Stay Strong Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Stay Strong Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Choosing words for your tattoo is a fantastic way to give it a clear meaning, but it can also still have plenty of hidden, personal meaning behind the words.

Stay Strong tattoos are one option that has become super popular for their simple but effective message. They’re used as a reminder to keep going and to remain resilient even in the hardest of times.

The words themselves might be simple, but they carry a deep meaning, and the people who choose to have them tattooed put a lot of thought into how they want them to be designed.

It may only be three words but there are so many ways to personalize this tattoo.

From choosing different colors and fonts to selecting other imagery to go alongside the words, you can make this popular tattoo your own.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices for this powerful tattoo design and the symbolism behind it.

What Is the Stay Strong Tattoo?

This tattoo is one that’s easy to explain – the words “stay strong” written in a tattoo. Of course, even a tattoo this simple can be designed in a huge number of ways.


It can be placed in many different positions too. Many people choose to have them on their wrist or their forearm, but there are lots of other choices too.

Symbolism and Meanings

The Stay Strong tattoo might seem pretty self-explanatory but there is a huge amount of meaning and symbolism behind the three words.

The tattoo is all about keeping strength through everything, keeping your spirits up, and remaining strong no matter what comes your way.

This tattoo reminds people to be positive when things are hard. It also encourages people to do their best to deal with their problems, facing them head-on.

The words are also a great way for someone to remember that they can help themselves. They don’t have to rely on other people to help them all the time because they’re capable of personal strength.

There are many reasons people might get this tattoo, but it’s often because they have experienced significant personal struggles.


They might have mental health issues that they have had difficulty with or they might have gone through tough personal times, such as bereavement, financial struggles, or illness.

It’s a tattoo that can speak to a lot of people. Most people have gone through some tough times and struggled to deal with certain matters in their life.

So while these three words might be simple, they can say so many things and in lots of different ways.

Colors and Fonts

When it comes to different designs for a Stay Strong tattoo, two things that can easily be played with are color and font. If you have a tattoo with text, these two things can be done in lots of different ways.

A lot of people opt for a cursive type of font. There could be multiple reasons for this, apart from it looking good. The sweeping letters create a sense of continuity while lending a softness to the words too.


The two S letters at the beginning of each word and the Y and G at the end make a cursive style font look great too. These letters mirror each other to give emphasis to the phrase as a whole.

Black is obviously the classic choice when it comes to color, and that’s what many people choose for their Stay Strong tattoo.

But there are other color options that you might want to explore for your tattoo. Bright and bold colors like blue, purple, red, or even green could bring your tattoo to life.

A watercolor effect can be seen on a lot of these tattoos, highlighting the simplicity of the words.

Ideas for a Unique and Meaningful Design

Apart from colors and fonts, there are so many other ways to make a Stay Strong tattoo unique and meaningful.

The first thing to think about might be the placement of the tattoo.

As previously mentioned, the wrist or forearm is a popular place to have this phrase tattooed. Some people also have one word on one wrist and the other word on the opposite wrist.

Other options might include the shoulder, calf, collarbone, or even on the hand or finger.

Something that many people choose to do is add other motifs and images to the words. While Stay Strong is very meaningful on its own, you can personalize it further by adding extra elements to the design.


There are a few design elements you can often see included with this tattoo. Some of the motifs you might see multiple times include feathers, anchors, hearts, and birds.

For example, Demi Lovato has a little heart with their Stay Strong tattoos. Hearts represent love and care, so they’re amazing for reminding yourself to love and care for yourself.

Motifs to go along with this tattoo could really be anything, but anything that could be associated with strength, freedom, or remaining steady can be good choices.

An anchor is a popular choice because it evokes thoughts of staying grounded when the seas get rough.

Birds are also a brilliant motif to go along with this tattoo because they’re linked to freedom, control, and strength. A feather can have a similar meaning and add a lovely element to the design.

It’s also possible to combine Stay Strong with other popular tattoo designs related to mental health and getting through difficult times.


For example, some people have combined it with the semicolon design, which is used to express that you have experienced hard things but have chosen to keep going.

Including religious symbolism is another possibility. A Christian cross could accompany the words or might even replace one of the Ts.

If your faith is something that’s extremely meaningful to you, it should be included in your tattoo.

Stay Strong tattoos might seem simple at first but they can actually have a huge amount of meaning behind them. By creating your own design, you can make a tattoo that’s special to you.

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