43 [Beautiful] Succulent Tattoo Design Ideas For 2022

43 [Beautiful] Succulent Tattoo Design Ideas For 2022

Succulent tattoos are unique and ripe with symbology. Succulents can thrive almost anywhere, needing only a glimpse of the sun and a sip of water. 

At their core, they are a symbol of beauty which can grow in the light, the dark, and the cold. They require almost nothing and yet with that nothing, they can create much.

As a tattoo, the symbolism can be very personalized, as there are over 500 varieties of succulents.  Some have flowers, others have thorns… making this a tattoo that men can wear as well as women.

Which one uniquely represents you?

1. Desert Succulent Tattoo

A desert succulent tattoo can represent the beauty and life found in the places where few others may survive. 

The succulent folds up water to hide in its leaves and takes only what it needs, strong and beautiful in a world where only the strongest may survive. 

It is a unique tattoo to have that can say a lot about the strength of the person who wears it.

Desert Succulent Tattoo

2. Hanging Succulent Tattoo

Even hanging in the sky, with a spoonful of earth and 3 drops of water, a hanging succulent blooms and grows strong. 

This tattoo can symbolize that the wearer has been through much but it taking a chance on the world again – keeping those skills of survival and an innate beauty always at the ready.

 Suspended in the sky, the succulent yet thrives, because it always carries everything that it truly needs.  

Hanging Succulent Tattoo

3. Small Succulent Tattoo

A small succulent tattoo is a good choice for a modest display of inner beauty and strength. 

Just as small succulents grow in the cracks of walls, one who has chosen a small succulent tattoo is telling the world that they will choose their place and not only will they survive, but they will bring beauty to any stark place where they decide to make their mark.

Small Succulent Tattoo

4. Cactus Succulent Tattoo

A cactus is a powerful message – I have beauty but also I have sharp spines when I need them! 

It can also represent a soul that has lived in the desert, so to speak, and come out into the world more powerful, beautiful, and enduring. 

It would also be a good match for a Gemini personality, to show two sides of the same person.

A succulent placed between two cacti can also represent a beauty that did not have to become sharp and cutting to endure.

Cactus Succulent Tattoo

5. Hip Succulent Tattoo

Placing a succulent tattoo on the hip is a good way to express yourself privately so that those who are fortunate enough to see it can get a glimpse of the symbology and learn a little about your nature.

Depending on the succulent that you choose, it can say a lot of things, like the Crown of Thorns succulent is a tiny, reddish pink flowers, with great green leaves around it, and a thorny step that stings anyone who would touch!

Succulent on Hip Tattoo

6. Outline Succulent Tattoo

An outline succulent is a nice, modest way to take the symbology of the chosen succulent and to display it with a bold simplicity. 

The meaning is there, with no colors or accompaniment required, communicating tenacity without the need of drawing attention or approval.

Outline Succulent Tattoo

7. Cute Succulent Tattoo

Adding cuteness to a tattoo says a lot about the wearer and a cute succulent tattoo is definitely no exception. 

It’s a beautiful, lighthearted way to tell the viewer of the tattoo that ‘tough’ and ‘cute’ can not only coexist, but they are alive and well in the individual that is wearing them.

 Sometimes the best body art is also the most fun!

Cute Succulent Tattoo

8. Neo Traditional Succulent Tattoo

A neo traditional succulent tattoo is a good choice. The bold, stark lines and the saturation of color combine together to express the symbolism of the succulent that you’ve chosen in a way that borders on surreal. 

Almost 3-dimensional, this tattoo style is a great way to capture and display even the most exotic of succulents in a way that can’t help but be noticed.

Neo Traditional Succulent Tattoo

9. Tiny Succulent Tattoo

A tiny succulent, placed on the side of the foot, the hip, or anywhere else that you feel it is supposed to go, is a great way to display a little beauty and to carry a little luck with you wherever you may go.

Succulents are thought by some to be lucky plants, because of their power to live despite their surroundings, so this tattoo may also be a way for you to carry a petite but powerful lucky charm.  

Tiny Succulent Tattoo

10. Chest Piece Succulent Tattoo

A chest piece succulent is a powerful statement. A tattoo on the chest which is close to the heart means that the image and the chosen symbolism are dear and heartfelt as well. 

A chest piece succulent tattoo could mean that one has been profoundly affected by surviving life’s trials and remaining beautiful at heart despite them.

It all depends on the succulents and symbols that you choose to express the inner you.

Succulent Chest Piece Tattoo

11. Minimalist Succulent Tattoo

Sometimes the best way to say it all is to say it in the minimalist way. 

