Stork Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Stork Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The stork tattoo has a fascinating history. From being a symbol of fertility to the bringer of babies, it is often seen as a good luck charm that will grant you a happy family life with many children.

Read this blog post for more information on the meaning and symbolism behind the stork tattoo!

Down below, we’ll also discuss the different reasons why people choose a tattoo of a stork and other design ideas should you ever decide to get one yourself!

What does a stork tattoo mean?

Storks are often seen as a harbinger of good news. This is because, in many cultures, they were believed to be bringers of infants and babies.

In Europe, for example, legend has it that storks would leave an infant behind on the roof if it was unable to enter through an open window or chimney in order to deliver its bundle.

They were also depicted as birds who brought joy with their presence by holding up a string attached to two bells that rang out when they flew. 

The birds can also symbolize longevity due to them living upwards of 30 years on average and raising multiple generations over this time period.


The symbolism associated with these creatures has led many individuals into getting a tattoo representing them for various reasons ranging from being born on St. Martin’s day, or to welcome a new line in the family tree.

What does a stork symbolize?

Greek Mythology

According to Greek mythology, the stork is said to be a messenger of Aphrodite.

It’s also linked with fertility and childbirth in ancient Greece, which ties back into their association with love as they often bring new babies into this world.

They are sometimes depicted carrying an infant on their back because of these connections too. 

Christian Religion

The stork is also a mark of power and serves the purpose of protecting its owner from any suffering or bad luck that may be heading their way.


It’s also meant to be a symbol of rebirth, as spring is, and many believe it to be a sign of life changing into something better than previously experienced.

In Christian religion, the stork is believed to be a symbol of purity and represents the innocent, while in other eastern cultures it reminds one of the eternity of life.

European Cultures

In medieval times, there was much confusion among cultures over the meaning of this symbol.

For example, the Dutch and Germans saw it as a sign of fertility and prosperity, while the French viewed it as an omen that they would soon be receiving visitors with news from afar (in other words, someone coming to tell them about some good or bad news).

It’s interesting because, in all cultures, there is still a positive connotation associated with the stork tattoo design.


Asian Cultures

In some asian cultures, such as Japan, there’s an ancient belief that if you dream about seeing one, then your child will be healthy and happy for years to come.

Indeed Japanese folklore states that when people see a single stork, they should pray for success in business, but if they spot two storks, they should pray for good health and long life.

Ancient Roman Folklore

A story that dates back to ancient Roman times tells the tale of an older woman who asks for some wine from her neighbors as she was going into seclusion to pray.

These next-door neighbors were having their own party with lots of food and drink when they heard someone knock on their door so late at night.

It turned out to be an older man who had been praying all day without eating or drinking, asking for help because he didn’t want his wife’s prayers to go unanswered either!


The neighbors had pity for the older man and fed him some wine, upon which he saw a group of storks flying overhead.

The next day when the wife left to pray without eating or drinking, she also saw the same sight in her prayers – a flock of white storks!

It seems as if this party courtesy would allow his wife’s prayer to be answered, just like that other lady who asked for help from her neighbors.

Different Stork Tattoo Designs

  • The first design you can consider is a feminine looking bird design with long flowing hair – this design is more popular under women and symbolizes strength.

    Alternatively, you can opt for a more clean cut look with a stork that has its wings spread up high on one shoulder blade perhaps, and with its head turned towards your heart.

    This design is often combined with red roses to represent love and passion while not wanting to be too apparent in the symbolism. 

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  • One of the most popular stork tattoos is a particular style where they are depicted carrying an infant in their beak and talons.

    This can often be seen as it flies away from its nest with all four limbs held high. The white on their feathers can represent purity or innocence, while red often means courage.

    A black-and-white striped pattern could signify justice or good luck.

  • Another great idea is a more masucline and aggressing tattoo design that includes a stork with sharp talons and its wings spread high on both shoulder blades – this signifies independence, with the addition of new beginnings and bravery.


    If you’d like something more realistic yet not as bold, you can also consider a smaller bird designed from real-life photos, which would trace back to its original meaning of good news and the realisation of things hoped for.


Whether you’re on the verge of starting a family, or are turning a new leaf in your life and would like to solidify it with something permanent, a stork tattoo can be the perfect symbol for the new phase you’re entering in life.

Be sure to make your own stamp on the concept by having a personalized design drawn for you that captures all the meaning you want it to have.

At the end of the day, the stork holds meaning that is of deep emotional value, and whatever design you choose, it will always remind you that no matter what challenges you may have faced in life, there is always a new day to be had, filled with beauty and second chances.

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