30 [Incredible] Triceratops Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

30 [Incredible] Triceratops Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Everyone has their favorite dinosaur, whether they will admit it or not! Some people like Pterodactyls, while others like the Tyrannosaurus, and then there’s the Triceratops – literally translated as ‘Three-horn face’. 

These herbivores were generally peaceful but if provoked, could even kill the mighty T Rex with those sharp and deadly horns.

If you love dinosaurs and have a soft-spot for Triceratops then today is your lucky day. We’ve collected 30 incredible Triceratops tattoos so that you can enjoy them at your leisure and let them inspire you for your own amazing piece of body art.

Take a look at these beautiful tattoos and prepare yourself to be amazed!

1. Triceratops Finger Tattoo

When it comes to fun, little tattoos like this Triceratops finger tattoo really fit the bill. Not only is this little guy cute, but he’s got a Brontosaurus friend on the wrist to play with!

Tattoos reflect our personalities and something like this is fitting for a playful soul who had kept their delight with the world and intends to keep it forever.

Work hard, play hard, and enjoy life!

Triceratops Finger Tattoo

2. Triceratops Line Tattoo

One continuous line makes an impressive image and this Triceratops line tattoo is certainly no exception. 

It takes a moment to notice that it’s made up of a single line and this pause and realization is part of the treat when you go with a line tattoo.  It looks simple yet it’s anything but – much like the person who chose it.

Triceratops Line Tattoo

3. Triceratops Tattoo On The Arm

In this tattoo we have some amazing detail and color. You’ve got the lighter and darker shades of gray suggesting leathery skin, the sun highlighting the animal, and the peaceful flower below (and the fierce Triceratops was a vegetarian, by the way). 

A Triceratops tattoo on the arm with as much detail as this one takes time, but you have to admire the end-result!

Triceratops Tattoo On Arm

4. Traditional Triceratops Tattoo

This traditional Triceratops tattoo is anything but! While the style is standard, the composition is quite interesting, with the facepaint and the colors from the headdress really making this tattoo pop! 

There is even skin color around a circular hole exposing the eyes that suggests it might even be a ceremonial mask – who can say?!

It’s beautiful and prompts speculation, and it’s always fun when your body art accomplishes this!

Traditional Triceratops Tattoo

5. Triceratops On A Skateboard Tattoo

There’s something that you don’t see every day! An extinct Triceratops on a skateboard, reminding the world to ‘take it easy’. 

Taking things out of their element adds to the appeal and this skateboarding dino is a fine example of this. 

Note the teeth by the beak… is it an undead dinosaur? Definitely a conversation started and a fun piece of body art.  

Triceratops On A Skateboard Tattoo

6. Origami Triceratops Tattoo

Origami tattoos are interesting. You take a recognizable image, throw in a bit of geometry, and suddenly you’ve made something just a little more interesting.

This origami Triceratops tattoo doesn’t take up a lot of space but it will spark a lot of conversations. This would also work with a T Rex or just about anything else that you can imagine.

Get creative and see what you can origami-up!

Origami Triceratops Tattoo

7. Cartoon Triceratops Tattoo

Sometimes cute is the way to go and this cartoon Triceratops is ADORABLE! With those big blue eyes, pink skin, and even a little foliage behind one horn, it’s a pleasure to look at and we imagine that it says all that you need to know about the wearer.

The owner of this body art loves and lives the cuteness!

Cartoon Triceratops Tattoo

8. Tiny Triceratops Tattoo

Small tattoos seem minimalist but people forget… smaller tattoos means that you can have more tattoos! 

Here we see a tiny Triceratops tattoo, along with a T Rex and a Apatosaurus. What’s next? 

We’d suggest a happy Stegosaurus or maybe some little plants, but we don’t get a vote. Body art only follows one set of rules and those are YOURS.

Tiny Triceratops Tattoo

9. Black Triceratops Tattoo

We’ve got amazing scene fully depicted in this black Triceratops tattoo. 

The fierce herbivore is searching for a fight or a meal and behind the Pterodactyls fly as they scavenge their next meals. 

The detail on this is pretty amazing and it looks it wraps around the entire leg. What sort of scene would you put on your own?

Black Triceratops Tattoo

10. Cute Triceratops Tattoo

We hope that you’ve had your ‘cutey’ shot, because the cuteness here is infectious. 

This cute Triceratops tattoo is fantastic and it doesn’t need color or anything. One look and you can’t help but smile and stare for a moment, marveling at the detail and the graphic-novel quality of the art. 

Kudos to whoever chose this tattoo and kudos to the artist that did such a good job!

Cute Triceratops Tattoo

11. Baby Triceratops Tattoo

More cuteness ahead with this baby Triceratops tattoo. 

