Snapdragon Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Snapdragon Tattoos: Symbolism, Meanings, and More

Floral tattoos have a plethora of different meanings and symbolism associated with them. Traditional floral tattoo designs are as varied in style as in meaning; in ancient cultures, flowers meant love, while today they mean much, much more.

The snapdragon tattoo is unique, powerful, and rather uncommon. In this article we will discuss in greater detail the history of the Snapdragon tattoo, it’s symbolism and meaning, where a Snapdragon tattoo is usually placed and common characteristics and styles of this popular flower tattoo.

What is the History of Snapdragon Tattoos?

Traditional tattooing practises consisted mostly of tribal designs, but flowers and animals were incorporated in many of the designs.

Traditionally, the tattoos helped establish a sense of identity, and the tattoo would use plants and animals local to the area where you were from, as a way of identifying what area you lived in and what people you belonged to.


The history of the snapdragon

There are more than 40 different varieties of snapdragon plants all over the world. Originally, these flowers grew in southern Spain, North Africa, and America. The Romans then spread these beautiful flowers throughout much of Europe.

Their scientific name is Antirrhinums, which is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘nose-like’. The common English name snapdragon comes from the appearance of the bloom when it is squeezed, which looks just like a dragon’s head!

The deep meaning associated with these flowers and floral tattoos containing snapdragons comes from their ability to grow in between rocks and other typically uninhabitable areas.

What Do Snapdragons Symbolise?

Snapdragons represent several different ideas. First and foremost, snapdragons are associated with the feminine, both feminine strength and feminine beauty.

The other main symbolisms associated with them are strength, grace, and deception.


The strength is related to the flower’s ability to grow and thrive in places that are not seen as able to bear flowers, like between rocks and bad soil.

The grace that snapdragons sometimes represents is a grace under pressure, or the idea of internal strength needed to overcome challenging situations.

Snapdragons were believed to be an effective charm against falsehood. Women in Victorian times would also weave them in their hair to tell men that they were not interested in any attention from them, giving birth to the idea that snapdragons meant deception and denial.

In the Victorian language of flowers, it was thought that concealing a snapdragon on your person would make you highly fascinating and charming, but also highly dangerous, furthering the idea that snapdragons represent deviousness.

Snapdragons were also thought in various folklores to ward off evil. In Germany, they were hung over a baby’s cot to protect the baby from evil spirits, These flowers were planted near the castle gates in medieval Europe, as guardians who would make sure that no harm befell the occupants living there.


Different colour meanings of snapdragons

Snapdragons come in a variety of colours and each colour means something as well:

  • Red– a red snapdragon connotes love and passion
  • Purple– snapdragons of this colour represent spirituality
  • White– this colour snapdragon symbolises purity, innocence, and grace
  • Yellow– a yellow snapdragon means happiness, positivity, and good luck.
  • Orange– an orange snapdragon represents passion and positive energy. You can give it to anyone, especially if you want to send positive energy their way.

What Do Snapdragon Tattoos Mean?

A snapdragon tattoo can represent so many different things, as tattoos are a personal choice, chosen by the wearer. Usually though, the person getting a tattoo chooses an image or images that have a deep personal meaning to them. A snapdragon tattoo usually represents a gracious woman, strong and deviousness.

Snapdragon tattoos first and foremost represent femininity and just like their flower counterparts retain their symbolism. So, a snapdragon tattoo could represent inner strength, overcoming obstacles and immense personal power. It could also indicate that that the wearer is highly attractive but also dangerous and people need to show them respect.  

For some they might choose a snapdragon as a protective sigil and bearer of good fortune and luck, as snapdragons have been used in the past to ward off evil and used as charms and protection against falsehoods.

If you are looking for a beautiful floral tattoo that represents inner strength and grace, but is a bit different and not widely used, a snapdragon tattoo is a great choice.


Where Do Snapdragon Tattoos Usually Go?

Snapdragon tattoos can be placed wherever you would like it to be placed. Your tattoo artist is a great person to ask if you are unsure where you would like it.

The most common places are places where most floral tattoos are usually placed. These are:

  • Forearm
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Hip/leg
  • Wrist
  • Ankle

Some things to remember when choosing your tattoo placement is what will happen as you age, how big the tattoo is going to be vs. the spot you have chosen to put the tattoo, and if it can be covered easily for work.


Characteristics And Styles of Snapdragon Tattoos

Traditionally, floral tattoos come in many different flavours. It’s very much down to personal preference combined with the tattoo artist you choose. Some tattoo artists are renowned for their delicate line work, others for their colour work or black and white style. Below are several different styles that work with snapdragon tattoos:

Traditionally, tattoos are done in black ink, but modern tattoos add rich and bold colours to make interesting and beautiful pieces.

Floral tattoos look good in larger pieces which commonly include animals, quotes, geometric designs, and skulls, and as a snapdragon is a flower then it would look great with any or all of the above included in the tattoo design.


Floral tattoos have a rich and complex history. Snapdragon flower tattoos are unique and beautiful, with deep meaning behind them, just like the flower itself. Snapdragon tattoos represent inner feminine strength, grace under pressure, good luck, protection from evil and act as a charm against deceit and falsehood.


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