Unicorn Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

‘Be yourself! Unless you can be a unicorn, in that case, you should always be a unicorn.’

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll

Who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn? The mystical creatures have long been symbols of purity, freedom, magic and strength.

They represent the rare, the untameable, the wild. They have captivated artists across the world due to their mythical nature.

So what better way to capture these characteristics than with a unicorn tattoo? The creature can be inked in many different designs, so it’s time to book that session with your tattooist to discuss the right style for you.

The Girl And The Unicorn Tattoo

Who didn’t want a pet unicorn as a child? Most little girls had a My Little Pony they loved. This tattoo is a symbol of dreams, freedom, and ambition.

It can also represent the character of the person depicted as free, strong and untameable. You might be designing an image of yourself, or want to capture the spirit of your partner. 

The Watercolor Unicorn

A watercolor design can create a magical effect that adds to the mysticism of the animal. A watercolor mane in a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, and reds can create a dazzling mix of colors.

When using watercolors in your design, keeping the body of the beast clear can help place the emphasis on the bold watercolors you choose.

Small Unicorn Tattoos

Tattoos don’t have to be big to be beautiful. A small tattoo with a simplified design looks great on your forearm or calf.

Smaller designs look good as a cartoon, geometric design or even silhouette for simpler, yet stylish inking. Even though they are small, you can still fit the full body into the tattoo if you want.

Constellation Unicorn Tattoo

As the mysterious creatures capture the magic and the unknown, filling a silhouette with stars, planets and constellations can create a dazzling tattoo.

The black unicorn is particularly famous for its mythical reputation, so why not ink your stars and planets against a jet black background for a stunning contrast?

This is particularly great if you are a person who doesn’t follow the trend and wants to capture something rare, unique, and wild.

Unicorn Horn Tattoo

The horn was long accepted as the source of the animal’s power. A small horn on your finger fits perfectly and is ideal for someone who enjoys a quirky and unique style.

Horns can be designed without internal color if you want a simpler look or can be filled in with watercolors. They look best with lighter colors though, so the outline is clear and stands out.

A Unicorn With A Flowing Mane

The best tattoos show the creature with a stunning, flowing mane. Even the best looking horses have those floor-length flowing locks.

Manes tend to flow when horses are running. The running horse in dreams symbolizes a loss of innocence, of unexpected growth and development.

Capture this landmark moment in your life with a creature with a flowing mane. You can fill it with a riot of color, or keep it white or clear to represent purity.

Geometric Unicorn

Geometric designs are extremely popular and modern, and are great for people that naturally select geometric shapes in their own style.

Geometric inks are popular today, yet represent some of the oldest designs in tattooing, dating back to symbolic Celtic inks.

A geometric tattoo can look stylish and represent the key themes of the creature: beautiful, timeless and unique.

Profile Tattoo Of A Unicorn

A profile tattoo is a great way to capture the full beauty of the animal, with the flowing mane, face detail, and riot of color.

If you prefer a tattoo with intricate detail, a profile tattoo is the perfect way to showcase artwork. You could have a side profile of the animal or go for a forward facing image.

Rainbow Unicorn Tattoo

Rainbows symbolize creativity, optimism and magic – so do unicorns! They go perfectly together, and the rainbow can either be the body, mane, background or an actual rainbow image.

If you work in a creative industry or select a naturally colorful style, then pair your design with a rainbow splash of color.

Simple Unicorn Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best ones. The creatures are symbols of grace and beauty, so a simple design matches this perfectly.

The simple designs can match any style, so you can proudly display your tattoo no matter what the occasion. Simple tattoos could be a small cartoon, silhouette or just a pared down design. 

Cartoon Unicorn

Beasts of whimsy, joy and childhood dreams, a cartoon is a perfect way to capture the essence of the animal. For a cute and quirky design, use a small cartoon and fill it with rainbow colors.

It’s fun, it’s unique and also captures the true spirit of the person.

Double Unicorn Design

What’s rarer than one unicorn? Two! Many tattoos have images of the lone creature, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t share the joy with a double design.

Keep it symmetrical by having the two animals face each other, and keep it simple with a silhouette or geometric design.

Adding an additional image means that the design could get too fussy, so keeping it minimalist will yield the best results.

Silhouette Unicorn Tattoo

Silhouettes are mysterious and stylish, just like unicorns. A silhouette is the perfect way to capture the magic, with a black outline and an inside that is open to interpretation.

Black ink will create a bold design, but any ink can capture the beauty of a silhouette tattoo. It shows elevated design that doesn’t rely on detail, but simplicity and style. 

Should I Get A Unicorn Tattoo?

Unicorns are popular animals in our culture, but a unique design can still capture the essence, beauty and magic of the creature.

Whether you enjoy simple silhouettes or intricate detail, there is a design available to suit each individual. Talk to your tattoost today for advice on a design to suit you.

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