Snowdrop Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Snowdrop Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Floral tattoos will always be aesthetically pleasing and meaningful tattoos. Whether you’d like a more trendy look or a vintage feel, flowers from all species, periods of popularity, and symbolism can be tattooed and customized to your individual liking. 

There is a multitude of floral tattoos to choose from; none of whom are nearly as hopeful in essence as the snowdrop flower. 

The snowdrop flower has thus, been a symbol for many gentle yet solace feelings depending on the perspective of the individual and the story being told. 


What is the History of Snowdrop Tattoos?

Historial Symolizim of The Snowdrop Flower:

Snowdrop flowers have been known to bloom at the end of winter and the very beginning of spring. Ironic in a sense, considering this dainty flower of which looks like a little characterized snowdrop is more so a sign of spring arriving! 

It is for these reasons that this flower would become a symbol of the new fruitful and lively season coming into fruition. 

The technical term for a snowdrop flower is Galanthus Nivalis. The word Galanthus means/translates to the Greek word for “milk”; describing the light, soft white color of the flower. Nivalis means “snow-like” in Greek, detailing the resemblance between the flower and a snowdrop seamlessly. 

White flowers on their own can symbolize death because they are both a symbol of the beginning and end of a cycle. The snowdrop can symbolize the mark of a catalyst event to which is either the beginning or end of a period in one’s life.

The beginning of your journey as a new woman or the end of your life as an individual who let people walk all over you. As a tattoo, the snowdrop tattoo can mean what you’d like it to mean for you.


What Do Snowdrops Symbolize?

Snowdrops today have a tendency to symbolize an essence of solace in some respects. At times, sympathy for those who are struggling and in need of understanding through tough times.

Biblical Significance/Symbolism: 

So why is it that such a beautiful and delicate flower could be associated with solace and despair? Its cultural significance dates back to one of its more well-known literary illustrations in the bible. In the bible, it was in the Garden of Eden that the snowdrop flower would be mentioned. 

In the bible, Eve cries after God exiles her from the Garden of Eden for her sins. There, she is seen crying by an angel; the angel sympathizes with her and tries to comfort her as best as they can. 

The angel then lifted a snowflake up, launching it into the sky of the earth where it broke into millions of pieces; in a multitude of tiny snowflakes all over the earth in an attempt to, at the very least, make Eve feel a little bit better. 

This flower’s biblical significance became renowned: the gorgeous heavenly garden of Eden to which the first woman was banished from, only to have snowflakes gifted to the earth in hopes that she would smile once more. 


History and Tradition: 

However, historically speaking, snowdrops have symbolized gentle purity and innocence. This can be said for a vast majority of white flowers; all of whom are typically symbolic of innocence and youth. 

Traditionally, it means/symbolizes the finalization of one overcoming an obstacle or challenge in their life. The transition between winter and spring has always been referred to as the rebirth and renewal of life. This flower symbolizes this as it blossoms once again precisely once springtime has arrived. 

To offer someone a snowdrop flower would imply the individual you are giving the snowdrop flower to in the process of or managing to get through a struggle or negative experience/event that has occurred within their life. 

Lastly, this tattoo is the tattoo associated with the month of January. Someone born in january can get this tattoo to show off their birthday month the same way someone might get their birthstone tattoo or purchase, or their astrological sign imprinted. 

This does not require any sort of spiritual connection to the symbol, merely, an aspect of who you are based on a tradition that is well known. 


What Do Snowdrop Tattoos Mean?

Snowdrop tattoos are tattoos of the flowers that are first the blossom/bloom after winter and just before the spring season. 

This is why they symbolize:

  • Hope
  • Resilience 
  • Purity
  • Despair

Snowdrop tattoos can also mean:

  • Sadness
  • Solace
  • Sympathy
  • Innocence 

Lastly, Tattoos can mean the following based on their common characteristics: 

  • End of cycles 
  • Overcoming struggles 
  • New beginnings 
  • Rebirth
  • Growth

Where Do Snowdrop Tattoos Usually Go?

Though there is not a specific place in which you should place a snowdrop tattoo. With that being said, the most common placements for a snowdrop tattoo are:

  • The ankle
  • Behind the ankle
  • The calf
  • The forearm (inner)

There is no particular reason for why these tattoos tend to be placed in these areas, but they do look fantastic when done so. There’s something so simple and proper about the lower leg tattoos; they are present, but not bold or unprofessional. The same can be said for inner forearm tattoos. 


Characteristics and Styles of Snowdrop Tattoos

Characteristics of Snowdrop Tattoos:

The characteristics of the snowdrop tattoo are typically dainty and thin. If not, this is likely because of the addition of leaves and stems; which adds to the size/appearance of the flower. 

Styles of Snowdrop Tattoos:

Some snowdrop tattoos can be depicted in color, with green stems and subtly pink outer petals. It is more popular to design colored snowdrop tattoos in a watercolor style. This is because of the overall appearance and meaning behind the snowdrop tattoo; dainty, light, pure, gentle, hope, etc,. 

Other snowdrop tattoos can be stylized in black and white. Minimalistic outlines are more popular, especially on the lower leg. Bolder, and more detailed designs can also be done in black and look fantastic. 


Overall, the snowdrop tattoo is a beautiful, gentle, and aesthetically pleasing commonly minimalistic tattoo that can be worn by anyone! It symbolizes concepts of purity, sympathy and hope, in both its history and its aesthetics/appearance. 


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