Waterdrop Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Waterdrop Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Water has long been a symbol of life, and water imagery has existed for a long time. A water droplet is a simple and understated image that can contain a world of meaning.

Water droplet tattoos can offer a simple and understated image with plenty of meaning and symbolism. Water has been a symbol of life, healing and much more for centuries, and a water droplet can connect to these meanings as well as its own individual representations.

This article explores the history, meaning and symbolism behind the simple image of a water droplet.


What Is The History of Water Drop Tattoos?

Distinguishing when water drop tattoos became part of the culture is difficult, because water has been a source of symbolism since the beginning of time. One might say that it’s impossible to distinguish the history of water droplet imagery and symbolism from that of regular water.

Water has symbolized many things throughout time. Every culture has used water symbolism for different things.

Chaos, Cleansing, Creation, Power, the Border Between Worlds, Life, Beauty and Balance…all these and more are part of what water has symbolized over the centuries.


Difference Between Water Drops and Teardrops:

Many confuse the associations of water drops with the associations of teardrops, but the two tattoos have entirely different meanings, styles and symbolism.

– Teardrops have a negative connotation, based on their associations to gang and prison cultures.

– Water Drops, on the other hand, are meant to represent positive images.

– Teardrops are placed almost exclusively on the face.

– Water Drops can be placed in any location a person chooses.

– Teardrop images are often very minimalist in their depiction.

– Water Drop tattoos can be intricate and detailed.

– Teardrops are not placed with other images, usually

– Water Drops are often depicted as part of other images, in connection with the meanings attached to other images.


What Symbolism Do Water Drop Tattoos Have?

Water has had a lot of symbolism over the centuries.

In Christian traditions, water was originally a symbol of elemental chaos.

It later became a symbol of Cleansing and Purity.

Water has also symbolized Transformation, Birth and Rebirth.

Water has also been used as a symbol of Purity and Renewal of Energy.

Water is also a symbol of one of the Four Elements, the building blocks of creation.

Water Droplet Symbolism in Specific:

A Water Drop tattoo is thought to symbolize life and beauty.

It also symbolizes a unique element of a greater whole.

In some cases, it can also symbolize the balance of nature and the cycle of life.


What Meaning Can Water Drop Tattoos Have?

A water droplet as a tattoo can have several meanings.

It can mean that a person feels a connection to the cycle of life.

It may also represent a source of renewing energy. A memory of a person or event that has made the individual feel renewed or invigorated.

It can also represent a connection to nature and the natural order of things.

A water droplet may also represent beauty in simple images, or beauty in simplicity.

The meaning of water droplet can also represent a cleansing influence, a memory or a force that allows someone to start over.

Meaning of Water Droplets With Other Images:

Water droplets with other images can enhance the meaning of those other images, or imply a subtle change in meanings.

A water droplet on a rose can carry a meaning of purifying feelings, connected to the symbolism of the rose

A water droplet falling into a pool or a puddle can represent the cycle of nature.

A water droplet with lightning bolts can symbolize the elemental forces of chaos and creation.

A water droplet offset from a stream of water can represent being part of a greater whole, meaning that  person feels connected to a bigger picture.


Where are Water Drop Tattoos Usually Placed?

Water droplets are simple tattoos that can be placed literally anywhere.

They can be larger-than-life or miniature images.

The forearm is a common location, as is the upper arm.

The wrist is a common location for splashing droplets.

The calves and ankles are also common locations for water droplets.

Miniature images are often placed on the hands, or fingers.

Personal affirmation water droplets might be placed on the chest or the ribcage.

Larger water drop images have sometimes been placed on the center of the back.

Adventurous individuals have placed water drop tattoos behind the ear.


Styles and Characteristics of Water Drop Tattoos:

Stylistically, water drops are one of the most diverse images out there. Not only can they be paired with any other image, but they can be done in many different styles.

– Water Drops are usually done with simple black ink, or in blue if they’re done in color.

– The most common shape is the classic ‘teardrop’ shape, but some water droplets are done in perfect circles.

– Water droplets can be done in realistic imagery, or illustrated, or even more abstract images.

– Minimalist designs can be done with single lines of varying width.

– Geometric designs can be done with triangles and basic shapes combined into droplet form.

– Droplets are sometimes depicted flying upward from a rippling pool, as a sort of snapshot image.

– Larger droplets sometimes have a scene portrayed inside them; usually a nature scene.

– Droplets are often placed as accents on plants or flowers, usually roses.

– it’s more common for the symbol to have a single water droplet, but designs are also done with multiple droplets.

– Some images are done with droplets as part of greater streams of water, like waterfalls or splashes of water.


A water droplet is a simple image with a world of possibilities represented in a basic shape, and an incredible range of possible designs available. However and wherever you choose to place a water droplet, and whatever you associate it with, it’s a symbol with nearly infinite options in regards to meaning and depiction.

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