Snow White Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Snow White Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Around the world, just about everyone knows the tale of Snow White, whose innocence and beauty lead to the jealousy of an evil queen and resulted in Snow White’s rise and of her finally finding her own prince.

In today’s article we’re going to talk about Snow White tattoos, their symbolism, meaning and more, to give you an idea of her appearance in skin art and the reasons why she has become such a popular choice. This classic story has it all and it’s not surprising that it’s so beloved wherever you go!


What is the History of Snow White Tattoos?

The original Snow White story was published by the Brother’s Grimm in 1812 under the title ‘Sneewitchen’, and it was an instant fairy tale classic. In the tale, as we all know, the Evil Queen is feeling vain and asks here magic mirror who is the fairest in the land, expecting the enchanted glass to say ‘you, of course’.

Unfortunately for the Queen, the mirror tells her that it’s Snow White, and the trouble begins. As the evil witch gets Snow White to bite a poisoned apple, sending her into a deep sleep. The 7 dwarves she lives with place her in a glass coffin, and eventually she is awakened by the kiss of the Prince who finds her.

After that, the tales ending depends on whether it’s Grimm’s version or the Disney one. In Disney’s family-friendly version, the evil Queen is simply discovered and her plan is foiled, while Grimms goes a little darker – the Prince and Snow White invite the queen to a gathering and use a spell of their own, forcing her to dance to death!


What Do Snow White Tattoos Symbolize?

Snow White is a figure of beauty and innocence and overall, a very good person. Before meeting the Prince, she spends her time with the 7 dwarves and she is kind to everyone that she meets. Even the animals in Nature all love her and it seems the only person that doesn’t like her is the evil old Queen.

The tattoos thus most often symbolize a simple beauty that doesn’t bring ego or nastiness into the equation. Much like her namesake, Snow White is pure as the driven snow. This is a symbolism that is flexible, of course, as there’s nothing in art that you can’t change and make into your own.

Depending on your intent in the design, Snow White could be about beauty and innocence, or she might even be about these things along with the drive and the ‘follow-through’ attitude that it takes for revenge.

Simply put, your Snow White might represent a lady that is nice, but remembers slights and pays them back with interest! It’s definitely a fun and classic fairy-tale icon that you can put your own spin on with a little patient forethought!


What Do Snow White Tattoos Mean?

What Snow White tattoos mean is something only their owner will truly know, but generally they project the same traits as Snow White and her image serves to tell the world that the owner of the tattoo has or respects these traits.

That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, of course, as some choose to wear Snow White tattoos because they are fans of the classic Grimm’s fairy tales or because they just happen to love Disney and the story means a lot to them

Nostalgia aside, some may simply like selecting Snow White because of the recognition and because of the classic beauty and innocence that she portrays, making it a simply choice of aesthetics. Think about what you want your tattoo to express and then the design should come easily. Don’t rush things – just take your time and see what happens!


Where Do Snow White Tattoos Usually Go?

Snow White tattoos can be placed anywhere that you like, and public and private spots on the skin seem to occur at the same frequency. Some people feel that the image is an intimate sharing of their personality, and so Snow White might reside on the hip or perhaps on the ankle.

For others, Snow White has no business being hidden, and so she’s on the outer arm, perhaps as high as the shoulder or maybe a little lower. As a back piece option, she’ll be hidden a lot of the time, but you really have a lot of space to work with towards making an excellent, colorful design.

Start with the basics of what you want in your image and then ask your artist where it might look best. The really good skin art artists can take the contours of your body and make sure that the design is a perfect fit for your unique shape.

It can make a world of difference, so it’s well-worth the investment off your time.


Characteristics and Styles of Snow White Tattoos

Snow White tattoos are almost always cone in color, as most of us think of the classic Disney rendition when we think of her. This can have an effect on the selected styles, but it doesn’t have to.

For instance, you could make an anime version of her or use classic Japanese style and she’ll still be recognizable, while you get the fun factor of the anime or the graceful lines of the Japanese classical interpretation.

You could even go photorealistic and cast your own face with Snow Whites classic garb and features – it’s all up to you, but you’ve definitely got a wide array of choices at your disposal for making Snow White completely yours and yours alone.


Some final words on Snow White tattoos

With worldwide recognition and a tale that definitely stirs and holds the heart, Snow White is a great and very thoughtful choice that invokes emotions and nostalgia in one fell swoop.

It’s no surprise that Snow White tattoos have started appearing, really, and the challenge for you will be personalizing your very own Snow White tattoo. If this tale is a favorite of yours, then this particular tattoo choice might just be one that you’ve been looking for and who knows?

Maybe it will help you to find your own prince (or princess) if you haven’t just yet!

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