39 [Breathtaking] Violin Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

39 [Breathtaking] Violin Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Tattoo art and music are inextricably interwoven. There are a plethora of tattoos available for music fans to express their passion for the art form.

The violin tattoo is an excellent example, as the violin is one of the most well-known musical instruments.

Violin tattoos are a great way to show the world how much you love music, whether you play professionally or just for fun.

Continue reading to discover the ultimate guide to the top 39 most breathtaking violin tattoo design ideas and meanings for 2021.

1. A Small Violin Tattoo

A small violin tattoo is a great way to show the world your love of music without having to ink too much of your skin.

Small tattoos can only provide minimal detail. However, when choosing a small violin tattoo, one will be left with a simplistic yet satisfying feeling.

However, violins are not the only small instrument tattoos one can obtain to represent their love of music. Other popular instruments to add to your tiny tattoo designs are trumpets or clarinets.

little violin tattoo

2. A Black Violin Tattoo

When one gets a black violin tattoo, there are many reasons and meanings behind the dark ink. 

One may like the simplistic nature of a black ink tattoo without color, whereas others may take a black ink tattoo a step further to mean more.

Getting a black violin tattoo could represent a darker side of music. With violins being played in various music styles, one could interpret a black violin tattoo to be the symbol of strength and overcoming darkness.

black violin tattoo

3. A Cute Violin Tattoo

Cute violin tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Today, many characters can be seen inked on people’s skin in many shapes and sizes.

These cute tattoo options allow you to be more creative and individualistic with your tattoo ideas.

For example, if you’re a music lover who loves spiders, why not get a tattoo of a spider playing the violin? Design limits can be endless when you add a cute flair to your violin tattoo.

cute violin tattoo

4. A Realistic Violin Tattoo

Tattoos that look realistic are supposed to seem as genuine as a photograph.

Natural landscapes and scenery, animals, and portraits of humans with virtually photographic likenesses are common subjects of realism body art. Realistic violin tattoos add a more traditional flair to your ink. 

Looking more like a photo than a tattoo, realistic tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as they can offer more meaning to your ink, whether they’re inspired by a photograph you love or one you’ve taken yourself.

realistic violin tattoo

5. A Violin Tattoo on Your Finger

Although the inside of your finger can hurt more to tattoo, a violin tattoo on the inner side of one of your fingers has become one of the more increasingly popular ways to express one’s love for music. 

These designs need to be simplistic as your finger offers only a tiny canvas to your tattoo artist.

Choosing a design like the one seen in this photograph with only half of a violin tattooed on one finger and the bow on the other allows for a great utilization of space without overwhelming your hand with ink.

violin tattoo on finger

6. A Girly Violin Tattoo

As most violin tattoos can be found on women, you will likely come across one or two extremely girly designs. 

These designs can include splashes of girly pink or have floral arrangements. Sometimes women get violin tattoos to represent their strength after being “played” by a man. 

You can see a woman blooming from the rose to play her violin in this tattoo. One could interpret this tattoo design to symbolize a woman’s growth through a rough period in her life. 

Music may have played an essential role in her growth, as she can be seen playing the violin. Speak to your tattoo artist if you have a story that you wish to depict on your body through tattoo art.

girly violin tattoo

7. A Violin Tattoo with a Rose

Roses are also a great way to describe the growth and blossoming of a person during a time where music helped them through. Hence, violin tattoos tend to be paired with blooming flowers. 

When paired with a violin, a rose tattoo can represent love gained or lost. The rose has been a popular symbol of the highest level of emotion throughout history. 

Pink roses are associated with innocence, fresh love, and remembering a loved one. The rose is the most common flower that is tattooed with violins.

violin with rose tattoo

8. A Violin Tattoo on your Wrist

The wrist is considered an excellent location for a violin tattoo. The wrist is not too small but not too large, allowing most violin tattoo designs to be inked. 

Any tattoo will ache to some degree, but wrist tattoo discomfort is particularly severe when compared to other body areas. It’s not as painful as getting your nerve-rich nipples or lips tattooed, for example. 

However, most people place it towards the top of the pain scale. This is something to consider if you’re not used to being in pain and want to have a violin tattoo on your wrist.

violin tattoo on wrist

9. A Men’s Violin Tattoo

Although violin tattoos are mostly seen on women, men can also enjoy their meanings and messages. 