This little blue guy is happily munching on a leaf and capturing the hearts of anyone who beholds him. 

You can make anything cute with the right style, so if you want a cute tattoo of your own just remember it doesn’t have to be all kittens and puppies.

You could have a little dinosaur like this one and it will be amazing!

Baby Triceratops Tattoo

12. Mini Triceratops Tattoo

Small doesn’t mean boring or insignificant. This mini Triceratops tattoo takes a cute little cartoon dino that is chock full of personality, despite taking up a minimal amount of space. 

Tattoos don’t have to be giant things; they just have to be something that we enjoy or wish to express. A simple, joyful tattoo like this lets you carry a smile for whenever you need one.

Mini Triceratops Tattoo

13. Detailed Triceratops Tattoo

Take a look at that color and detail! This detailed Triceratops tattoo has virtually seamless color and looks like it was lifted from a page in a graphic novel. 

It’s also an example of good color choices, with the focus being on the gray and the purple while the brilliant sunburst overhead works like the real sun as it illuminates the art below it.

This kind of seamless color does take time, but it’s worth it. The color selection and smoothness almost makes you think of a Japanese kimono art rendering – it’s silky and perfect. 

If you are willing to put in the hours to do it, whatever design you decide on can have vibrant and perfect color like this. Just something to think about!

Detailed Triceratops Tattoo

14. Triceratops Skull Tattoo

If you love dinosaurs or simply interesting skulls, then this Triceratops skull tattoo has some serious appeal. 

Not only does it have a unique shape to it, but there are even cracks in the fossil and a minimalist ‘frame’ of a diamond helps to add a little symmetry in an otherwise alien shape.

It’s a great stylistic choice and we wholeheartedly approve. Imagine something like this but with a collection of different dinosaur skulls. What a wonderful piece of body art that might be!

Triceratops Skull Tattoo

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15. New School Triceratops Tattoo

We love the New School style and you have to admit, it’s hard not to! 

This New School Triceratops tattoo mixes up cartoonish images with a color that almost slaps you in the face and forces you to smile and gasp in awe. 

Pay close attention and don’t miss the second dinosaur behind the three-horn. This is a very feel-good tattoo and a great piece of body art!

New School Triceratops Tattoo

16. Triceratops Minimalist Tattoo

A small tattoo down by the heel lets you have your body art and hide it when you need to. 

This Triceratops minimalist tattoo is cute, compact, and let’s you know that the wearer loves dinosaurs and shares a little fierceness of spirit with these animals. 

What dinosaur would you choose to represent your own spirit?

Triceratops Tattoo Minimalist

17. Little Triceratops Tattoo

Another minimalist example to show you that little tattoos can have big personalities, this little Triceratops tattoo depicts a cute baby three-horn who’s made a friend in a butterfly! 

It’s an entire scene and yet it’s only composed of those two elements and this is something to think about when you are making your own little tattoo.

Just as a sentence technically just needs a subject and a verb (for instance, ‘Joe Jumped!’), small body art is all about what you select to put together and you can make a tiny world with only 2 or 3 well-selected elements. 

You’ve gotta love clever art!

Little Triceratops Tattoo

18. Realistic Triceratops Tattoo

This realistic Triceratops tattoo is really a treat and a fantastic piece of body art. You can see scales in the skin! The shading is exquisite and the eyes are lifelike.

 While this kind of detail doesn’t happen in one session, if you’ve got the patience then your own design can be as striking or even more so than this one!

That’s one of the coolest things about body art. The skin is a canvas and you can put ANYTHING that you can imagine on it and enjoy it for life.

Realistic Triceratops Tattoo

19. Triceratops Skull With Flowers Tattoo

It’s not every day that you can look at a dinosaur skull and know for a fact that it’s feminine. 

By clever composition, this Triceratops skull with flowers tattoo makes the animal’s crest look flowery and dainty while the rest of the skull is appropriately fierce. Whoever chose this design loves beauty but is definitely not to be trifled with!

Triceratops Skull With Flowers Tattoo

20. Old School Triceratops Tattoo

This Old School Triceratops tattoo makes a great use of color and bordering to make a very interesting and eye-catching design. 

We love the deep green with the yellow contrast, as well as the bordering red that gives a subconscious ‘boost’ in depicting this animal’s fierceness. It’s put together very well and we have a feeling the owner is as fierce as their tattoo!

Old School Triceratops Tattoo

21. Neo Traditional Triceratops Tattoo

Neo Traditional is another style that you can’t take your eyes off of. 

The combination of the vibrant color with the slightly-anime style art in this Neo Traditional Triceratops tattoo somehow manages to mix realism with surrealism and the Triceratops itself is somehow both cute and fierce. 

