Violet Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Violet Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Flowers hold special significance for many people. You can use them to:

  • declare your love to your partner
  • encourage a friend who is going through tough times 
  • show a parent that you treasure them.

It is therefore hardly surprising that flower tattoos are incredibly popular.

Whether you want to have an elaborate rose tattoo on your back or a fragile ivy flower on your neck, rest assured that there is a tattoo artist who can grant your wish.

Violets are easily some of the most popular flower tattoos that many people get.

This is partly because they symbolize numerous things and are gorgeous. 

If you are considering a violet tattoo, here is all you need to know about their symbolism and the best tattoo styles for the flower.

The Significance of Violet Tattoos

Violets hold a special place in many religions.

According to Roman mythology, this beautiful flower can help ward off airborne illnesses and is associated with the goddess Persephone. 

The Romans also offered the flower to the dead on their burial day. This signified the remembrance of their loved ones.

Violets also form part of the Christian story. According to tradition, as soon as the Angel Gabriel told Mary that she was expectant, violets started to blossom.

As such, they are associated with Gabriel, who watches over humankind and protects it from harm.

Moreover, the flowers are associated with modesty, as a tribute to Mary, the Lady of Modesty. Their bashful yet beautiful appearance certainly makes the title befitting as well.

The flower also represents balance and harmony in the Christian world. This is partly because Christians associate it with Jesus Christ, who strives to balance humankind and the divine.

He is also an intermediary between heaven and earth, emphasizing the flower’s ability to bring harmony.


In the Victorian era, violets were thought to keep evil spirits at bay.

There was even a belief that you would not get too drunk if you wore a crown of the flowers on your head. Talk about a fun belief!

Additionally, this flower was cherished in the Victorian era as a symbol of restfulness, humility, and good fortune. It was not uncommon for people to use the flower’s fragrance as perfume.

Its heady scent certainly made it popular at that time.

In the 21st century, the violet symbolizes a plethora of amazing things. Because of its heart-shaped leaves, some people associate it with love.

Its beautiful scent certainly is romantic, and this only makes it more appealing.

Secondly, the flower also signifies modesty. It is not a showy flower, yet its beauty cannot be overstated. If you identify with this quality, then a violet tattoo might just be the flower for you.

Other meanings associated with the violet include innocence, care, and affection. The flower can also represent any love, not just romantic love.

Violets are a particularly ideal gift for couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary as it signifies a deep and mature love.

You can get it as a tribute to a couple you adore or even for your very own marriage. 

The flower holds a special place for February babies, so you might consider getting it if this is your birth month. 

Although the violet flower has numerous meanings, you don’t necessarily need a reason to get this beautiful pattern. You can get it solely for its exquisite beauty.

Violet Tattoo Styles

Violet tattoos vary widely in style and patterns. You can get an elaborate flower etched on your skin, or you can go for a simple yet elegant design. 

The flower also comes in various colors, giving you ample opportunity to pick a perfect shade.

Whether you prefer a light blue, a dark purple, or anything in-between, rest assured you will find a color scheme that works for you.


Generally, however, men choose darker colored variations while women go for lighter shades.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking colors for your body art, so be sure to pick the color scheme that flatters you the most.

One of the best things about getting flower patterns is that they can either be the essence of your tattoo or provide outlines for the art.

Whichever option you go with changes the meaning of the flower, so pick a pattern that truly represents what you want.

The three main violet tattoos are:

The Basic Violet Flower

The violet is one of nature’s most beautiful flowers, and you can opt to have just the ordinary flower engraved on your skin. It has an elaborate floral pattern with vibrant purple petals.

The basic violet tattoo is striking, which is great if you want to draw attention to your pattern. Its vivant appearance can also cheer you up whenever you have a dull day.

Not only that, but this tattoo style can be a great conversation starter, especially if there is a special meaning behind your tattoo.


Black and Grey Violet Tattoo

If you love the flower pattern but prefer more muted colors, you can opt to have it imprinted in black and grey ink.

The color variation is nothing if not stunning, and the beauty of this art lies in its simplicity.

This ink style works perfectly if you already have other colored tattoos but still wish to have violet body art.


Water Color Violet

Another lovely violet design that you can have is the watercolor violet. It is also quite fun-looking because of its whimsical appearance.

If you love getting compliments about your body art, this is the pattern for you.



Violet tattoos are not only exquisite, but they also hold deep meaning and significance.

Whether you are looking to create an identity for yourself or appreciate an aspect of your life, you will certainly find a violet pattern to suit you.

What’s better, you can also choose from a variety of colors. If you are a bubbly person who enjoys attention, you should consider going for a watercolored flower or an intricate design.

If, on the other hand, you don’t wish to draw attention to your ink, then go for the black and grey flower.You can never go wrong with a violet flower


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