Sweet Pea Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Sweet Pea Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Sweet peas are a flower that botanical enthusiasts look forward to seeing bloom every spring season. These flowers are known for their long climbing stems and vivid blooms. It’s no surprise that a flower this captivating is becoming a popular tattoo choice. 

While you may look forward to seeing sweet peas grow in the garden, what you likely didn’t know is that there is deep symbolism behind this spring flower.

On this page, we’re going to discuss why the sweet pea flower is a breathtaking tattoo choice and what it symbolizes. Keep reading to learn more. 


What is the History of Sweet Pea Tattoos?

Flower tattoos have been a part of tattoo history for basically as long as tattoos themselves have been. Floral designs first started to make an appearance as part of tribal tattoo designs. However, through the years they have been used for individual expression. 

Even looking back at when tattoos started becoming popular in North America, the flower design was a staple. In the early days, the rose was the most common design. However, as tattoo equipment has improved over the years and artists have become more serious about their craft, it became possible for people to get any flower design they wanted, including the sweet pea.

Throughout history, the sweet pea never caught on as a tattoo trend that people stood in line for. Instead, the people that choose this flower design often did so for symbolic reasons. 


What Do Sweet Peas Symbolize?

The sweet pea flower tattoo is designed to symbolize fond memories you have with a loved one. If you have been separated from a loved one, you may choose this design as a symbol to always remember. 

One reason you may choose to get a sweet pea tattoo is to honor a good friend or relative who moved far away. You will always carry the memories you’ve shared with them even though you can’t see them on a daily basis, the design will serve as a symbol for that.

  • Sweet pea tattoos can always symbolize a happy separation. For example, a pair of best friends who have graduated high school and are about to depart for college on separate sides of the country may choose a sweet pea design to symbolize the great memories they had together. 
  • A mother may choose this tattoo to symbolize their son or daughter after marriage. Once their son or daughter has gotten married, they are beginning a new life and no longer relying on their mother’s nest. 

What Do Sweet Pea Tattoos Mean?

A sweet pea tattoo means goodbye or departure on positive terms. Some people will use the phrase blissful goodbye as a way to summarize what this tattoo means. When a person chooses to get a sweet pea tattoo based on its symbolism and meaning, then the tattoo is usually meant for someone they care deeply about.

The reason the two people had to say goodbye is positive. For example, sweet peas are common to give to brides at weddings. This means that the bride is saying goodbye to her single life and stepping into the new role as a wife. While she is saying goodbye to something, she is also gaining something as a result.

When someone chooses a sweet pea tattoo based on what it means, they are applying the same mindset someone would when gifting this flower to a new bride or a new homeowner. 

The sweet pea tattoo doesn’t always have to be for someone else. A person could apply this floral design to their own life journey. It could mean that they are proud to have said goodbye to something that wasn’t working for them and start something new and life-changing. 


Where Do Sweet Pea Tattoos Usually Go?

You can choose to get a sweet pea tattoo on any part of your body that you want. However, for the design to turn out to look its best, you should consider how the flower looks. They are climbing flowers that grow upwards on a long stem. For that reason, you should choose an area of your body that allows enough room and will look good.

The top choice spots to get a sweet pea tattoo are:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Side of torso

While these sections of your body give an adequate amount of space, they aren’t the only spots you are limited to. If you want a smaller design, sweet pea tattoos look good almost anywhere. You can have a very elegant design on your shoulder, lower back, or hips. 


Characteristics and Styles of Sweet Pea Tattoos

While the sweet pea may seem like a simple tattoo design, there is a lot that can be done with it. You can have a very small and subtle design, or go for something large and vivid. A qualified tattoo artist will be able to work with you to make your vision a real tattoo.

One of the great things about sweet peas is that you have a variety of colors to choose from, such as:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Violet/ Purple
  • Yellow
  • White

A common design choice is to have a simplistic stem, usually in black, and then more detail put into the vivid blossoms. How bright the color is will be up to you and your tattoo artist. Some people choose a calming watercolor design, while others prefer something bold and bright. 

Usually, people choose the sweet pea tattoo as a stand-alone design. However, you can add more details, such as a sun, butterflies, bees, etc. Some people also like to incorporate vivid green leaves along with the flower design.


Final Thoughts

The sweet pea tattoo can be very subtle and beautiful. This tattoo design means a good goodbye, and people will often choose it to symbolize someone’s departure onto a new life journey. While most people will choose this design to represent memories shared with a loved one, some people will choose it to signify a new step in their own life.


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