Walk by Faith Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Walk by Faith Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

For many, faith is an essential aspect of life. It comes to a point in your life where you mainly depend on faith to navigate through it.

A great misconception people have is that faith is entirely based on religion, but you can have faith in yourself or your loved ones.

“Walk by faith” is a valuable message to keep in mind and close to your heart. It is because of this reason that many people choose to have it inscribed onto their skin.

You can have a tattoo somewhere hidden or somewhere visible where you can illuminate the message to others and enlighten them too.

Before getting the tattoo, you’ll need to consider:

  • The placement of your tattoo
  • Your level of pain tolerance
  • If it is a permanent or temporary tattoo


Generally, when it comes to choosing a tattoo, there are many designs to choose from. Depending on where you want yours placed, many factors like the size will need to be considered.

For example, if you want a tattoo on your arm, you can have a greater size compared to one on your foot.

On Your Wrist 

If you are thinking of getting a word tattoo, inscribing it on your wrist is a great idea. The motivating words ‘walk by faith’ will be closer to you. Choose a great font to make the words clearer and their impact stronger.

On Your Upper Arm

Your upper arm has a greater surface area giving more room for a larger tattoo. Therefore, your walk by faith tattoo can be inscribed in different designs.

For example, you can draw a cross with the words ‘walk by faith’ on it. Have the words shaded in different colors for an even more appealing look.

To make the design even more creative, add different symbols that have the same meaning to it.

Having the tattoo on your upper arm or your bicep can be both hidden and visible depending on how you dress. Additionally, this works as a great advantage to you.

On the Neck

The neck is a very sensitive part of your body, and having a walk by faith tattoo sends a very impactful message.

It would be best if you considered a small detailed tattoo on this vulnerable part of your body. An infinite symbol with the word ‘faith’ is a marvelous design.

Before getting the neck tattoo, you need to remember that it will be visible to all curious eyes. If you are planning on growing your hair, this will help to cover it.

Along Your Ribs

The ribs are a great part of placing a tattoo, especially if you want it hidden. You can have the words ‘walk by faith’ written in a horizontal or vertical design.

Add some color and elements to spice up a simple look.


When selecting the ‘perfect’ tattoo, you will come across different ideas and inspiration. Keep reading to discover some brilliant ideas for your walk by faith tattoo to avoid confusion and frustration.

A Flaming Heart

Having the words ‘walk by faith in a burning heart is a great idea for a tattoo. For some, it is an outward expression of how your heart is filled with faith.

You can add color to the flames to improve their appearance.

Butterflies and Birds

The idea of having butterflies and birds alongside the tattoo can represent freedom. According to Christians, birds are used to indicate faith in God.

The butterfly is also a beautiful combination with a variety of coloring options.

Have a Cross for the ‘T’

As a religious person, it would be a creative idea to replace the T with a cross. You can place this tattoo on your back or your bicep.

Use a Different Language

Inscribing your tattoo in a different language is not only a marvelous idea but also very creative.

You can consult your tattoo artist on which language options are the best to choose from.

Many people choose Chinese or Japanese because of the symbols which help to spice up the look.

Add Religious Elements

If you are more of a religious person, you can use elements like the Rosary or the Jesus fish. Different religions use different symbols for the expression of faith.

These symbols have deeper meanings when it comes to sending the message of the walk by faith.

Angel Wings

An excellent idea for a tattoo on the back to express the walk by faith is inscribing angel wings.

This tattoo can be detailed according to your desire to bring out a greater meaning. This design works great for both men and women.


Walking by faith means you are in a process where you trust something or someone. For Christians, it may mean you are embarking on a journey to believe in God and follow His guidance fully.

Having faith also means believing in yourself. Trusting your instincts and steps along any life expedition you are undertaking, as many would put it, “trusting the process.”

Having faith in someone else shows you believe in their capabilities.

A walk by faith tattoo works as a reminder that just because you can’t see what is ahead of you doesn’t necessarily mean you are lost.

These inscribed words will help to motivate you to keep going and when you are at your lowest point.

Bottom Line

Getting a walk by faith tattoo is a creative way of motivating yourself. With all the multiple designs and ideas to choose from, you can never go wrong with it.

Consult a tattoo artist to help you select from the varieties available.

Generally, getting a tattoo is a big deal, and it is equally a thrilling experience. But before you get the tattoo, you need to be educated about the whole process.

It would help if you also thought of every tattoo as a permanent marking, and the removal process is quite costly.

Hopefully, this guide works as an informative tool you can use in your journey to getting a walk by faith tattoo.

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