Snoopy Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Snoopy Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs defines snoopy as characterized by meddlesome curiosity, prying. Most would know him as the beloved pet Beagle of Charlie Brown in the Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy’s popularity even surpasses his owner Charlie Brown making him a popular tattoo choice. 

Snoopy has had many personas over the years, connecting him with a wide range of people. Snoopy tattoos can represent childhood or even mental health and the struggles associated with it. For pet lovers, they represent the connection they have with their pets.  

In this post, we will look at the history of Snoopy himself, some of the meanings of the tattoos, locations for the tattoos, style for the tattoos, some popular tattoos, and a fun fact. Let’s dive in!


History of Snoopy Tattoos

Snoopy was introduced in The Peanuts comic strip on October 4, 1950, just two days after the first Peanuts strip. He was created by Charles M. Schulz and is an anthropomorphism meaning having the attribution to human traits. He has an active imagination and can even be lazy.

Snoopy was originally adopted. He was rescued by Lila from the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm. She lived in an apartment and could not keep him as a pet. He was returned and purchased by Charlie Brown. He lives in a red dog house and has a bird named Woodstock as a best friend.

Snoopy is loyal, imaginative, and fun-loving. He has had many jobs, adventures, and personas over the years. He has fought the Red Baron as a pilot, has been a world leader, and even a college student under the pseudonym Joe Cool. This makes him a popular choice for a tattoo. 


What Do Snoopy Tattoos Mean?

The Peanuts comic strip, in general, can have a connection to dealing with mental health and its issues. Tattoos of Snoopy can have the same meaning. Snoopy is often portrayed as brave and not having any limitations. This can remind and inspire people with struggles to live the same way.

In others, Snoopy can serve as a reminder of childhood and the joys they have experienced and took for granted growing up.  When depicted with his friend or his companion Woodstock, they can be used to portray the friendship and connections people have had and lost over the years. 

Snoopy is a popular tattoo for dog lovers and pet owners. He was inspired by Charles Schultz’s real-life pet dog, Spike, from his childhood.

A Snoopy tattoo can be a reminder and inspiration to the pet owners and portray the love and bond they have shared with their pets through the years. 


Characteristics and styles of Snoopy tattoo

The characteristics and styles of a Snoopy tattoo can be as varied and diverse as the tattoo artist or person getting the tattoo. They can range from a simple, small black and white Snoopy to large, elaborate full-color designs that can include Charlie Brown, Woodstock, or the Peanuts. 

As with Snoopy’s many personalities, there is a style that everyone will connect with and love as a tattoo. He can be depicted in traditional style, blackwork, illustrative, beautiful watercolor, and even push the limits of 3D tattooing. There are no restrictions to the character and style used. 

I decided to add a few examples of tattoos that show the wide range of variety and diversity of tattoos. Next Luxury has a Youtube video showing the many different examples and styles tattoos can portray. Here is a neat animation made from different versions of the dancing tattoo. 


Popular Snoopy tattoos

Snoopy has been a popular tattoo for decades. The most popular ones are of one of his many character references. Fighting the Red Baron as a pilot, and Joe Cool is high on the list of depictions. He can also be a vampire, a musician, a Samurai, or even riding on a motorcycle. 

When not depicted as a character, you will find him lying on the top of his doghouse, facing the sky, and contemplating life in general. A simple dancing Snoopy tattoo is a good way to show his party side as well as yours. He is also often accompanied by a heart to show love to others. 

Snoopy is also a key figure in Peanuts’ related group tattoos. He’s shown with his owner Charlie Brown facing the water or sunset, or with Woodstock depicting their friendship. The dancing version is a popular depiction in a Christmas or group setting with the rest of the Peanuts gang.    


Where do Snoopy tattoos go?

Snoopy has been tattooed on almost every part of a person you can think of. He has been a  fighter pilot battling the Red Baron as a large back-piece. He can be a simple outline on a wrist, ankle, or foot. The size and scope of a Snoopy tattoo are only limited by your imagination. 

The most popular locations for a Snoopy tattoo continue to be on the wrist, upper arm, ankle, or shoulder blade. The calf, forearm, and thigh are larger spots that offer more space and room for Snoopy and his companion, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang.   

Snoopy tattoo on the big screen

Snoopy tattoos have made it to Hollywood. One has a cameo in the movie Rush Hour 2 starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Roselyn Sanchez. Jackie Chan portrays Cheif Inspector Lee, partnered with LAPD Detective James Carter, played by Chris Tucker investigating two murders.   

While doing surveillance on Isabella, portrayed by Roselyn Sanchez Carter, James sees her undressing and notices a tattoo. When he informs Lee of the tattoo he responds he would like to see, “I like Snoopy!” Carter responds, “I like Snoopy, too!” and continues the surveillance himself.  



Snoopy has had many different personas over the years, elevating him in popularity even beyond his owner, Charlie Brown. Tattoos of Snoopy can represent battles with mental illness, be a tribute to family pets, or be a reminder of the innocence of their childhood. Happy tattooing.

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