A minimalist succulent let’s the wearer communicate their message like a bold whisper – the symbolism and beauty are there, without the need to shout it out. 

Much like the succulent, it’s a strong and hidden beauty that is waiting to be found.

Minimalist Succulent Tattoo

12. Watercolor Succulent Tattoo

Just as the Neo Traditional style can be eye-catching, a watercolor succulent tattoo is a good way to convey the symbolism and style of your tattoo in striking and distinct colors. 

A well-done watercolor succulent tattoo is sure to be seen and admired, showing the world that the spirit can survive and not only look beautiful, but completely surreal.

Watercolor Succulent Tattoo

13. Traditional Succulent Tattoo

You don’t always have to get fancy to make a point, and a traditional succulent tattoo is a good way to say it all. 

With a focus on vibrant colors and stark shading, a traditional tattoo can be transformed to be much like its owner – full of depth but a classic.

Combined with an animal that means something to you looking at the succulent or with the succulent just in front of an oasis… whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with traditional.

Traditional Succulent Tattoo

14. Black and Grey Succulent Tattoo

Color isn’t required to make a statement, as a black and grey Succulent tattoo can speak volumes. 

Devoid of vivid colors, the succulent looks more pronounced, precise, and powerful.

 This is a good choice for those who want to make their statement but don’t feel the need to advertise themselves overmuch.

This is a good tattoo for those who feel that the message of the tattoo is the most important part.  

Black and Grey Succulent Tattoo

15. Arm Succulent Tattoo

An arm succulent tattoo is a great way to have your succulent somewhere easy to hide at work and also easy to display when at play. 

Succulents such as the lavender Ghost Plant are beautiful enough that you needn’t ever hide it, but it’s always nice to have the choice. 

Just as succulents hide in nature, your tattoo is there to display or hide whenever you like.

Arm Succulent Tattoo

16. Cover Up Succulent Tattoo

Sometimes you want to cover an older tattoo from bad memories and a Cover Up succulent tattoo is the perfect choice for this. 

Just as the plant’s beauty grows out from ugly, cracked walls or inhospitable desert lands, so does your Cover Up Succulent Tattoo.

This is a great way to get those old memories behind you and to show that your beauty and willpower have not only survived, but thrive for everyone to see.

Succulent Cover Up Tattoo

17. Geometric Succulent Tattoo

Geometric designs in body art look quite unique and a geometric succulent tattoo allows you to take your succulent and break it down into strong, beautiful lines and angles. 

Almost like a flower in ice, the geometric style can make things which are already beautiful into something absolutely striking.

It gives your succulent a mandala-like symmetry, as if the beauty is frozen in crystal.

Geometric Succulent Tattoo

18. Elbow Succulent Tattoo

An elbow succulent tattoo definitely has a unique look. 

The floral pattern of many succulents is perfect for the shape of the elbow, with the center of the bloom fitting perfectly while the leaves might be stylized in stark, black contract. 

It’s a clever way to place a little beauty in a place that no one expects to find it.

Elbow Succulent Tattoo

19. Heart and Succulent Tattoo

A heart and succulent tattoo is both beautiful and a great way to express a love that lasts the test of time. 

Like the succulent which grows anywhere that it wishes, the heart of the wearer of this tattoo has learned to grow strong and remain beautiful in the face of life’s trials and tribulations.

When it comes to symbolism, this is one tattoo that speaks its message very clearly.

Succulent and Heart Tattoo

20. Rose and Succulent Tattoo

A mix of succulents and roses in may reflect a soul that endures the hardships but has a delicate side as well. 

Great for those with an affinity for springtime but the added strength to survive inside them as well, with the right color choices and contrasts a rose and succulent tattoo is sure to be seen and remembered.

Succulent And Rose Tattoo

21. Wrist Succulent Tattoo

A wrist tattoo is a bold choice for a person, and a this tattoo dares the viewer to protest that placement when their eyes are drawn to its beauty. 

Wrist tattoos can also represent memories of pain that one has lived through, as great pain often causes people to harm their wrists.

Whether the placement is for this or simply to ensure that your tattoo is seen, a wrist succulent tattoo will definitely be a thing of beauty.

Wrist Succulent Tattoo

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22. Sleeve Succulent Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos can tell a lot about a person. A half sleeve might indicate a creative who lives their life in two worlds, the personal and the business. 

A full sleeve is almost always someone who likes to make the rules on their own.

 Whether half or full, a sleeve succulent tattoo incorporates a tasteful beauty in a strong, no-nonsense fashion.

A wild soul of nature!