Get involved with your tattoo artist and ensure to include darker colors to make your violin tattoo more masculine.

Thankfully, most tattoo designs these days are personalized, so feel free to talk to your tattoo artist if you are afraid that your violin tattoo may appear a bit more feminine than masculine. 

mens violin tattoo

10. A Death Plays Violin Tattoo

Most tattoos that depict death can have personalized meaning and stories behind them. 

People who get tattoos to include death usually have an account to symbolize their tattoo. 

These stories can be dark and a significant turning point in a person’s life. A tattoo with death playing the violin can signify a significant life change that had something to do with music or represent someone who witnessed the music industry’s dark side and lived to tell the tale. 

death plays violin tattoo

11. A Geometric Violin Tattoo

A geometric violin tattoo is an excellent option for those who like to think outside the box. 

Like Van Goh and his geometric paintings, a violin tattoo with geometric shapes can be one of a kind and represent the person on which they are inked. 

geometric violin tattoo

12. A Violin Tattoo on your Forearm

The most common tattoo location, your forearm, provides an excellent canvas for a breathtaking tattoo masterpiece. 

A violin tattoo on your forearm has an unlimited variety of designs that can be made due to the vast space for your tattoo artist to work with. 

Tattoo designs on your forearm can include intricate detail. This detail can be seen in your violin tattoo. 

However, depending on the size of your forearm, your tattoo artist may be able to include scenery or words to your design.

violin tattoo on forearm

13. An Old School Violin Tattoo

An old-school violin tattoo represents a more traditional sense of music. Not only are these old-school violin tattoos more basic in design, but they can appear more effective on the skin if you follow the “less is more” concept. 

old school violin tattoo

14. A Minimalist Violin Tattoo

Crisp black or colored lines, negative space, and limited color palettes are used in minimalist tattoos to communicate a clean and simple design. 

These tattoos can range in price from large to little, but the message sent by these exquisite tattoos defines their total effect and design.

These minimalistic violin tattoo designs can be timeless, making their owners love them throughout their lifetimes as they remind them of their musical passion. 

minimalist violin tattoo

15. A Violin Outline Tattoo

The violin outline tattoo is a simple yet effective tattoo design. Outline pieces are made by sketching only the outer borders of any pattern you choose, with no ink filling in the gaps. They’re usually drawn in black ink with very fine, precise lines.

They can also be tattooed using a technique known as single line tattooing, in which an artist creates an image with only one continuous line or as few lines as feasible. 

The ultimate result is an appealing, basic design that may be used to represent any symbol.

violin outline tattoo

16. A Devil Playing the Violin Tattoo

Like the death tattoo, a devil playing the violin can represent a darker story that includes music in some shape or form. 

However, due to the devil’s increasing popularity in movies, tv shows, movies and music, many people have found themselves able to identify with the devil. As a result, this has made devil tattoos increasingly popular within 2021. 

devil playing violin tattoo

17. An Abstract Violin Tattoo

Abstract tattoos have become increasingly popular over the 21st century. As abstract tattoos can be personalized to add their own touch, many new tattooers and youngsters opt for their first tattoo to contain some sort of abstract. 

When designing abstract tattoos, your tattoo artist will take an image or personal flair, like a violin, and torque the idea to provide an abstract form. Sometimes this can include the addition of colours or shapes. 

abstract violin tattoo

18. A Violin Treble Clef Tattoo

The treble clef tattoo is one of the most well-known symbols for music or music appreciation. 

This tattoo might be modest and inconspicuous. It might be small enough to be tattooed on a finger or large enough to be used on a back piece.

An excellent way to add more from your musical passion in your violin tattoo is to have your violin morphe to include a treble clef, as shown in the photo below.

violin treble clef tattoo

19. A Colorful Violin Tattoo

Colours are what give our world it’s fun, so why not add some to your tattoo as well? 

Many tattoo artists get excited when you ask them to include a colored flair to your body ink.

However, some tattoo artists specialize in colored work, and others don’t. If you seek a violin tattoo with color, ensure you consult a tattoo artist who has previous results with color.

colorful violin tattoo

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20. A Violin Silhouette Tattoo

All current ink masters who seek an improved quest of flair should choose silhouette tattoos. These ethereal images are both ageless and cleverly simplified.

