Wanderlust Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Wanderlust Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Tattoos are a work of art, and many people want something that has some sort of significance to their life.

One thing that many people have is wanderlust, meaning that they always want to be travelling somewhere, or finding new places to explore.


Wanderlust represents a culture of freedom, and a love or passion for adventure. If this sounds like you, then a tattoo might be something to consider!

Down below, we are going to be looking at some of the tattoo ideas for this, so keep reading if you would like to find out more.

  • A Quote About Travelling

If you have a love of travel and adventure, have you ever considered getting a quote about travelling?

It doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be big, but if you have ever heard a quote that sums up your life perfectly in one sentence, it could be something to consider.

For example, J.R.R Tolkein has a famous quote that reads ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’ as those who are constantly travelling are thought to be lost and looking for something.


If this quote speaks to you, then you might want to think about inking it on your body.

Or, there might be another quote that you love or accurately sums up your life when it comes to travelling.

You don’t have to have a plain quote either, you can always ask your tattoo artist to add a picture of some description to give it a little more character.

  •    A Compass Tattoo

A common choice for those who have wanderlust is a compass tattoo. It might sound boring when you first think about it, but there are so many different styles and variations of a compass that some of them look awesome.

You don’t have to go for the round compass look if you don’t want to, you can simply go for the four points of the compass.

Or, you can go for something big and bold, making your statement to yourself that you will always head to new places. 


Don’t forget that tattoo artists are experts at designing the perfect tattoo for their clients.

If you tell your tattoo artist exactly what you want, and what you want it to symbolize, we’re sure they will come up with something you adore.

The compass signifies motivation to those who are maybe feeling a little lost and trying to find themselves, which is what a lot of people are trying to achieve through travelling.

  • The Globe

The globe can be a fantastic choice when it comes to tattoos. The globe typically signifies adventure, showing off your love for finding new places.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a globe tattoo has to simply be a circle with the countries on it from one angle.


There are many different ways to get a globe tattoo, and you can even just get a certain part of the world tattooed if you would like. 

An awesome idea might be to get a tattoo of the world, and then have the areas shaded in once you have been to them.

This way, you can keep track of where you have and haven’t been, providing you inspiration of where to go next so that your tattoo gets finished. In the end, you will have a stunning colorful piece.

  • Stars

The stars have guided many travellers, so they are significant to those who have wanderlust.

Stars are said to always be a way to help you find your way home, so even though you are constantly finding new places to explore, you will always be able to get home.


Stars are also said to symbolize ambition, which could mean your ambition to explore the world. 

You can get a single star, a constellation, a random collection of stars, or something significant in terms of stars.

If you have been through a lot in your life, always going to different places, trying to find somewhere you belong, the stars will always lead you back, which is a fantastic tattoo to have.

  • Wanderlust

Have you ever considered simply getting a tattoo that says wanderlust? You might think that a single word tattoo sounds boring and plain, but again, it doesn’t have to be.

There are always ways to make it more exciting and to give it that little something extra.

You can see plenty of ideas on places like Pinterest where people have used arrows to show them going in the right direction in life. 


You can even combine a number of these tattoos to make one, ultimate wanderlust tattoos. If you want a tattoo that has a picture of a symbol and some words, there are always ways to mix the two together. 

If you get a tattoo with significance like wanderlust, you are never going to forget why you got it in the first place.

Hopefully, it will remind you of the thing you love, and give you the reminder that you needed to get back out there and find new places.

Never give up on the things that you love, and enjoy them for as long as you can. If this is travelling, wander for the rest of your life if you want.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of our wanderlust tattoo ideas.


Remember that a tattoo is going to be with you for the rest of your life, so you have got to be sure before you take the plunge. Look into these ideas, or come up with some more of your own!

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