Sleeve Succulent Tattoo

23. Shoulder Succulent Tattoo

The shoulder is a great place for a tattoo. You’ve got a lot of room to work in your chosen design and it’s easily hidden if you want it to. 

Short sleeves can keep it out of the light and like the succulents that can spend a lot of time in the shade, the color will be stunning and vibrant when you give it sunlight again.

Succulent on Shoulder Tattoo

24. Succulent Mandala Tattoo

A succulent mandala tattoo looks almost hypnotic. The symmetry and geometry involved can’t help but catch the eye and there’s just something pleasing about everything being ordered and perfect. 

This is a tattoo style that one could use for mediation if they liked, gazing into the pattens and clearing the mind for peaceful self-contemplation.

Succulent Mandala Tattoo

25. Succulent Flower Tattoo

Not all succulents have flowers, but there’s just something about a flower succulent tattoo that really gets your attention. 

Succulents are everywhere, but we tend not to notice them as much until they are right in front of us, and it’s a shame because some succulents put regular flowers to shame.

A succulent flower tattoo lets you show off the unique beauty of the succulent and of the self.

Succulent Flower Tattoo

26. Potted Succulent Tattoo

Like a Still life, a potted succulent tattoo has it’s beauty in it’s simplicity. It also offers you a chance to get creative. 

Are there cracks in the pot? Maybe words or even runes? What type of succulent is inside of it? One choice might be Aloe Hawthoroides, a form of aloe that looks like it has spikes, but is completely safe to the touch.

Subtlety in your tattoo can take the traditional to a whole new level.

Potted Succulent Tattoo

27. Little Succulent Tattoo

This tattoo might reflect a strong, but shy personality, who finds the place that they wish to be in life and makes their home there – come what may. 

Little tattoos are a lot of fun, because you can communicate a complexity of character with many of them or be mysterious with one or only a few.  

Little Succulent Tattoo

28. Realistic Succulent Tattoo

With the right artist, you can get tattoos that look photorealistic to the point that it really blows the viewer’s mind. 

A realistic succulent tattoo is an excellent choice for this kind of realism. 

With over 500 succulent varieties, you can find a succulent with your favorite colors and a look that you like and the artist can place it where you can enjoy it forever.

Tattoos of this quality take time but it’s well-worth it to know that it will always be yours to keep.

Realistic Succulent Tattoo

29. Succulent With Roots Tattoo

A succulent with roots tattoo can send an interesting message. 

Not constrained by a pot or by the earth, this could be a good tattoo for a nomadic type who plants themselves wherever they like before they uproot to thrive again somewhere else. 

It is a good symbol to show that one will always survive and cannot be contained.

Succulent With Roots Tattoo

30. Thigh Succulent Tattoo

Floral designs can look amazing on the thigh and a thigh succulent tattoo is a good example of this. 

Especially if you decide to take the time to go with vibrant colors, a tattoo like this can really transform the skin and do so in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and elegant at the same time.

Thigh Succulent Tattoo

31. Hand Succulent Tattoo

A hand tattoo is an unapologetic act of expressive rebellion. You’ve got something that you want the world to see and a succulent on hand tattoo is a great choice for this.

 This bold choice of placement is perfectly suiter for the shape of a succulent and with the right shading and coloration, it looks quite exotic.  

It is also quite true to the symbolism of the Succulent. Not only do they thrive, but they bring color to the world where it wasn’t before.

Succulent on Hand Tattoo

32. Black And White Succulent Tattoo

Taking something which is normally vibrantly colored and breaking it down into sharp and broad black and white lines can really look amazing. 

In some cases, even better than the color. A black and white succulent tattoo is a good choice for someone with a particular succulent in mind that expresses an aspect of their personality.

It tempts people to focus on the deeper meaning behind the chosen design of the tattoo, without the distraction of color.

Black And White Succulent Tattoo

33. Succulent in Garden Tattoo

This type of tattoo gives you a chance to incorporate many colors and different plants, with the succulent at the centerpiece as if to say ‘there are many flowers, but only one beauty will endure’. 

It doesn’t even have to be about symbols, as sometimes the point of body art is simply to create something beautiful.

With the right artist, it’s a garden that you can cultivate once and enjoy for a lifetime.

Succulent n Garden Tattoo

34. Sunflower And Succulent Tattoo

Sunflowers are happy flowers, associated with longevity and loyalty. This pairs well with a succulent, which can be endurance and timeless love. 

A sunflower and succulent tattoo can also offer an interesting color contrast, but you can also find a complimentary-color succulent if you prefer. 

Either way, it’s a beautiful message written in body art that will be all your own.