A violin silhouette tattoo is a fantastic simplistic way to represent your music passion on your body. These silhouettes allow for intensely personalized designs. 

violin silhouette tattoo

21. A Violin Tattoo on your Arm

With the vast canvas that your arm provides to your tattoo artist, endless possibilities are available to you. 

Whether you want a giant colorful violin or a detailed, intricate black ink sleeve, if you choose your arm for your violin tattoo design, ensure you have picked a design that encompasses enough detail to look great at such a large size. 

violin tattoo on arm

22. A Simple Violin Tattoo

Due to their simple designs, small tattoos may be placed practically anywhere on the body. 

Simple violin tattoos are a great way to start your ink journey as they are not overly expensive and will not break your bank.

simple violin tattoo

23. A Violin Tattoo on your Hand

Your hand provides a smaller, more detailed area for getting a violin tattoo. As musicians use their hands to play the violin, this option seems a favourite tattoo location among violinists. 

Choose a smaller or more simplistic design when choosing a violin tattoo for your hand, as with such a small canvas size, you want your tattoo artist to incorporate your entire design.

violin tattoo on hand

24. A Traditional Violin Tattoo

Tattoos in the traditional style contain bold lines and vibrant colors. Stereotypical designs like crosses, skulls, and anchors are frequently seen in these tattoos. Think Ed Hardy circa 2001.

This type of tattoo has remained popular for a reason: they are stunningly beautiful and ageless. These tattoo designs incorporate many bright colors and intricate designs and can appear more cartoonish than realistic. 

These traditional tattoos used to be all the rage. However, they are considered rare now, and traditional tattoo artists can sometimes be hard to come by.

traditional violin tattoo

25. A Violin Bridge Tattoo

The violin’s bridge refers to the mechanism that supports the strings while also transmitting their vibrations to the violin instrument’s body. 

The bridge is made of maple wood and varies in shape from violin to violin. Its placement and fit have a considerable influence on the tone and playability of the instrument.

Since your tattoo artist will need to design some form of a close-up violin tattoo in order to ink you with a violin’s bridge, you will need to provide them with enough skin to create a visual masterpiece where all the detail is visible.

violin bridge tattoo

26. A Violin Tattoo on your Back

A back tattoo might indicate that you’re mysterious or that you’re putting something behind you figuratively. 

However, the location may or may not have any significance. The back can be a popular spot for tattoos since it provides a vast canvas and is easy to cover.

violin tattoo on back

27. A Violin Tattoo on your Stomach

Although stomach tattoos are not as popular as arm and back tattoos, they have risen in popularity in recent years. 

It’s not just a “new” spot to get tattooed, but it also allows individuals to cover a vast section of their bodies with a design they want.

A stomach tattoo does not have to be a large, intricate design. However, most individuals utilize this location to insert designs that don’t work elsewhere on their bodies.

violin tattoo on stomach

28. A Violin Line Tattoo

Fine line tattooing uses distinct straight or curved thin lines with no shading or color gradations to portray 2D or 3D objects, focusing on form and contour rather than color, shading, or texture. 

Without being ‘loud,’ these tattoos may have extraordinary levels of detail incorporated.

Another great instrument to create a line-designed tattoo are French horns. French horns contain an intricate design that can create a stunning inked visual if appropriately drawn.

violin line tattoo

29. A Floral Violin Tattoo

Violins and flowers go hand in hand with most tattoos. Flowers have always been critical emblems of natural beauty and vitality, as they are delicate and bright. 

Flowers are frequently used nowadays to symbolize the love between two individuals.

Many music lovers have a story, and as a result, have blossomed from somewhere. 

Incorporating floral designs with a violin tattoo can also represent the growth one has had to overcome to get to where one is in life.

floral violin tattoo

30. A Violin Tattoo on your Shoulder

The skin on your shoulders does not age or expand in the same way that other skin does. 

Your tattoo colours may retain better if you choose to get your violin tattoo on your shoulder, as most garments cover the shoulder from exposure and the elements.

Your shoulder is the perfect location to get inked as it can be as private or exposed as you like. 

The shoulder can also provide your tattoo artist with a larger canvas to work with than your wrist or arm. This extends and expands your options for ink design.

violin tattoo on shoulder

31. A Violin Scroll Tattoo

The scroll at the top of great violins, violas, and cellos is solely an ornamental woodcarving, demonstrating the violinmaker’s expertise as a maker and artisan. 

