22 [Adorable] Shih Tzu Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

22 [Adorable] Shih Tzu Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

When it comes to attractive dog breeds, it’s hard to beat the Shih Tzu. 

These handsome and pretty little characters definitely capture the heart and it’s almost impossible not to like them. 

Today we’re going to take a look at some tattoos that attempt to capture their looks and character and we’ll see if you can deny it…

These little guys and gals really capture the heart!

1. Shih Tzu Puppy Tattoo

Sometimes a small tattoo is all that you need, and this Shih Tzu puppy tattoo really does the trick. 

That cute little face is instantly recognizable, just like a Chihuahua or a German Shepherd. 

With the bonnet and the sad, soulful eyes, it’s a well-captured work of art that will mean the world to someone. 

Shih Tzu Puppy Tattoo

2. New School Shih Tzu Tattoo

She’s a tough girl with some serious attitude. This New School Shih Tzu tattoo really showcases a personality that was both pretty and tough. 

Often the dogs that we find to bring into our lives represent ourselves quite effectively, so this is a tattoo that could have a double-meaning for the attitude of the owner and their pet.

New School Shih Tzu Tattoo

3. Shih Tzu Face Tattoo

This Shih Tzu face tattoo reminds us that some of the best memorials are the most personal, and what is more personal than the face? 

Here you can see where the artist has captured a face that someone knows and loves and rendered it as body art to be enjoyed forever.

 While their lives are short, these creatures can often make all of the difference, and it’s a memory to keep for all of time.

Shih Tzu Face Tattoo

4. Shih Tzu Line Tattoo

Simple and to the point, you can skip the complexity and do with color and lines exactly what you need to do. 

This Shih Tzu line tattoo demonstrates this, taking a very basic arrangement and putting all the details inside the color and expression. 

Less is more, sometimes, as you can see in this body art.  

Shih Tzu Line Tattoo

5. Simple Shih Tzu Tattoo

It’s not complicated at all but the caricature in this simple Shih Tzu tattoo really says everything that you might want. 

It’s cute, full of character, and has just the right amount of color to get the attention that it deserves.

You don’t always need a photorealistic face to remember your best friend. Sometimes you can capture it simply in the attitude, as you can see here.

Simple Shih Tzu Tattoo

6. Realistic Shih Tzu Tattoo

When it comes to memorials, sometimes we want something as photorealistic as possible, and this realistic Shih Tzu tattoo is a good example. 

In it we can see the face that the wearer spent so much time with and the eyes and color are nothing short of amazing.

While tattoos like this take a lot of time, it is a great way to hold a memory close, and to preserve a part of our furry friends forever.

Realistic Shih Tzu Tattoo

7. Shih Tzu Minimalist Tattoo

A face and a date, what more could you say? A minimalist Shih Tzu tattoo like this takes the most important things to remember and puts them out there for the world to see. 

Too often people forget just how much these little guys and gals can make a difference, but some of us out there know and will always remember.

Shih Tzu Minimalist Tattoo

8. Memorial Shih Tzu Tattoo

Speaking of memorials, here we have another example of what you can do when you take the basics and preserve them perfectly. 

That little face is certainly not a Bichon Frise or a Pit Bull, it’s a beautiful Shih Tzu and a piece of them has been preserved for the owner for all eternity.

Body art is a serious statement and when names or faces are included, it is at it’s most powerful. 

This little furry guy or gal made a difference and the person who shared their life with them will always remember a life they’ve shared together.

Memorial Shih Tzu Tattoo

9. Watercolor Shih Tzu Tattoo

Detail is nice, but color really POPS, and you can see it in this watercolor Shih Tzu tattoo. 

With a black and white image so contrasted by vibrant colors, the image is made into something more than a ‘body sketch’ and transcends into the world of art.

Notice that the tongue and the eyes are colored, and that the swirls above give a little personality. 

It’s a clever form of expression and body art that someone is going to enjoy for many years to come.

Watercolor Shih Tzu Tattoo

10. Shih Tzu Tattoo Portrait

We love the detail in this Shih Tzu tattoo portrait. A name and that special face… it’s a love letter to a little fuzzy friend that’s clear and to the point. 

You can tell at a glance that this little guy or gal was someone special, enough to suspend in time forever with beautiful body art.

Shih Tzu Tattoo Portrait

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11. Shih Tzu Outline Tattoo

When we want to keep a memory but the photorealistic hurts too much, a Shih Tzu outline tattoo like this really works a treat. 

Whether you want to remember a miniature schnauzer, a collie, or a Shih Tzu, the basic shape can often say more than a photo and allow us to remember while hurting less from the profound loss of their exit from our lives.

