Tiger Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Tiger Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

A tiger tattoo represents a deeper meaning, symbolism, culture, and character.  

We will cover:

  • Meaning
  • What does the tiger represent?
  • The various tiger tattoo styles

The fierceness, aggressiveness, and emotions that a tiger tattoo evokes is testament to its deep-rooted meaning and display.

You will find that people with tiger tattoos have a specific tale or character they would like to display.

The boldness and statute nature of the tiger makes it a big statement and draws a lot of attention. 

Its size is a sight to behold, and the ability to incorporate additional features or various color schemes makes it an enterprising ink design to get.

Whether you are getting it for its beauty, respect of the tiger, or your origin, you are assured that it will influence your impression and will. 


A tiger tattoo will have different meanings depending on the person who has it.

The deep cultural, character, and traditions associated with the tiger often triggers a fighting spirit and sensation in all who see it.

Depending on your culture, you might have different perceptions of the tiger. 

The Asian community heaps praise on these animals by portraying their character as protectors, majestic, and associated with good luck.

However, the Indians often viewed the tiger as a violent animal as it instigated many deaths in numerous villages. It is all about what and how you intend to showcase using your tiger tattoo. 

What Does the Tiger Represent?

The symbolism of a tiger tattoo will revolve around the various emotions it evokes and what it represents.

Being in the cat family, the tiger displays control, elegance, and power, making it among the most revered animals alongside the lion – the jungle king.  


You cannot argue with the elegance of this striped animal. Whichever color you choose to use on your tiger tattoo, it cannot lose its essence, but it elevates its overall beauty. 


A tiger is a courageous animal because of its fierceness and fearless character. 


A ferocious animal who is dedicated to protecting its own. 


The efforts the tiger puts in creating its own space and reputation in the jungle. This determination and passion for standing out and standing tall in its unique print make the tiger quite the animal.


The determination and effort that the tiger puts in its kind are second to none. You can feel the purpose in its roar as it protects or hunts. 


The tiger works on creating and marking its territory in the jungle, which is well respected because of its prowess. 


The tiger is well known for its protective nature; thus, it has a well-revered personality. 


The amount of strength, intelligence, and techniques that the tiger uses ensure it maximizes its strength. 


When wounded, teased, or encountering any danger, its counteractive measures will always be on the fight and never flight. The tiger will choose to fight and protect its own. 

The Various Tiger Tattoo Styles

Tiger tattoo styles mostly depend on the shade, the part of the tiger you wish to showcase, and any additional features that you will choose to include. 

Masculine Tiger Tattoos

As it was the norm in the past, tiger tattoos were mostly associated with men to portray the protective and ferocious prowess of the males.

Thus, the experts specialized in large vicious prints that emasculate the tiger.

Most of these tattoos usually were inked on the back, arms, or biceps. This style can accommodate a wide range of colors, thus bringing out the real tiger visuals.

The Feminine Tiger Ink

Females also took a turn with the tiger tattoo, including flowers, bright colors, and nature into the ink. These changes impact the resultant tattoo.

This style is perfect for every skin tone and portrays boldness and your ability to take charge.

Due to the use of fairer color schemes, you should be keen on your skin tone and check if it will rhyme with it.

You can ink a whole tiger in a beautiful and bright scrub on your arms with these additions. Quite the visual to behold.

A Roaring Tiger

A roaring tiger is the epitome of fear and protection. Getting a roaring tiger on the back and shoulders or covering the entire back will announce your intentions of doing justice to the tiger.

Getting a black and white color combination, especially on a fairer skin tone, will create an excellent visual. Adding hints of orange will help you highlight the finer details on the tiger.

Family Tiger Tattoos

The tiger is known for its ability to protect its own by hook or crook.

You can get these tattoos to highlight this protective trait of the tiger. It is best displayed by getting the tiger in action, exposing its claws and significant roar.

To capture the true essence of the tiger, ensure you get a reasonably sized tiger on your thigh or your back.

Tiger in the Jungle

Inking a tiger in its natural habitat, whether hunting, waiting to pounce on prey, or simply resting, always elaborates the beauty of this jungle beast.

It is easy to incorporate additional natural jungle colors. It depicts calmness but alertness to danger, the perfect tiger description.

The Face of the Tiger

The tiger’s face displays confidence, power, strength, beauty, and courage. You can choose to have it in different locations like the bamboo forest or in the long grass to enhance its beauty.

Color or Cultural Tiger Tattoo

Choosing to diversify different tiger designs using different color schemes like black or white will give you a good contrasting look on your skin tone.

You can also choose to go crazy and use other colors but make sure you stick to the natural tiger colors to maintain its realistic nature.

Some people also choose to include different cultural practices, items, or people to bring out a realistic tiger tattoo. You need to learn about the tiger’s mannerisms and origin to get this concept right.

It is what you choose to represent and how you want it to be conveyed. Ensure you have a deeper understanding of the tiger’s strong character.

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