Since these scrolls are so unique, each musician may have a personal connection to their personal violin scroll. As a result, these intricately carved scrolls may be used to create one-of-a-kind tattoos.

Violinists can get their own unique violin scroll tattooed to represent their love for their instrument.

violin scroll tattoo

32. A Small Violin Tattoo on your Triceps

The triceps allows for smaller tattoo designs. When choosing your triceps as your tattoo location, one should keep in mind that their options are limited as your tattoo will only be able to offer a limited amount of detail.

These designs need to be more simplistic as your tattoo artist will not be able to complete intricate designs in such a small space. 

small violin tattoo on finger

33. A Violin Bow Tattoo

A violin bow is a wooden stick with hair strung on it. These are often made of horsetail hair which is brushed across tuned strings to make music. Violinists regard their bow as an extension of their bodies.

As a result, having a violin bow tattoo may be a powerful expression of musical ability and enthusiasm. 

Violin bow tattoos can include the violin or be just the bow. Many violin bow tattoos also like to incorporate floral patterns for symbolism and added design.

violin bow tattoo

34. An F-hole Tattoo

F-holes are the elegant cutouts seen on violins and other stringed instruments, including certain guitars, even though they aren’t truly music notes. 

F-holes tattoos can be used to enhance the curves of a woman’s ankles, waist, or upper back, acting as wing replacements.

f hole tattoo

35. A Tiny Violin Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals opt for smaller patterns for their first or next tattoo. 

Tiny tattoos are popular because they are discreet, take less time to finish, and, depending on the position of the ink, are relatively easy to cover up.

Tiny violin tattoos can be inked almost anywhere on your body. Due to their size and simplistic designs, these tattoos are generally cheaper than more intricate. 

The most common places to get tiny violin tattoos include the wrist, fingers or hands.

tiny violin tattoo

36. A Violin Key Tattoo

A music key represents the tune that a song is played to. Violin key tattoos can represent a favorite or meaningful song or tune that you love or know how to play. 

A violin key can represent a musician’s early days, back to when they were just learning to read sheet music or a toast to the growth of their knowledge and ability

violin key tattoo

37. A Watercolor Violin Tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is a colorful, vibrant design that can blend to create various subtle color gradients. 

Watercolor methods provide a more gradual color fade-out. This effect is meant to resemble the features of a traditional watercolor painting, from which the style derives its name.

Watercolor tattoos have grown in popularity among musicians, as the watercolor’s flowing effect can be described as similar to the flowing feeling of dancing to music.

watercolor violin tattoo

38. A Violin Music Notes Tattoo

A music note tattoo’s major meaning is love and enthusiasm for music and sentiments of energy and optimism for a better future. 

These tattoos have a wide range of meanings since music evokes deep emotions in many individuals. Everything is dependent on the feelings a piece of music produces in the listener.

The significance of these tattoos differs since they are frequently combined with various symbols and notes that may symbolize initials, as music is represented by letters A through G or represent a noble notion.

violin music notes tattoo

39. A Violin and Bass Key Tattoo

The bass clef tattoo, like the treble clef, is likely to be worn by those who are concerned with music, particularly violinists. 

Although the violin isn’t played in the bass key, Instruments that are played in the bass key include the cello, double bass and bass guitar.

Musical tattoos can reveal profound emotional ties to songs or instruments and can be depicted in several different ways in tattoo art. 

Violin and bass clef tattoos are a timeless choice for musicians, as many individuals who adore music seldom cease doing so.

violin and bass key tattoo

Violin tattoos F.A.Q

What Does a Violin Key Tattoo Mean?

Music is more than just a tune or a melody. Most people consider music to be an integral part of every human civilization on the planet.

A violin key is a common tattoo motif for individuals who have a passion for music and energy in this sense since it is a metaphor for life.

Music may be represented in various ways, including instruments and musical notation.

A violin key tattoo usually depicts a musician's passion for their music or a dedication to the production and development of music in some other form.

What is the Best Violin Tattoo Location?

It's not just about the design when it comes to making a good tattoo; its placement on the human body can also make it look great.

When a tattoo is placed on the appropriate body part, it can make the situation humorous or even poignant. You may already have a tattoo design and a location in mind.

It's also possible that the location where you get your tattoo is significant. The back, the legs, the rear or side of the back, the arms, and the chest are the most popular places for violin tattoos.

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