Vegvisir Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Vegvisir Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Have you been thinking about getting a tattoo with the Vegvisir symbol?

If you have seen this tattoo around and are considering getting one yourself you may be wondering about the origins of the symbol. 

Maybe you have heard that it is considered a mystical symbol of protection and the idea intrigues you.


The Vegvisir symbol is indeed used by many to garner protection, and on careful examination, it looks like a compass. 

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and it is something that you will have to live with it in most cases for the rest of your life.

It is only natural to learn as much as you can about a symbol that you find intriguing before you get inked. Take a closer look at the types of Vegvisir tattoos, the meaning, and origin of the tattoo.

Types of Vegvisir Tattoos

There are many different variations of this type of tattoo.

While the symbol looks the same on most versions of the tattoo there are many creative ways to wear this tattoo. Some of the most popular ones will be discussed here.

Outer Ring Runes

The Vegvisir tattoo is sometimes inked with outer rings that contain the Runic alphabet. This is the most common way of designing this tattoo.

Getting this design option will not change the meaning of the tattoo. 

While this is a popular way of designing the tattoo it is often seen by some as scribbling around the design.

Some traditionalists feel that this is not the best way to wear the tattoo as they feel it loses some of its meaning.


Dotwork Tattoo

Another popular way of getting the tattoo done is to have dotwork incorporated all around the tattoo.

This makes for an interesting design. It also makes the tattoo stand out, while not taking away from the design in any way. 

If you look closely at the dotwork design, it adds an extra layer of mysticism to the tattoo.

It gives the tattoo a more magical feeling because it makes the tattoo look like it is surrounded by Stardust.

If you decide to go with the dotwork option, a unique idea is to get the dotwork done in a different color from the symbol itself. This will make the tattoo stand out from the traditional look.

3D Option

There is a 3D option that you can get if you decide to get a Vegvisir tattoo. A 3D option will make the image appear to pop off your skin. This makes this symbol even more intriguing.

This type of design does not add any special meaning to the tattoo, it just makes it look more visually interesting because it appears to project off the skin.


Personalized Options

Getting a tattoo is a personal decision and as such, you can personalize your tattoo in any way that you want. You can add flowers around your design, birds, ships, planes, or anything else that you wish. 

You can find several unique design ideas for your Vegvisir tattoo on places like Pinterest and in Google Images.


As long as you have the symbol itself tattooed, you are free to get creative with how you decorate around it.


If you are getting the tattoo because you believe that it can protect you, adding additional designs will not take away from the meaning of the tattoo.


The Rise in Popularity of the Vegvisir Tattoo

The Vegvisir tattoo began to rise in popularity when author Stephen Flowers wrote about it.

At the time the internet was just starting up and there was not a lot of information out there about the symbol. 

Flowers put out the idea that the symbol is one of protection that is believed to protect the wearer from losing their way, even if they venture into unknown places or encounter bad weather.

The symbol was also popularized when Icelandic singer Bjork had it tattooed on her skin.

The singer began to tell others about the symbol and described it as an ancient Viking symbol and that it was a compass.

People who travel by sea often have wood paint on their forehead with coal so that they would not lose their way at sea.

As the singer had so many fans and the meaning of the symbol became known many people followed suit and got a tattoo of the symbol as well.

Since then the symbol has been tattooed on thousands of people from different backgrounds and cultures for several decades.

The mystical symbol is not just used by people who venture out to sea. It is often used as a symbol of protection by people who have to fly often for work or other purposes.

They often have the tattoo engraved on them so that they will have safe flights. The tattoo is also popular with hunters who spend a lot of time in the wilderness hunting.


When Vegvisir is translated it means guidepost. Many people consider it a compass that is used to guide people in much the same way a regular compass that shows direction would. In fact,

A careful look at the design shows that he has many of the bearings that are associated with north, south, east, and west.

Get Tattooed

As you can see the Vegvisir tattoo has a very interesting history and background. Authors, celebrities, and others have embraced this tattoo as a form of expression.

They’ve also used it for its purported mystical powers in keeping them safe from harm.

The symbol is widely regarded as being of Viking origin and is believed to be capable of protecting you from getting lost or from ever losing your way. 

It is an ancient symbol that has received popularity in modern times.  As discussed, there are many people who have to travel often for work or other reasons find the symbol comforting. 

No matter your reason for getting this tattoo, there are many styles and designs available. What you choose is a matter of personal taste.

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