14 Tarpon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

14 Tarpon Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Fishing is a beloved pastime for many, and like hunting, it is an incredible skill that requires lots of time and patience.

It is fair to assume then, that people who engage in such a sport would want to represent this particular hobby with a tattoo. There are countless types of fish designs that are popular today, and these include the Tarpon. 

If you’re passionate about fishing, or simply have a love of the sea, then it might be that a Tarpon tattoo design is right for you.

The beautiful sea colors associated with this popular type of saltfish would really stand out on your body, whichever part of your skin you decided to place it. 

Of course, a Tarpon tattoo isn’t only for those who like to be close to the sea. There are other reasons why you might consider this particular design, so let’s take a closer look at the fish and the symbolism behind it. 

The Tarpon

The Tarpon is an ancient species of fish and has been around for over 125 million years, dating back to the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

It has changed a lot since then, of course, but it is still a fish to be reckoned with for anglers wanting to test their mettle when out on the waters. 

The Tarpon can grow up to 8 feet and can weigh up to 280 pounds, so you can imagine the ferocious battles that have taken place for those who have attempted to catch them.


They are notorious for their enormous leaps out of the water as they seek to escape the clutches of those who are trying to catch them.

And their speed underwater makes them a difficult foe for all but the most dedicated anglers. According to these facts, they have the capacity to jump 10 feet and swim up to 35mph, so it’s clear that they aren’t easy prey. 

In terms of looks, they have a large lower jaw and a mouth pointing upward. They are shimmery silver in color, with blue-grey or greenish backs, and dark fins and tail.

The color makes it difficult for anglers to see them as they can blend in with most watery settings. Even underwater predators have a hard time finding them within the depths, due to the Tarpon’s dark scales and thin dorsal fin. 

The Meaning Behind Tarpon Tattoos

People decide on Tarpon tattoos for different reasons, although they are especially popular with those who have a passion for the fishing lifestyle.

The tattoo can represent the challenge and power needed to catch one of these magnificent fish. It would be of little surprise if some people wore a Tarpon tattoo as a badge of honor after catching one of these slippery foes.

Commonly, however, they represent the passion of the person wearing the tattoo and their love of being out on the open water. 


Then there are the characteristics of the Tarpon to consider. These include strength, agility, and speed, and those who recognize these qualities in themselves will opt for this particular design. 

As with many other types of fish tattoos, the Tarpon can also represent spirituality. When Christianity was in its infancy, many followers of the faith used the symbol of a fish to let others know they were believers.

Jesus was known as a ‘fisher of men,’ and there are many stories in the Bible that He told using fish as a metaphor. 

In some African and East Indian traditions, fish are seen as a symbol of creation, fertility, and transformation. In Irish mythology, they are also seen as a keeper of ancient knowledge.

In parts of China, newlyweds are given gifts of fish as a token of prosperity and blessing. And there are other instances around the world where fish are given special spiritual meaning.

As such, fish tattoos are used by those who want to symbolize their faith and beliefs, and for some, these can include the Tarpon. 


Other symbolic meanings related to a Tarpon tattoo include patience, power, and persistence, and these are all qualities associated with the people who try to catch them.

Tarpon Tattoo Design Ideas

Choosing the right design for your tattoo is always important, even with something as simple as this type of fish tattoo. There are a number of choices open to you, and these include some of the following. 

Large and colorful

With their blue and green colors, Tarpon can look very colorful on your arm, especially if you choose a large design to show it in all its glory.

You could also incorporate these colors with elements of the sea, perhaps with images of this magnificent fish residing underwater.

It would also look at home with any other tattoos you had depicting marine life on your lower or upper body. 


A Fighting Tarpon

As we have established, this is one type of fish that will put up quite the fight. A fierce-looking

Tarpon would be quite the striking image on your arm, especially if ask your tattoo artist to capture an image of it leaping up from the water open-mouthed and wild-eyed.


A Fishing Scene

Depending on where your tattoo is placed, you could have a scene of fantastic detail; one that takes place above and below the water.

A fishing boat above the water would look amazing when set against bright, sunlight colors, and this could be contrasted with the darker image of the fish about to be caught by the lure of the fisherman. 


Getting Help With Your Design

Tattoo artists don’t simply bring your designs to life on your body as they can help you with them too.

It’s worth talking to the artist about the image you are trying to capture, as they will discuss your options and give you ideas that you perhaps haven’t considered. 

So, no matter your reason for getting a Tarpon tattoo, look for ideas online, consider the type of image you like, and consult with a professional to bring your tattoo to life. 


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