Trust No One Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Trust No One Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Do you want to get a tattoo that sends a message? Perhaps you have been burned in the past or just have a naturally skeptical nature toward humanity. If this sounds familiar, a Trust No One tattoo might be for you. 

Typical Trust No One tattoos are pictured as a handshake, with one of the hands being a snake that is biting the other hand. They usually portray the person’s caution against manipulation and betrayal, and they are generally meant to be a message to others. 

Read on for an in-depth look at Trust No One tattoos: symbolism, meanings ; more.   


What is the History of Trust No One Tattoos?

The Trust No One tattoo has recently been made relevant by celebrities like Lana Del Rey, Travis Barker, and Kourtney Kardashian and is fairly new to the tattoo scene. It is generally portrayed as a handshake, with one of the hands being a snake that is biting the other hand. It also incorporates the words “Trust No One” somewhere in the tattoo.

Lana del Rey sings a lot about fame and loneliness, so it’s only natural for her to get inked as a reminder of everything she’s learned in Hollywood. What is her central objective?  Trust no one. She accepted this lesson so strongly that she now has it eternally tatted on her hand.

Like the singer, many can relate to feelings of distrust, whether from family, friends, coworkers, significant others, or random strangers. Some people struggle with trust and doubt whether anyone can be trusted. This could be a general assumption they hold or a motto they live by. 


What Do Trust No One Tattoos Symbolize?

The tattoo’s exact symbolization and meaning remain elusive, as you can never be certain why someone chose to get that particular script tattooed on their body. Consequently, the Trust No One tattoo allows people to express themselves in a variety of ways, which is rather remarkable considering it is only three words long. 

The iconic snake handshake is representative of deception and manipulation. Historically, someone is considered a snake if they are prone to trickery or sneaking around to obtain what they want. The snake is biting the human hand to symbolize the person being hurt by betrayal and deception. 



Trust is the basic foundation for any relationship, romantic, professional, or platonic. For someone with trust issues, the message of “Trust No One” may be what they want others to notice about them.  

A symbol of loyalty to yourself and you alone, this tattoo may be worn by those who prefer solitude and keep a tight circle of those close to them.  They may also have a history of being duped too often. Others may have received the tattoo because they were raised to believe “trust no one.”

The Trust No One tattoo is also intended to keep you alert and warn you to be wary of your environment and the people around you. It is a safeguard against being scammed or victimized by others. If you have this tattoo, remember the message and stay vigilant.


The trust no one tattoo images are also a statement of strength. It takes courage to go through life without trusting people, and the tattoo can serve as a continual reminder of that inner strength. It could also be a symbol of determination, letting everyone know that you are not willing to let anyone stand in your way.

What Do Trust No One Tattoos Mean?

A Trust No One tattoo’s meaning is entirely dependent on the person who gets it and is one of the most personal tattoos you can get. It could simply mean that the person is unwilling to trust anyone for some people. Others may take this as a warning to always stay vigilant around others because they may hurt you. 

Others may get this tattoo as a reminder of their vulnerability after being mistreated by someone they trusted, possibly in a romantic or familial relationship or even a deep friendship. They may believe they can no longer put their trust in another person and want a permanent visual reminder of that. 

What’s noteworthy about the Trust No One tattoo is that it’s not usually meant to be taken literally as owners of this tattoo usually trust multiple people but have their own rationale for choosing this text design. 

It could be a means of describing that, while you trust some people, you don’t trust them right away. It might also suggest that you have trusted too easily in the past and will not repeat that error in the future.


Where Do Trust No One Tattoos Usually Go?

Trust No One tattoos can go anywhere on the body. People who get these inked images typically get them in places that are visible to themselves as well as to others.

This is done so that the tattoo can serve as a visible reminder of the feelings and symbolism it represents while also eliciting a reaction from others.

Popular Trust No One Tattoo Placement 


Characteristics and Styles of Trust No One Tattoos

The primary focus of the tattoo is the script “Trust No One”. Consequently, you want to choose a font that can be clearly read, if the point of your tattoo is to send a message to the viewer. Whether you choose a flashy font or a simpler one, be sure it’s one you will be fine with seeing forever. 

Most people use the image of the snake handshake, but there are other symbols and images that can be used as well. You can also get the snake handshake icon, without any text. They can also be done in black and white, or in vibrant colors, in a cartoonish or more realistic style.

Final Thoughts On The Trust No One Tattoo

No matter your motivation for getting a Trust No One tattoo, be sure to do your research and always choose a design that compliments your style and taste. To ensure the best quality work and avoid any skin irritations, always choose a competent and experienced artist. Your little donut will be with you forever. Happy inking!

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