely a powerful choice.

Like the Great White shark, Whale sharks need to keep moving to breathe, and this definitely makes them a good choice for someone who is always ‘on the move’.

Today we’ll share some popular choices when it comes to the biggest shark in the world.

Peaceful like the Basking shark, and not as well-known as the Great White Shark, the Whale shark still definitely ‘holds it’s own’ and you’re about to see for yourself!

1. Whale Shark Tattoo on Calf

The calf is a good place for a tattoo. It’s easy to hide and still quite visible when you want to show it, making it a good fit for those with a healthy mix of work and play. 

The peaceful whale shark on one’s calf still shows a message of power, but in this case, it is quite neatly and humbly displayed.

Whale Shark Tattoo on Calf

2. Small Whale Shark Tattoo

Sharks are easily recognized worldwide and a small whale shark tattoo can be a powerful message. 

The wearer is certainly not someone to be trifled with and they don’t have to advertise that at all! 

With smaller tattoos, you can still add lots of detail, and the message is your own – it all depend what you decide to display with it.

Small Whale Shark Tattoo

3. Polynesian Whale Shark Tattoo

In Polynesian myths sharks are revered and considered guardians and a Polynesian whale shark tattoo is a good way to take a little of this for yourself.

Alternately, if you have roots in the islands, then this  tattoo is one of the best choices that you can make.

It’s a symbol of one of the most powerful creatures in the sea and definitely will be recognized.

Polynesian Whale Shark Tattoo

4. Geometric Whale Shark Tattoo

Taking a powerful symbolling and rendering it into sharp lines and angles makes a definite statement. 

It boils down the symbology quite nicely and presents it in a new and interesting way – as you can definitely see here.

Sometimes the best body art is a mix of the aesthetics and powerful symbolism and this tattoo is a great example.

Geometric Whale Shark Tattoo

5. Tribal Whale Shark Tattoo

Tribal tattoos never get old. There’s something appealing about the knotwork and the striking black color that draws people to get their own again and again.

A tribal whale shark tattoo gives you some strong imagery to work and makes for an excellent and memorable sleeve.

Just something to consider!

Tribal Whale Shark Tattoo

6. Simple Whale Shark Tattoo

The shark says it all, big or small, and a simple whale shark tattoo is certainly no exception! 

This is a creature recognized all around the world and sometimes the best message is the most basic. It’s there, it’s powerful, and it’s sure to get noticed.

Simple Whale Shark Tattoo

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7. Watercolor Whale Shark Tattoo

Watercolors are a great way for displaying tattoos and the results can be almost surreal. 

Take a look at this watercolor shark tattoo and you’ve got proof right there.

While the sea is dark and dangerous, it is also quite beautiful and a body art choice like this gives you a chance to remind people just how much that is the case.

Add contrast with a slinking Manta Ray or simply show your shark basking in the depths… you’ve got a lot to work with and watercolors will really make your design pop!

Watercolor Whale Shark Tattoo

8. Black And Grey Whale Shark Tattoo

When you go with a black and white tattoo then you can really have fun with the shading and detail. 

This black and grey whale shark tattoo is a fine example as well. Details and shading like this age well if you take care of them and everyone who sees it will appreciate the attention involved in this work of body art.

Black And Grey Whale Shark Tattoo

9. Whale Shark Outline Tattoo

Even the simple outline of these majestic creatures gets the message across.

The whale shark symbolizes a peaceful power, eating plankton and grazing harmlessly to those around it and comfortable in its own strength.

Just the outline is all that you need, but the message is always clear – this is not someone to be taken lightly, just because they are kind.

Whale Shark Outline Tattoo

10. Tiny Whale Shark Tattoo

A tiny tattoo can be hidden and keep your work life separate from your free time, as you can see with this tiny whale shark tattoo. 

The gentle giant is displayed modestly, but it definitely no less powerful. With tiny tattoos, you can get a lot of symbols over the year to tell people about your character, making them quite the popular choice.

Tiny Whale Shark Tattoo

11. Minimalist Whale Shark Tattoo

Minimalism is another popular choice these days and it’s quite understandable why. 

Check out this minimalist whale shark tattoo and you can see what we’re talking about. 

You don’t always need to go overboard with symbols and scenes and sometimes the most basic design is what’s going to have the most impact.

What will you select for your own?

Minimalist Whale Shark Tattoo

12. Cute Whale Shark Tattoo

Powerful and unapologetically cute, life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time and a tattoo like this cute whale shark tattoo says a lot about its owner. 

If you love the sea and you want to express a little attitude with a sharp sense of humor and the cutest design ever, then a tattoo like this might just be a perfect fit!

Sometimes the cuteness is all that you really need to say it all.

Cute Whale Shark Tattoo

13. Whale SharkTattoo on Back

Back tattoos give you a chance to really make some amazing body art. 

With time and patience, you can fit in a lot of detail and make a composition that you really couldn’t fit anywhere else. 

This tattoo gives you a taste of what you can really achieve and we have to say, it’s nothing short of stunning!

Whale SharkTattoo on Back

14. Whale Shark And Diver Tattoo

Divers and whale sharks spend more time together than you might think and tattoo like this is a good example. 

These peaceful creatures will sometimes swim together with the divers, allowing them to hold on and be pulled along.

If you love the serenity of the sea, then a tattoo like this is a great way to express it and your back is the perfect canvas for serious art like this!

Whale Shark And Diver Tattoo

Whale Tattos FAQ

What does a shark tattoo symbolize?

Sharks are all about power in its rawest form. Many of these predators need to keep moving or they could die and they can scent blood in the water from miles.

It’s no wonder that this makes them a popular choice for tattoos – these are apex predators and probably the most frightening thing that isn’t extinct.

They are also revered in Polynesian culture as guardians and protectors of the sea – fierce but fair to those who have the courage to deal with them.

What does the Polynesian whale shark tattoo mean?

Depicted most commonly with their recognizable teeth, sharks are the fearless rulers of their domain. In Polynesian myth, sharks get a lot of respect.

They eat the dead and the sick in the ocean and are sometimes even viewed at protectors and guides.

Just because the shark looks scary, doesn’t mean it’s bad, and these powerful creatures are highly regarded in Polynesian culture.

What does a whale shark symbolize?

The Whale shark can grow up to be 60 feet and it’s the largest shark in the world.

Despite their size, however, these giants are peaceful and that makes them a good body art fit for someone who is strong but doesn’t need to show it off.

These peaceful sharks will sometimes even let divers ‘catch a ride’ and swim with them, showing that a powerful stature doesn’t always have to come with aggression – nature doesn’t need to show off!

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