Wallflower Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Wallflower Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Wallflowers are very simple and colorful flowers, but should not be underestimated; as their name would imply, they can grow and spread exponentially, even along and throughout a wall. They are an underappreciated flower, but not when it comes to tattoos. 

These flowers have had a lot of different uses throughout history, leading them to be associated with many meanings and types of symbolism. Therefore, they have become widespread inspiration for tattoos especially with wildflowers becoming more popular in tattooing trends. 

What Is The History Of The Wallflower Tattoo?

Wallflowers first became an intriguing plant for those who found it has medicinal properties. The flower was used to help treat or relieve various ailments centuries ago in Europe and China. This was part of what led to the flower being spread to other regions. Additionally, the flower was cultivated to create more versions and colors. 

These flowers, while somewhat ordinary in appearance, were appreciated for their classic beauty and were subsequently used as flowers for bouquets for a variety of occasions. Wallflowers have also been the subject of various Medieval and Victorian myths and legends. 

In terms of wallflower tattoos, they’ve been one of many popular flowers to be featured in this art form over time. Flowers are some of the earliest known images to be made into tattoos. With the varied symbolisms and meanings attached to wallflowers, they will likely continue to be popular in art, including tattoos, for a very long time. 


What Do Wallflowers Symbolize?

When wallflowers became part of bouquets, they started developing into a symbol of love, relationships, and faithfulness in relationships. Various colors can also represent different facets of love. An orange wallflower is associated with passion, pink and yellow wallflowers are associated with friendship, and red symbolizes romantic love. 

The wallflower is also considered a symbol for someone who is loyal, and remains loyal even throughout any challenges or conflict that might come into their life. When traced back to myths from centuries ago, wallflowers were a symbol for feminine energy and the gentle innocence often associated with females. 

Wallflowers are also synonymous with being introverted and observant, as well as with those who enjoy being more solitary. This meaning was derived from the book and subsequent movie The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. With this being such a popular story, wallflower tattoos are often representative of a person’s connection to it.  

What Do Wallflower Tattoos Mean?

One could have a wallflower tattoo due to their resonance with the story featured in The Perks Of Being a Wallflower. If they are someone who is curious about their surroundings or enjoys observing people from the sidelines, a wallflower tattoo could showcase their innate shyness. 

The wallflower tattoo can also be meaningful for someone who is happy with being a more reserved and observant person. It could be a way of signifying their own self awareness and self acceptance of their true nature, rather than trying to be something they are not. 


Wallflower tattoos can also make for endearing tattoos shared between two friends by way of matching tattoos. It could also be a tattoo that represents the memory of someone you have shared a deep connection with and always want to remember. 

These flowers, being used for various medicinal purposes in the past, could also be a symbol for a particular ailment that someone is currently living with. For instance, the wallflower has been associated with health concerns such as endometriosis, arthritis, and mastitis. 

Where Do Wallflower Tattoos Usually Go?

Wallflower tattoos, like many other floral-based tattoos, are very versatile and can be placed just about anywhere on your body. One of their most popular placements are on the arm or shoulder. Regardless of how they are designed, they are usually found on the shoulder or on the inside of the forearm. 

Wallflowers are also sometimes tattooed on areas where smaller tattoos fit easily, such as on the ankle, the wrist, the foot, or the back of the neck. These little flowers can also sometimes run along more unique placements, such as on the fingers or hands, or along the rib cage or spine. 

Characteristics And Styles Of Wallflower Tattoos

Wallflowers in and of themselves are small flowers that can be bundled along stems and leaves, and the plant itself can spread out quite far when they are allowed to grow freely. This can be communicated quite beautifully in a tattoo that spans along part of the body. 


Alternatively, one or two wallflowers attached to their leaves and stems looks lovely, either as a small, standalone tattoo, or as part of a collection of several small tattoos. These flowers will also sometimes be depicted alongside a quote, either from the Perks Of Being A Wallflower book or another phrase that resonates with the person. 

Wallflowers can also make for simpler, more minimalist tattoos. Since their colors are so vibrant, they also look quite gorgeous when they are colored in. They can look nice in black and white, but since these flowers don’t have a lot of detail, they need to be a little bigger in order to differentiate them from other wildflowers. 

Wallflowers don’t tend to be interpreted in any abstract form when they are designed as tattoos. Rather, they lend themselves better to more minimalist tattoos that capture the essence of the flower as it would be found in nature. Sometimes, wallflowers will only be tattooed in color without black outlines. 

Wallflowers aren’t often included in tattoos that feature several types of flowers. They may sometimes be accessories to bigger pieces, such as scenery or other symbols, but they aren’t often mixed in a sleeve full of flowers or anything like that. 

Final Thoughts 

Wallflowers are intriguing flowers, even though they are simple by design. These flowers have seen their meaning and use change over many years. What hasn’t changed is their prominence in tattoos; these flowers make for tattoos that look pretty, but can also hold significant importance to the person who has it.

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