Stag Beetle Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Stag Beetle Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

When it comes to tattoos, you may be considering something with strong characteristics and a great deal of meaning. You might decide that a lion, an eagle, or even a person you admire is a good choice. However, you may be overlooking an insect which has been an emblem for centuries and holds a lot of meaning. The stag beetle has been used as a symbol in trinkets, jewelry, and other decorations. The stag beetle tattoo is a strong image with a lot of meaning. 

This post will discuss the stag beetle and its role on the planet. We’ll also talk about the symbolic meaning behind the stag beetle tattoo and what it might say for the people who have it. There are multiple choices for a stag beetle tattoo, so learning more about the stag beetle and its various variations can assist us in determining the symbolic meaning behind the tattoo. We hope that by the end of this article, you will be much more familiar with the stag beetle tattoo as well as what it means.


What is the History of Stag Beetle Tattoos? 

Prior to the times of ancient Egypt and their use of the stag beetle image, primitive humans have created pendants and tools that resembled the outline of a beetle. They not only represented certain characteristics, but they were also a source of food during difficult times. Because they spend so much of their time flying through the skies, early shamans and medicine men saw the beetle as an emblem of a higher power.


What Do Stag Beetle Tattoos Symbolize? 

The stag beetle was the notorious transformation of a musician in Greek mythology. Stag beetle tattoos date back to Egyptian history, when people believed that stag beetles belonged to God because they rolled dung across the Earth. Because they represent creation and rebirth, these stag beetles have become sacred symbols. 

Similarly, what do beetles indicate? Stag beetle symbolism can take on a variety of meanings. It can represent rebirth, renewal, the sun, and life, but it can also represent the devil’s symbol, death, and other omens.

What Do Stag Beetle Tattoos Mean? 

The current interpretation of tattoo symbolism explains that the design of a stag beetle tattoo represents the transformation of a musician. It’s possible that this could mean a member of the band striking out on their own, turning their backs on a particular way of life, or even switching up their musical aesthetic. 


Where Do Stag Beetle Tattoos Usually Go? 

People who want to have a tattoo of a stag beetle often get it in a variety of places on their bodies, which are common tattoo destinations. If you want to show off your tattoo, consider a location on your arm, wrist, or hand instead of another part of your body. If you want to conceal your tattoo of a stag beetle, the top of your back, your thigh, or your foot are all good places to put it. A stag beetle tattoo can be as large or as small as you’d like, so there truly is no place it can’t go on your body.

Characteristics and Styles of Stag Beetle Tattoos 

A stag beetle tattoo can be done in a variety of styles, some of the most common ones being black and grey, hyperrealism, and, more recently, watercolor. Even while a bold stag beetle tattoo done in black and gray is still the most popular option, fresh takes on this classic design are constantly emerging. Let’s go deeper into this topic to find out more about the different types of stag beetles you have available to choose from. 


Fine Line Black and Gray 

When it comes to tattoo styles, fine line, black and gray stag beetle tattoos have an extremely delicate appearance. In addition, many who are interested in getting their first tattoos have contributed to the rise in popularity of the fine line tattoo due to the fact that it is simpler to conceal. Despite this, some people choose to have fine line tattoos because they are simply incredibly appealing to the eye. 


Realistic tattoos are the hallmark of the hyperrealism tattoo style, which is precisely what it sounds like. These tattoos have a lifelike appearance and can be done in color or in black and gray as well. When you want your tattoo to seem exactly like its real life equivalent, stag beetle realism tattoos are the appropriate tattoo choice for you to do. 


The watercolor tattoo style has recently seen a surge in popularity, particularly among women. This trend coincides with the growing number of women who choose to have art permanently embedded in their flesh. Stag beetle watercolor tattoos have an appearance that is both delicate and stunningly gorgeous. The colors seem to glide over the skin with little to no outlines at all. 

New School 

The new school tattoo style was originally created as a way for tattoo artists to experiment with bolder outlines, more vibrant colors, and cartoon-like images. This style is heavily influenced by aspects of the old school, also known as the American traditional, tattoo style. When done in the new school tattoo style, stag beetle tattoos will have bold line work and huge motifs to produce a cool insect that has the potential to really stand out. 


Micro-tattoos are the smallest of tattoos, but they are distinctively difficult enough to warrant their own category. Stag beetle micro-tattoos can be as detailed or as simple as you like and can be placed almost anywhere on the body. A good tattoo artist, on the other hand, may advise you against getting it on your fingers or lips. 


Neo-Traditional tattoos, as their name suggests, draw a significant amount of inspiration from the Traditional tattooing style. However, neo-traditional stag beetle tattoos will have a modern twist. These tattoos will have finer lines mixed with bolder, more nontraditional colors, and more true-to-life illustrated qualities than traditional stag beetle tattoos. This will result in tattoos that have the feel of a traditional tattoo while also having a hint of innovation. 

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