Shin Chan Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Shin Chan Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

You may have observed adorable, funny-looking cartoon tattoos on somebody plenty of times but might not have guessed what those tattoos were. Chances are, you saw Shin Chan tattoos. 

Shin Chan tattoos are tattoos of the main character of the same name from the Crayon Shin Chan manga series. They come in many different designs and sizes and are worn by individuals to represent friendship, love, and a lively and carefree attitude.

Find out more about their history and interpretations and get to know more about their design characteristics. Happy reading!

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What is the History and Background of Shin Chan Tattoos?

The history and origin of these tattoos are quite interesting. These tattoos feature the comic character Shin Chan from the Japanese manga series “Crayon Shin Chan.” Crayon Shin Chan was first introduced by manga artist Yoshito Usui in Weekly Manga Action, a weekly Japanese magazine in 1990. 

The principal theme and genre of the comic is comedy and it conveys various ideas and lessons in life using comedic experiences in the main character’s daily life. 

Due to Usui’s sudden death in 2009, the comic’s original form could not be continued and Usui’s colleagues started a new manga called “New Crayon Shin Chan” in 2010. The comic has also been adapted into an animated television series (anime) featuring hundreds of episodes. Dubbed versions of the anime are also aired in different countries in several languages. 

Shin Chan tattoos depicting various scenes and dialogues from the comic became quite popular with fans during the 2000s and are some of the most sought-after cartoon and anime designs today.

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What Do Shin Chan Tattoos Symbolize?

Shin Chan tattoos mean different things to different people. There are hundreds of Shin Chan designs you can get, with each one a drawing of a different character or scene from the comic. Each unique design has a different meaning associated and gives a sense of identity and personality to the person wearing it.  

These tattoos can be simple depictions of funny scenes from the comic with no special meaning behind them or may convey deeper meanings, ideas, and messages about life in general and the person wearing them. Here, we’ve listed down some popular interpretations and meanings behind Shin Chan tattoos.

  • Represent love, friendship, loyalty, and empathy for others
  • Convey that the wearer is a carefree, lively, and cheerful person
  • Convey a multitude of emotions the wearer might be experiencing, such as sadness, happiness, loneliness, etc.

Some people may not have a particular reason for getting a Shin Chan tattoo and might simply get it because they like how it looks.

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Characteristics and Styles of Shin Chan Tattoos

So what are the characteristics and styles of these tattoos? If you take a look at Shin Chan tattoos closely, you might notice a few distinct characteristics and details that set them apart from other cartoon tattoos. Let’s dig deeper into these details.


Shin Chan tattoos are simple, colorful, and usually small in size. They can be easily drawn on your arms, legs, and even the back of your hands. The majority of these tattoos showcase the main character, Shin Chan, in a variety of different poses and actions. He can be sad, happy, cheerful, angry, or sleepy. 

Other tattoos also feature family members, friends, and even the main character’s pet dog (Shiro).


Shin Chan tattoos come in a large number of styles. Some are incredibly detailed and beautifully colored, while others are more simple and less intricate. Minimalist tattoos feature characters drawn with black ink. We’ll further explore Shin Chan tattoo designs and styles later on. 

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Where Do Shin Chan Tattoos Usually Go?

You may wonder what the best place on your body to get a Shin Chan tattoo might be. The good news is you can get it on most suitable areas of your body. Since these tattoos are mostly small in size, they can be drawn in places where other larger tattoos can not be drawn (such as the back of your hand, wrists, and ankles). 

Here, we’ll list down the best areas of your body to get Shin Chan tattoos for both men and women.

For simpler, smaller tattoos

  • Wrists
  • Ankles
  • Back of the hands
  • Behind the ear
  • On spaces between fingers
  • Neck

For larger, more detailed tattoos

  • Forearm
  • Upper arm
  • Thighs
  • Lower legs
  • Back
  • Shoulder blades
  • Chest


These are, in our opinion, the ideal places to get these tattoos, depending on how big they are. If you want to get these tattoos on some other part of your body, avoid places like your lips, palms, elbows, feet, and other such locations that are hard to tattoo and not practical at all. Getting a tattoo on one of these places might also hurt a lot. 

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Best Shin Chan Tattoo Designs

As we mentioned before, there are hundreds, probably thousands of Shin Chan tattoo designs you can get on your body. In fact, there might be endless possibilities since you can pick out any scene or part of the comic or its anime version you like and get a tattoo of that. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best and most popular Shin Chan tattoo designs.

  1. Shin Chan and Himawari tattoo (on forearm)
  2. Shin Chan with sunglasses and hat (wrist)
  3. Crab costume tattoo (forearm)
  4. Tricycle tattoo (leg)
  5. Shin Chan with his dog tattoo (forearm)
  6. Shin Chan in space tattoo (arm)

To explore more of these designs and styles, we recommend checking out Pinterest. We’ve collected these designs from Body Art Guru. You can find more designs there.

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Final thoughts

Shin Chan tattoos are popular tattoo designs based on the Crayon Shin Chan manga series. They come in many different designs and normally symbolize love, friendship, happiness, liveliness, and a carefree attitude towards life. 

We hope you learned everything you wanted to know about Shin Chan tattoos in this guide and enjoyed reading it!

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