Shih Tzu Outline Tattoo

12. Neo Traditional Shih Tzu Tattoo

Neo traditional gives detail with attitude, and this Shih Tzu tattoo is no exception. You have the details that you need to always have a clear memorial and yet you also get the colors that really dazzle and amaze. 

Everyone will know that your furry baby was important, and that’s the whole point, no?

Neo Traditional Shih Tzu Tattoo

13. Shih Tzu Paw Print Tattoo

It’s a footprint, but it really says so much. In this Shih Tzu paw print tattoo, you can see the beloved face of this furry fellow delightfully framed in the symbolism of the footprint. 

We leave marks when we walk, after all, and this body art really shows the world that those little paws stepped often and importantly in our lives.

Shih Tzu Paw Print Tattoo

14. Small Shih Tzu Tattoo

Hearts and cuteness! This small Shih Tzu tattoo shows that a certain little character was loved and gives a piece of their personality in the bargain. 

This is a dog you’d share your snacks with right along with long and lonely days and you can see it with a single look.

Small Shih Tzu Tattoo

15. Shih Tzu Silhouette Tattoo

A name and a silhouette… it’s quite the memorial, as it jogs the memory without letting the rest of the world into the ‘whole’ of it. Body art just has a different canvas, but it’s no less profound, and a simple Shih Tzu silhouette tattoo like this tells the world all that they need to know.

That one of your best friends walked on 4 legs, instead of 2.  

Shih Tzu Silhouette Tattoo

16. Geometric Shih Tzu Tattoo

That adorable face, mixed with angular accents, makes this geometric Shih Tzu tattoo a definite winner. 

With body art, making something stick out from the norm is the name of the game, and the combination of the face, geometry, and the color really works here. 

Someone spent a lot of time designing this memorial and you can tell!

Geometric Shih Tzu Tattoo

17. Cute Shih Tzu Tattoo

Cute and maudlin, this is a memory preserved in caricature that is instantly recognizable and memorable. 

The dogs display so much emotion and while it’s hard to see, sometimes we wanna preserve a look of concern.

This is a dog that is worried about someone and that loyalty has been captured in art and saved for all time.

Cute Shih Tzu Tattoo

18. Shih Tzu Tattoo on Forearm

Flowers, attitude, and the forearm… the tattoo location says the most. Someone wants to remember this canine and they don’t care who sees it. You really have to appreciate that kind of love. 

The design is also great, with flowers and a face… the symbolism is transparent. It says to everyone who looks, ‘I loved this creature’.

Every now and again we meet a soul that makes a difference in our lives and whether it’s a matter of years or minutes, something in us responds and grows and these are memories that you want to keep. 

You’ll know when the moment is right and the memory needs to be saved. This little dog must have been something special!

Shih Tzu Tattoo on Forearm

19. Tiny Shih Tzu Tattoo

Tiny tattoos let you say a lot with very little space and often body art aficionados will have 30 or 40 of them. 

This tiny Shih Tzu tattoo shows that ‘Max’ meant the world to someone and it’s displayed in a humble way that reflects the nature of the wearer.

It’s cute and full of attitude, all at the same time, and that makes it significant and perfect for someone who likes their body art to work with their professional life.

Tiny Shih Tzu Tattoo

20. Shih Tzu and Flower Tattoo

Fred and flowers, what a beautiful and alliterative combination! This happy hound is forever captured at their best and what a fitting memorial it is! 

You can see in a moment the joy that this little creature possessed and sometimes that is exactly what we want to remember.

Our little friends love nature so much that they remind us to take into consideration these basic things. 

A face and flowers is a perfect memorial. You can remember all of the good times at home and outside, in a single glance at the body art that you’ve selected for your friend.

Shih Tzu and Flower Tattoo

21. Black And White Shih Tzu Tattoo

In the same vein, you can see this black and white Shih Tzu tattoo and the message is more somber. 

When we lose our little friends, it’s like we lose a piece of us, and it’s truly surprising that more people don’t commemorate their little friends in this way.

Dogs are family, pure and simple, and loyal and beautiful in a way that people seldom are. It’s a memory worth keeping, don’t you think?

Black And White Shih Tzu Tattoo

22. Little Shih Tzu Tattoo

This little Shih Tzu tattoo of Lori really says everything that you need, no? That cute little face, preserved forever, tells you so much about the personality of this little dog. 

While only the owner will now the whole story, a tattoo like this lets everyone who takes a peek know that this was a special little soul.

If you don’t love dogs, you won’t understand, but for those of us who share our live with these animals it’s really simple. No one trusts or loves quite like them.

Little Shih Tzu Tattoo

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