Space Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Space Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Space is a wonder and a very attractive idea to those interested in various topics like science, space itself, discovery, etc., so it’s no wonder a lot of people are interested in it.  Space itself has so many different facets that comprise it, such as the various planets.  Space images and references have been tattooed on people for decades out of curiosity and support.

The idea of space brings a lot of different things to a lot of people, depending on their interests, hobbies, etc.  Tattoos that have to do with space can vary just as people’s interests do regarding space.  For example, people can get “NASA” logos printed on them, stars, moons, planets, or even entire galaxies for various reasons. 

Have you been considering getting a space tattoo, know someone who has a tattoo that references space in some way or just find yourself interested in the topic of space tattoos?  This article will briefly explain the history of space and space tattoos, the different meanings space and tattoos revolving around space might carry and different designs of space tattoos.

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What Is The History Of Space Tattoos? 

Humans have been attempting to venture into space since October 4 1957 during the Cold War when the USSR launched Sputnik, the first satellite to orbit the Earth.  However, the first galaxies were said to be identified by a 17th century French astronomer by the name of Charles Messier.

Outer space has always remained an enigma to even the most ancient human cultures, so it’s no wonder people get space references of varying kinds tattooed onto their bodies.  The mystery of what lies beyond what we can see and what’s “up there” has been the source of wonder, curiosity and inspiration for many children and adults alike for centuries.  

In 1659 Robert Boyle and Robert Hooke discovered the space vacuum and came up with the hypothesis that space likely lacked an atmosphere and was not able to be traveled through.  Even before these times in ancient Greek cultures, astronomy was considered to be a branch of mathematics.

Even ancient Babylonians used outer space to develop an entire system which they referred to as the zodiac and is still used today by modern people to interpret themselves and other people’s personalities.  The zodiac first emerged approximately 2400 years ago and later became popular in ancient Egypt.

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What Do Space Tattoos Symbolize?

Space tattoos can symbolize many things, such as the strength of the human species (imagine being the only known species to travel to space!), exploration (the majority of space has yet to be discovered), mathematical sciences (space in ancient times was used in tandem with geometry and physics), and even love (ideas such as star-crossed lovers). 

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What Do Space Tattoos Mean?

Due to the vastness and enormity of space and all the different hobbies, professions, ideas and beliefs that revolve around it, there can be many different ways to reference space with a tattoo and therefore there can be many different meanings behind the tattoos themselves.  Space tattoos also usually hold similar underlying themes and ideas. 

Generally, space tattoos point toward the idea of exploration, discovery, wonder, conquering the impossible, overcoming fear and even introspection.  When we consider this idea- it makes sense as there’s so much left of space for us to explore and understand. It can also be inspiring to think about all the possibilities both in space and within ourselves. 

Space tattoos can also mean respect and professionalism, depending on their designs.  For example, those with NASA themed tattoos or tattoos that show space and simultaneously reference physics or science can serve as a way to pay respect to those who are in the profession of space exploration or science.  

These kinds of tattoos can also represent love and loyalty, or even a memory of someone.  Sometimes as an act of love, people name stars after their loved ones.  Tattooing stars and space and referencing a particular person can serve as a way to pay respect to someone you care for and also keep their memory alive if they have passed. 

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Characteristics And Styles Of Space Tattoos

There are numerous kinds of space tattoos ranging from referencing space professions, planetary bodies, and galaxies.  For example, people sometimes get the NASA logo tattooed onto themselves to show support to NASA and all its employees, or sometimes the person being tattooed works for NASA themselves.  

Other styles of space tattoos include tattooing a night sky that shows stars scattered across space, and including their loved ones name in elegant writing between the stars to represent their love and dedication to that person.  Tattoos can also include images of the entire galaxy with a satellite floating around in orbit, which may signify human advancement.  

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Where Do Space Tattoos Usually Go?

Tattoos of space can usually go anywhere on someone’s body and look great- it just depends on the tattoo.  Small references to space such as little stars or a single small moon or planet may go on the side of the neck next to the back of the wearer’s ear.  Entire galaxies or ancient sketches of outer space may go on the upper thigh or back.

Other locations that may be good for tattoos regarding space can be the bicep area.  If those interested in getting a tattoo want their ink to “pop” and represent a real life image of the galaxy, they may choose to locate their tattoo on a portion of their body large enough to display the swirling hypnotizing colors of the galaxy along with other space references.

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Although space has a lot of various meanings to different people, these meanings can be conveyed in such creative ways because of how beautiful and large space really is.  As a matter of fact, space is said to be continuously expanding by the millisecond.  There are lots of beautiful ways to pay tribute to space and even blend that idea with others you believe in.

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