The realistic foliage in the background really drives the effect home!

Neo Traditional Triceratops Tattoo

22. Triceratops Mandala Tattoo

This Triceratops mandala tattoo takes the Indian mandala style and turns it into something Gigeresque. 

You’ve got the mandala symmetry with the Triceratops head at the end, and with the dark, black ink it almost looks like it transforms into a reptilian machine. This is an aggressive choice and we have to say that we love it!

Triceratops Mandala Tattoo

23. Colorful Triceratops Tattoo

The ‘extinction event’ is depicted viciously and vibrantly in this colorful Triceratops tattoo. 

The wounded Triceratops stands stoically amidst the flowers and the leaves, munching contentedly as the meteors rain down and end the rule of this mighty lizards. It’s a beautiful and unique piece of body art, without a doubt!

Colorful Triceratops Tattoo

24. Geometric Triceratops Tattoo

The geometry aspect transforms the Triceratops head and turns it into something that looks spiritual. 

This geometric Triceratops tattoo is a perfect example of how a little symmetry can transform the mundane into something mysterious and powerful that can uniquely express the personality of the wearer.

This is the tattoo of a fierce, but calculating and organized soul.

Geometric Triceratops Tattoo

25. Triceratops Outline Tattoo

A simple line and a mini-Triceratops make an entire scene and it even looks like the little guy or gal is about to graze! 

This Triceratops outline tattoo is a cute and practical example of the ‘less is more’ principal. 

It’s small, uncomplicated, and aesthetically pleasing. A great choice that doesn’t need to show-off to be absolutely perfect.

Triceratops Outline Tattoo

26. Skeleton Triceratops Tattoo

Many of us grew up loving dinosaurs and this skeleton Triceratops tattoo really is a stunning tribute. 

Dissected and labelled as if the owner’s skin were a scientific text, this kind of tattoo reflects a thinker who not only appreciates dinosaurs but loves them enough to have done their homework. 

It’s a unique and beautiful choice and you can tell it’s chock full of self-expression.

Skeleton Triceratops Tattoo

27. Simple Triceratops Tattoo

This simple Triceratops tattoo is 10 pounds of delight in a 5-pound bag!

 Though it doesn’t take up much space, it pulls all the surrounding cuteness in the room to itself and you can’t help but ‘aww!’ a little in your mind. Minimalism examples like this prove that great body art doesn’t need a lot of space, just a little imagination.

See how much you can pack into a tiny space and you might just surprise yourself!

Simple Triceratops Tattoo

28. Small Triceratops Tattoo

This Triceratops escaped extinction and found itself a paradise among the stars. 

A small Triceratops tattoo with perfect color and surreal scenery takes the image to a new level. 

It’s all about contrast and contrast isn’t limited to color. Get creative with your own favorite imagery and you can have something beautiful like this that is uniquely your own!

Small Triceratops Tattoo

29. Triceratops Head Tattoo

We love the mix of yellows and reds in this Triceratops head tattoo. It communicates the fierceness embodies by the Triceratops and the color throws in the aesthetics, right down to those beautiful green eyes. 

Strength doesn’t have to mean ugliness and this body art is a great example proving this without a doubt.

Triceratops Head Tattoo

30. Watercolor Triceratops Tattoo

We’ve saved one of the best for last. This watercolor Triceratops tattoo gives you a great example of just how good watercolor selections can be. 

While the Triceratops is detailed, the swirls of color around it draw and hold the eye and give the body art an undeniably feminine expression.

Adding watercolor to your own art doesn’t have to be feminine, of course, as these vibrant colors can do all kinds of tricks to make your own art selections pop. 

When you figure out your own design, ask the artist what kind of difference watercolors might make. You might stumble on something amazing that you would otherwise have missed out on!

Watercolor Triceratops Tattoo

Triceratops Tattoos FAQ

What does a Triceratops tattoo mean?

A Triceratops is a symbol of gentle strength and might even have some extra significance for vegetarians, as this fierce giant limited its diet to plants.

Peaceful unless provoked, this herbivore could use its horns to pierce the soft belly of even the mighty T Rex and so it’s an excellent symbolic choice for someone who is peaceful but not to be trifled with!

What does triceratops skull tattoo mean?

A Triceratops skull is a good choice for a dinosaur fan who loves fossils but it can also have a deeper symbolic meaning.

These mighty creatures are extinct, after all, and a tattoo of a Triceratops skull might indicate that the wearer is vibrantly alive, fierce, and more powerful than these things which ‘didn’t make the cut’.

It is also a good aesthetic choice for those who like skulls but want something that is a little more unique than a human or modern animal skull.

The meaning is going to be dependent on what it is surrounded with, so ultimately that is going to be your choice!

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