Starfish Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Starfish Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

A starfish tattoo really is fascinating, due to the unique and wonderful nature of the sea creature that they are depicting.

This kind of tattoo is something that is appealing, not only to look at, but because it is a tattoo design that holds some symbolic meanings. 

A starfish tattoo is one that is suitable for all, meaning that any gender can choose it and it can suit them.

With the varied designs of this kind of marking, there will be a way to express what you want with the tattoo, as well as find something that represents the starfish meaning that you want.

With this kind of tattoo design, many think that it needs to be small, but it can look good any size, and have it tattooed on nearly any part of your body. 

Origin of the starfish tattoo

As is true with the majority of sea or nautical tattoo symbols, the starfish tattoo is one that came from sailors.

Back in the day, sailors would draw the sea creatures that they would see on their travels both on their sailing boats, and on themselves.


Naturally, for those people who weren’t able to travel, they would see these images when the sailors returned, and then look to replicate the markings.

As the design is one that appeals to many, it wasn’t long before this design spread all around the world.

Connection to Christianity

The starfish is a completely unique design, but it does also stem from other cultures, not just from sailors.

This could be another reason why it is such a popular choice, other than people just liking what they see.


For example, did you know that in the Christian faith, the starfish is another symbol of Mary, the mother of Jesus?

One of the reasons why this is the case, is because Christian sailors thought that the star of the sea helps them to travel safely at sea, and helps them when things get tough, much like the Virgin Mary. 

Roman mythology

As well as Christianity, the starfish is also present in Roman mythology. In this case, it represents the god of love, Venus.

For any ancient Romans, having this marking was something unique and inspiring, and it was a symbol that adorned their temples and their bodies, showing a commitment to the goddess herself. 

Ancient Egypt

For a connection that predates sailors or Christianity, the starfish was also a symbol in ancient Egypt, which represented Isis, the mother goddess.


For those that were slaves, Isis was considered their mother, and as a result, they would use starfish to ask for help when they were in need. 

What do starfish tattoos mean?

As is clear with the origins and symbolism of the starfish tattoo, the symbol represents hope, and acts as a symbol of change when going through hard times.

It is a really positive symbol, which is why it is a popular choice for a tattoo.

Much like a starfish can regrow its own limbs, having the starfish tattoo on your body means that you can change or overcome the hard things that life has thrown your way.


Not only can it mean change, but much like the Romans, it can represent love. In the form of a tattoo, you could use the starfish tattoo to show love for someone special in your life or show love for something else in your life.

Other meanings of the tattoo can be healing, vigilance, salvation, and intuition. Of course, with any body marking, what it means to you could be deeply personal from an experience in life you have had.

Design ideas and variations

Did you know that there are nearly two thousand different species of starfish?

As a result, it means there are plenty of design ideas to choose from; your starfish tattoo can look completely different to anyone else’s.

Through the natural design and colors of starfish, you can create a truly breathtaking tattoo design. 

One of the most common starfish tattoo designs is one simple starfish, detailed with the features of the underwater creature.


Many people choose to have this tattoo in color, making it look realistic, as well as bright and dramatic.

Though depending on the look that you are going for, and the other tattoos that you have, if any, you may choose more subtle hues, or black and white, for a stylish design. 

Other designs could include the starfish in its ‘natural habitat’ featured with dolphins, fish, sharks, mermaids, seahorses, ocean plant life, and other connections to the ocean.

As well as having symbolism and meaning, it can represent a love of the ocean, perhaps for surfers or those that have grown up near the sea.

There are so many options with this kind of tattoo design. Working with your tattoo artist, you will be able to bring your ideas to life, so that your tattoo represents exactly what you want it to.

Elegant design, suitable for all

Getting a starfish tattoo can be such an elegant design, and a great body marking to have; it is easy to see why it is a popular choice.

For many, they can also hold a great deal of symbolism and meaning, making it suitable for all. As well as that, it can look beautiful on all areas of the body.


For a tattoo that represents love, hope, change, or faith, then it could be the tattoo design you are looking for. 

In conclusion

If you have ever thought about getting a starfish tattoo, then what does it mean to you?

By finding out the ancient origins of the starfish tattoo, as well as the different meanings and symbolism that it holds for different groups of people, you can decide if this is the tattoo design for you

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