14 [Unique] Stegosaurus Tattoo Designs / Ideas For 2022

14 [Unique] Stegosaurus Tattoo Designs / Ideas For 2022

Dinosaur tattoos are popular among a specific group of people. These tattoos, particularly footprint tattoos and skeleton tattoos, are popular among archeology fans.

Some archeologists devote their careers to studying dinosaurs and have a tattoo to commemorate their work and demonstrate their admiration for these magnificent creatures.

Design ideas for stegosaurus tattoos

1. Realistic Stegosaurus Tattoo

Perhaps the most obvious idea comes into mind when designing a stegosaurus tattoo. Their unusual body shape and spikes would make for a striking tattoo that everyone will ask about.

Realistic Stegosaurus Tattoo

2. Cartoon Stegosaurus Tattoo

Throughout the years we have seen many depictions of dinosaurs. Most famously the Jurassic Park franchise, but also the Land Before Time franchise too.

Those who have been marked by the movie and those who find it a cute memory get it up to this day.


3. Skeleton Stegosaurus Tattoo

Another option is to opt for a skeletal or footprint tattoo. These can come across as haunting but also memorializing.

Since the stegosaurus has a pretty unusual skeleton and footprint, this option would make a great tattoo.

Skeleton Stegosaurus Tattoo

4. Aggressive Stegosaurus Tattoo

While this dinosaur wasn’t known for its aggressiveness, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t defend themselves if they were attacked.

They are well known for swinging their large tails to swipe enemies to defend themselves, and with the right tattoo artist, this could make an incredibly eye-catching tattoo.

Aggressive Stegosaurus Tattoo

5. Mythical Stegosaurus Tattoo

Heading back to the mythical theory behind the symbolism of dinosaurs, a mythical-themed tattoo featuring a stegosaurus could be breathtaking.

Again with the right artist and colour combinations, you could design an extremely unique tattoo.

Mythical Stegosaurus Tattoo

6. Cute Stegosaurus Tattoo

If you were a teenager or young adult in the late nineties to early millenium, then it’s very likely you were a part (or a witness) to the “emo” fad.

Dinosaurs in general were a popular tattoo choice for young women because they were cute. 

Cute Stegosaurus Tattoo

7. Herd Stegosaurus Tattoo

Finally, friendship, compadres and family are very important to many people. Having a herd of stegosaurus (or other favourite dinosaurs) would be a great way of showing how much you care for your loved ones.

Herd Stegosaurus Tattoo

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8. Geometric Stegosaurus Tattoo

Geometric tattoos have enormous appeal for the right individual. One of the original sciences, you can see geometry everywhere, from the unfolding of flowers to the faithful orbits of planets.

Geometric patterns were considered spiritual and sacred historically, but in the modern day they also have come to represent an ordered mind, intelligence, redesign… and upgrade.

With an ancient symbol like a Stegosaurus, it can represent a modernization of the primitive, armored beast.

This would be an excellent choice for a computer expert such as a hacker, a programmer, or simply one envisions resurrecting old aspects of their spirit into a powerful new paradigm.

Geometric Stegosaurus Tattoo

9. Small Stegosaurus Tattoo

Small tattoos are fun and chock full of significance. Some people like to wear small tattoos like talismans, drawing luck and power from each chosen symbol, and with their tiny size many of them may be chosen and worn.

Others like the fact that small tattoos are cute! They get the message across while requiring almost no space.

Stegosaurus was an armored herbivore, peaceful but on the defense, and a tattoo like this might be a good choice for a vegetarian or a vegan who is peaceful – unless provoked.

It is also a good dinosaur for a fan of these creatures who has a strong personality but tends to keep peacefully to themselves.

Small Stegosaurus Tattoo

10. Outline Stegosaurus Tattoo

You can tell the power of a symbol by how easily it is recognized and a Stegosaurus outline is instantly recognizable across the world.

One of the most famous of the dinosaurs, Stegosaurus is often depicted fighting off more aggressive dinosaurs who cannot pierce its armor.

This makes a Stegosaurus outline tattoo a good choice for a soul who is strong enough to live their life while ignoring vulgar, outside aspects as they try to intrude.

Aside from the symbology, an outline of a Stegosaurus can also be made to look almost cartoonishly cute, making this one of the best dinosaur tattoos for a fan who doesn’t feel the need to go with a common T-Rex.

Outline Stegosaurus Tattoo

Different meanings for stegosaurus tattoos


For obvious reasons, the most prevalent meaning associated with dinosaur tattoos today is strength.

A stegosaurus makes today’s “large” animals seem like plankton, therefore they might be considered the greatest emblems of animal strength.

It’s so clear that if you want to use this interpretation, you won’t even need to change your design to make people understand what it means.


Similarly, people prefer to use the word “power” with their dinosaur tattoos. However, power differs from strength in that it refers to an individual’s physical prowess rather than their physical and mental strength.

Someone who takes pleasure in being strong, whether physically or professionally, may find this to be the ideal dinosaur tattoo meaning for them.


Dinosaurs have incredibly awesome looking skulls, therefore rather than using an actual dinosaur in their designs, some people may take that way.

Skulls are often associated with death and the tattooed person’s acknowledgment of his or her mortality, but stegosaurus skull tattoos don’t have to have that connotation.


These patterns look great along the length of the forearm or even over the ribcage.


Nobility may be another reason for stegosaurus tattoos being so popular. Since they were generally slower animals, the stegosaurus spent most of its time searching for food.

The nobility’s stature comes in when you compare it to a vicious T-REX who would attack other dinosaurs in search of food.

Compared to the brutish T-REX, the stegosaurus wasn’t feared by its peers and lived in harmony with those around it.


Vegans and vegetarians may also use the stegosaurus as a tattoo design because of the fact it was a herbivore.

An animal that’s natural instinct was to feed on what the earth provided may represent the way they feel about the food chain in this day and age, and the stand they’ve taken to stop eating meat or using animal-based products.

Stegosaurus tattoos don’t necessarily have to “mean” anything. Think back to when you were a child – you had something that consumed your entire mind, right?!

Whether that be Barbie dolls, Transformers, or even finger painting. Some people are naturally drawn towards dinosaurs because they are in awe of them.

They spend their lives researching and finding out as much as they can about a species that lived on earth millions of years before we even existed.

It’s very normal to want a tattoo of something that you’re so enthralled by, and thus may be another reason for wanting a stegosaurus tattoo. Dedication, if you will.


There may be another class of people that would consider a stegosaurus tattoo. Dinosaurs are symbolic descendants of mythological creatures, despite the fact that they are merely another type of animal that lived a long time ago.

Therefore this may mean those that love the mythical idea of creatures like dryads, necromancers, vampires, lycanthropes, or even witches and warlocks.

The simple premise of the unknown draws many people in, perhaps in the search to find out more about mythical lore, or even in hope that these creatures actually existed (even though we have proof about dinosaurs and not the latter).

Finally, another reason why people may choose to have stegosaurus tattoos is simply to represent their age and where they are in their life.

Being a dinosaur is a common way of expressing the antiquity of an object or person. Someone who has admired dinosaurs their entire lives may choose to have a tattoo to represent their old age.

Similarly, an older member of the family may have inherited the nickname “dinosaur” and use that as a chance to have a meaningful tattoo of an age-old creature that everyone knows about.





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