Tiger Cub Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Tiger Cub Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

A young tiger is still a tiger, full of fierceness and power, which is widely recognized all over the world! Today we’re going to take a look at Tiger cub tattoos to tell you a little more about fascination that we have long had with these animals in history and how this has resulted in amazing Tiger cub tattoos and more!

When it comes to ancient symbols of power, Tigers are definitely among the top animals, and it’s a reputation that these apex predators have certainly earned. Let’s see what Tiger cubs and adults mean now and in the earlier times of our shared history. It’s a symbolism that goes back much farther than you might think!


What is the History of Tiger Cub Tattoos?

Tigers have been a fascination of mankind for a very long time, indeed. In China, archaeologists have found a Neolithic burial site that dates back approximately 6000 years, where the grave has a tiger and a dragon, both made of seashells, which flank the person who was buried there. Tiger is also one of 9 gods worshipped on New Years!

In India, the goddess Durga is depicted sometimes as a beautiful, 8-armed woman riding atop a tiger as a symbol of her power which she wields for the forces of good and in Russia you can find the Amur tiger, also called the Siberian tiger. It’s the largest feline species in the word, weighing up to 800 pounds!

It’s only natural that these powerful beasts would be very popular subjects for skin art and if you’ve ever seen a Tiger Cub, you can still see quite clearly that it’s a creature of power. At a young age, they’re quite cute, but one swat from those oversized, still-growing paws can definitely get your attention!

With over 6000 years of archaeological-backed evidence that these animals were revered, it’s safe to say that Tiger cub tattoos have probably been around since art form first began!


What Do Tiger Cub Tattoos Symbolize?

Tigers symbolize power and with Tiger cub tattoos, you have a power that is also cute as well. This can be done for the cuteness sake, or it can also be symbolic of a power in it’s infancy.

Chinese Tiger symbolism geld that the animals represented courage and bravery, but they are also symbolic of leadership.

The Russia Amur tigers were believed in local folklore to protect the forest, and as such a tiger cub could symbolize one who has only recently taken on this role themselves, making it a symbol of conservation or even of a spiritual kinship with mother Nature.

Tigers of India are viewed as being fierce of spirit, physical power, beauty, and even symbolism as a deadly force – understandable since tigers in India killed about 33,247 people between 1876 and 1912!

It’s a symbol of power and grace, pretty much everywhere you go, and choosing a cub instead of an adult can symbolize youth, playfulness, and many other things, with it ultimately boiling down to what you choose to depict.


What Do Tiger Cub Tattoos Mean?

More often than not, a Tiger cub tattoo represents that the owner is a powerful, playful soul, though it can also be a perfect choice for someone who simply loves these beautiful cats.

Tiger cub tattoos can also mean a creative form of the classic ‘Mom’ tattoo, as tigers are solitary with the exception of the time when they are cubs, when they are spending time only with their siblings and their mother.

It really depends on your design, however, and tattoos have such a wide range of symbolism that you can really get creative. For instance, a tiger cub emerging from a human shadow might represent a budding fierceness and power from a formerly peaceful or even shy soul.

It’s all up to you, but with a symbol this old, you’ve got quite a rich well to draw on for inspiration to really make that tattoo yours!  


Where Do Tiger Cub Tattoos Usually Go?

Tiger cub tattoos can be placed just about anywhere, but usually if it’s one of the ‘cute’ varieties it will be placed somewhere that it can easily be seen or conveniently hidden, such as the outer arm.

It’s not unheard of, however, for them to make appearances at the ankle or the more intimate hip, depending on how private the tattoo is intended to be. With a backpiece, you can really make an amazing Tiger cub with some serious color involved, but a symbol like this doesn’t have to be huge at all.

A minimalist tiger cub is still going to be easily recognized, just about anywhere you go in the world!


Characteristics and Styles of Tiger Cub Tattoos

Stylistic options are many, especially with a tiger of any age. A tribal Tiger cub might look quite fierce indeed and this is a very fitting style for such an animal, but others may prefer a photorealistic cub with some carefully rendered and beautiful color.

New School cartoonish tigers are also out there and for good reason, as they can be anthropomorphized a bit more and do a great job at communicating many aspects of the owner’s personality, or project a mood that helps to further enhance the underlying message of the skin art as a whole.

While tigers aren’t native to Japan, the famous Kano school was once commissioned by Shogun Tokugawa to depict them for art displayed in Kyoto at the famous Nijo castle, so Japanese tattoo style is actually an excellent fit for tiger cubs and adults alike!


Some closing comments on Tiger Cub tattoos

As you can see, Tiger cub tattoos are an art form that is positively ancient, as we’ve pretty much always been aware of these creatures in our long and shared history. While a cub represents youth, it is nonetheless the childhood of an apex predator, so as a skin art subject this is a very rich vein to mine.

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