Sunflower Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Sunflower Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

The sunflower is a bright, summery flower with vivid yellow petals, known as “rays”. The flower is a crowd favorite with its unique and beautiful sun-like appearance. It has a woody fragrance that reminds you of a garden. Sunflower tattoos are a popular choice among people as the flower symbolizes happiness and good luck.

If you’re considering getting a sunflower tattoo then keep reading this article. We will discuss the history of the flower, its symbolism, tattoo styles, and where they usually go.

What is the History of Sunflower Tattoos?

The sunflower is actually enriched with a long-standing history. Back in 1000 BC, it was first discovered during the ancient Incas empires in present-day New Mexico and Arizona. 

North Americans have been growing sunflowers since these times. They would use them to make food, medicine, oil, and dyes. In 1500, Spanish conquerors came to America and began exporting it to other countries.

By the 16th century, the flower arrived in European countries and gained more popularity across the world.   

In ancient times, it was believed that the sunflower represented the sun, a form of God. It is a widespread belief that the sunflower turns its face as the sun sets and rises. In fact, the French word for sunflower is “Tournesol” meaning “turns to the sun.”    

What Do Sunflowers Symbolize?

In Chinese mythology, a sunflower tattoo represents long life, vitality, and good fortune. In Western cultures, specifically, native America, it is still believed that the flower is connected strongly to the sun. They also associate it with provision and harvest. In Dutch culture, it is a symbol of devotion and loyalty.


As sunflowers are strongly associated with the sun, they are known for spreading brightness and happiness. Gifting this flower is considered the perfect way to brighten up someone’s mood.

Many people also find spiritual meaning in this flower. Due to its similarity to the sun and how it represents finding the light, many religions see it as a spiritual flower or guide. It is seen as a nourishing flower that mirrors the vibrancy of the sun. 

What Do Sunflower Tattoos Mean?

The exact meaning of a sunflower tattoo can vary among different countries and cultures. However, there are some common interpretations of this beautiful flower that most people agree upon:


Change ; Happiness

Change can be a stressful aspect of life for everyone. Whether it’s good or bad, change can be worrisome as it brings uncertainty and fear of the unknown. A sunflower tattoo depicts happiness in every situation. This bright flower is known for shifting its positions, so in a way, many people associate it with change and joy. 

The yellow petals of a sunflower tattoo also symbolize warmth, which can feel like a reassuring hug when times are changing. 

A symbol of Faith                                                        

In some religions, sunflowers represent faith and belief. In this case, a sunflower tattoo usually also has a Latin word or a crown to depict faith.

Positive thoughts

A sunflower tattoo mostly acts as a reminder to keep thinking positively every day. It is a source of encouragement and motivation to never give up. In simple words, it tells you to “cheer up and smile”. And this is a mantra many people need to get going.


New beginnings

Another beautiful meaning associated with a sunflower tattoo is that of new beginnings. You can get it tattooed when you want a fresh start or during new phases of your life like starting a job. People believe it brings good luck and success, ultimately leading to a happier life. 

Where Do Sunflower Tattoos Usually Go?

A sunflower tattoo usually looks flattering no matter where you get it done. One of the best places you can get a curved floral design is on the shoulders. The curved lines of the flower will naturally complement the shape of your shoulder. This tattoo placement is also good if you want to keep it hidden at the office or school.

Plus, you can flaunt the gorgeous sunflower when you wear an off-shoulder shirt or dress, a halter top, or a short-sleeved outfit.


You can get it tattooed on your thigh for a sexy and fierce look that flatters your body’s curves. An oversized sunflower usually looks best on the thigh. 

A sunflower tattoo also looks particularly great on your arm or forearm. This is a very popular placement as you can experiment with the size of the flower and the arm is usually a great canvas.

Another popular idea is to get a floral tattoo made on your wrist, in a way that it wraps around it. This gives a pretty, delicate, and dainty look. 


Characteristics and Styles of Sunflower Tattoos

When it comes to tattoos, there are no limits to the art you can do. After all, it is simply a way of expressing yourself and enjoying the freedom you get from it. 

If you want visual solar appeal, getting a sunflower made without its stem can make a subtle yet powerful statement. 

Many people like to get other flowers made along with the sunflower as this depicts more enthusiasm, energy, and positivity. 

A beautiful design idea that might appeal to you is a sunflower with a name or word-forming its stem. This looks extremely pretty and also adds a personal flair to the tattoo. You can get a name written to remember a special person or a word that depicts something valuable to you.

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