Sunflower And Succulent Tattoo

35. Finger Succulent Tattoo

Finger tattoos are for very forward people, unafraid to express themselves and without a care about what the world thinks of it. 

A finger succulent tattoo is a good choice for someone with a green thumb, as you could depict different succulents on each finger like a garden on your hand.

Succulents are tiny plants in reality, so as finger tattoos they actually seem like the perfect fit!

Succulent on Finger Tattoo

36. Mini Succulent Tattoo

Just because a tattoo isn’t large doesn’t mean that it can’t have a kick. A mini succulent tattoo can pack a punch, it’s all about placement and the choice of design. 

For instance, you might opt for tiny, yet vibrant succulent that sits on the side of your foot or shoulder like a gem set inside your skin.

Alternately, you might just go with an outline, or even a tiny tribal Succulent like a small, floral-shaped sun. 

It’s all about the style and the message and this tattoo can say whatever you wish!

Mini Succulent Tattoo

37. Back Succulent Tattoo

A back succulent tattoo gives you a lot of options. As it is hidden, it won’t affect your work, but you can get as detailed as you like. 

The back is an interesting place for a tattoo, as the back and spine support our bodies, so a tattoo here really tends to say a lot about a person.

A succulent garden could with photo realism or an eye-popping Neo Traditional design that is completely customized to your natural curves and shape. 

Larger back pieces can take a lot of time, but if you think carefully on your design, it’s a chance to say something complex in a breathtaking way.

Succulent on Back Tattoo

38. Sternum Succulent Tattoo

Sternum tattoos don’t really have a specific association with them, but rather they are designed to accentuate the body’s shape. 

It’s a place that is not tattooed as often as others and because of this, it’s a great place to put body art.

A sternum succulent gives you a chance to make a statement while also drawing attention to the natural contours of your body, which is one of the best ways to display body art. 

Imagine an upside-down succulent with the roots travelling up gracefully… there’s definitely some potential here for something uniquely you!

Succulent on Sternum Tattoo

39. Crystal and Succulent Tattoo

A crystal and succulent tattoo is a good choice for someone who feels that they are an ‘old soul’. 

The succulent is durable as far as the organic may go, but a crystal is even more so, refined over the millennia into something that is beautiful, yet ancient.

This is a good combination for lovers of nature or for someone looking for a blend of the spiritual and the organic.

Succulent and Crystal Tattoo

40. Forearm Succulent Tattoo

Placing a tattoo on the forearm reflects a very confident personality. It is someone who has a message and they want to make sure that the world is going to see it. 

A forearm succulent can accomplish this with style, especially if done with a lot of detail or a very distinctive style, such as watercolor or Neo Traditional.

With a bold location, you might want to go with a bold color, and remember… you can always incorporate it later into an amazing sleeve!

Succulent on Forearm Tattoo

41. Simple Succulent Tattoo

Sometimes simple is best and a simple succulent tattoo can say everything that you need to say. 

By going with a simple design, you can often create some amazing body art by making the focus not on the design, but on the colors or the shading.

 There are many ways to take the design and to make it your own, after all, and that’s half the fun of making your tattoo!

Simple Succulent Tattoo

42. Skull and Succulent Tattoo

A skull and succulent and tattoo is an interesting and versatile choice. 

On one end, it can represent that sometimes survival requires more than ‘hanging in there’ and that the wearer has not only endured, but conquered! 

On the other end, it could also represent a time when you have endured through grief and still grown up through it stronger than before.

Mixing representations of life and death are a theme in art that has been around as long as art has existed and it’s a symbolism that never fails to strike a chord in the viewer. 

Imagine heavy shading and shadow on the skull and buoyant color in the succulent… the possibilities really get interesting with this choice.

Succulent and Skull Tattoo

43. Plants Succulents Tattoo

With a plants succulents tattoo, you get a chance to do some interesting color play while also telling the world a little about yourself by the succulents that you choose to depict. 

Two or three succulents in a multicolored pot, for instance, provide an image of beauty that doesn’t have to be complex to have an impact.

Next, you might add in small, but meaningful animals or items that are either aesthetically pleasing or have a special significance to you. 

Body art can tell a story or simply be a means to capture beauty on the skin forever… it’s all about what you choose.

Succulent Plants Tattoo

Succulent Tattoos FAQ

What does a succulent tattoo mean?

Succulents symbolize strength and tenacity, with their ability to grow virtually anywhere that they are planted.

They can represent an endless love that can grow equally in the light or the shade or a strong, beautiful soul that, like the succulent plant, finds drops of water in the desert and can store them until the rains come again.Succulents are tough, beautiful, and they always endure.

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