9 [Incredible] Tiger Shark Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

9 [Incredible] Tiger Shark Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

When it comes to the primal, there is no shape more recognizable than the shark. 

These creatures have always been around, with sharks in the Jurassic eating dinosaurs and sharks of today catching swimmers unaware. 

A body art depiction of one of these is recognizable across the planet and can carry a deep significance.

Let’s explore some basic meanings and take a look at some incredible designs… if you want a shark of your own, then you’re going to find your inspiration here!

1. Tribal Tiger Shark Tattoo

A tribal tattoo is a commitment and not everyone will get the symbolism – unless they get a good look. 

A tribal tiger shark tattoo gives a compelling reason to look and to get the message and, in this example, we can see that the animal and the fierce nature are both stylized and honored.

A beautiful warning about the soul of the wearer.

Tribal Tiger Shark Tattoo

2. Tiger Shark Tattoo on the Arm

Rushing through the seaweed, this shark is obviously ready for action and not to be denied. 

A shark tattoo is a rare choice that tells the story of its wearer quite bluntly – this is a person who is ready for action at all times and ready to meet strength with overwhelming, determinative action.

Tiger Shark Tattoo om Arm

3. Traditional Tiger Shark Tattoo

The colors, the anguish… a traditional tiger shark tattoos shows the creature in all of it’s color and all of it’s potential. 

This is a good way for someone to depict to their own personal temper and opinion on what will happen if crisis occurs – it will be finished definitively and quickly by someone who swims daily in it’s waters.

Traditional Tiger Shark Tattoo

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4. Tiger Shark Jaw Tattoo

The predator is gone but not forgotten. A Tiger shark jaw tattoo shows you the most powerful aspects of the predator, but very little about its life. 

For those with a rough past who wish to let the world know that they haven’t forgotten what it takes to survive, this is the perfect choice.

Note how pristine the teeth are. Only a surprise or a larger predator could have ended this life and the message behind this is a good warning for those who would scoff or poke.

Tiger Shark Jaw Tattoo

5. Sand Tiger Shark Tattoo

A shark tattoo doesn’t have to be predatory to be effective, and sometimes you just want to show the beauty of the creature and where it lives. 

Body art such as this sand tiger shark tattoo can depict exactly that and remind people that there is beauty behind the power that holds it.

Sand Tiger Shark Tattoo

6. Polynesian Tiger Shark Tattoo

Particular styles are good for showing one’s roots and a Polynesian shark tattoo like this is a good example. 

It depicts the creature, but in such a way as to give a nod to the ancestry or to the admiration of the Polynesian culture. 

In some cases, it can also simply be a nod to the artistic prowess behind a culture which one admires.

Polynesian Tiger Shark Tattoo

7. Watercolor Tiger Shark Tattoo

When you show the shark, the surrealistic colors of that you choose can make a lot of difference. 

A watercolor tiger shark tattoo, for instance, gives you a chance to display the form in a larger-than-life medium that will get attention and certainly stir a conversation or two.

Watercolor tattoos are great for this, giving a color abstraction that helps to draw the attention so that people can’t help but see the message that lies behind it.

Watercolor Tiger Shark Tattoo

8. Hawaiian Tiger Shark Tattoo

The Hawaiian tiger shark tattoo is quite striking, no? If you like tribal patterns, then this is about as close to the ‘core’ as you can get. 

The Tiger shark is well known in Hawaii, and the Great White Shark and Hammerhead shark as well.

Hawaii has over 40 species of sharks in its waters, so this power symbol is quite heartfelt in their culture. 

If you come from this state or simply love sharks, this is something that you can state with this style in your body art quite effectively.

Hawaiian Tiger Shark Tattoo

9. Tiger Shark Tooth Tattoo

The ultimate symbol of strength and violence, a single shark tooth can represent self-empowerment and the defeat of the most frightening of foes. 

It can also be a good representation of an ancient soul that always fights, as the shark sheds teeth quite quickly and easily – always with more power in reserve.

Since the dawn of time, men have worn shark’s teeth as a symbol of power and prowess. 

If you feel that you have earned your own in life, then this is a good symbol to give warning to the world of the type of man or woman that they are dealing with.

It’s possibly the easiest symbol in the world to interpret… a solid, sharp tooth!

Tiger Shark Tooth Tattoo

Tiger Shark Tattoos FAQ

What is the meaning of a shark tattoo?

A shark is a dangerous thing and also a warning. It must constantly keep moving to breathe and functions on sheer, violent instinct.

The wearer of the tattoo knows this very well and is likely the type of person that has learned to be strong the hard way – it is life, not reflex, and the shark tattoo is a good warning for those who might not otherwise understand.

What is the meaning of a tiger shark tattoo?

Not everyone knows the tiger shark, but these clever creatures can grow to be 18 feet long and 200 pounds!

They are aggressive, but selective, so this is a good predator body art choice for one who picks their fights very carefully but who also always wins.

What does a shark tooth tattoo symbolize?

The teeth of the shark are its power, filled in many rows so that they are replaced through the shark’s lifetime, always with a new and perfectly sharp model.

This is a creature that is ready for violence when it comes and not a soul to be trifled with.

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