19 [Stunning] Seaweed Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

19 [Stunning] Seaweed Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings

Seaweed tattoos are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they a nod to the expansive and beautiful underwater world, but they are full of mystery and charm.

There are many symbolic reasons to have a seaweed tattoo. In obvious relation to the sea, the algae is a form of vegetative life coming from the bottom of the sea.

It is a primitive feminine element, an archaic form that can be a maternal inheritance. The Greek root algo means “pain”.

Therefore, seaweed can sometimes appear as a painful commemorative and unconscious memory related to a new mother.


A seaweed tattoo can tell the story of your pregnancy and offer a beautiful meaning for your new life which you will carry with you forever. 

A seaweed tattoo represents a lot more than just beautiful artwork. It is also highly representative of women, fertility as well as pain and unconscious memories of the past.

It may be that you have memories relating to past love, past friendships, or family love.

But let’s take a deeper look into the most popular tattoo ideas,actual history and science behind this type of algae and why it is so iconic in a tattoo design in modern times. 

1. Sea Kelp Tattoo

A Sea Kelp Tattoo is beautiful to look upon and can represent that life is all around us, even in the deepest and darkest depths of places unexplored. 

This is a good choice for someone who actively seek to understand and affect their subconscious or for aesthetics who wish to contrast the sea kelp with beautiful colored –and possibly meaningful – selections of fish.

Whether they are feeding from it, hiding in it from predators, or waiting for prey – that is up to you and this is a tattoo that can say a lot.

Sea Kelp Tattoo

2. Anchor and Seaweed Tattoo

The anchor can mean a few things. An anchor is cross-shaped, so an Anchor and Seaweed tattoo might represent one who nourishes a deep-seated spirituality that keeps them firmly in place, come what may.

It is a good choice for those who love or have worked in the sea or individual who simply hold fast in their beliefs and their hopes and refused to be pulled around by the tides of life.

Anchor and Seaweed Tattoo

3. Realistic Seaweed Tattoo

A Realistic Seaweed tattoo is a great chance to create some truly breathtaking body art.

As the seaweed sways to the motion around it, there could be colorful fish having breakfast or perhaps the seaweed is concealing something – a skeletal hand or a bit of treasure –something of significance — representing the past and the attitude of the tattoo’s wearer.

Realistic Seaweed Tattoo

4. Starfish and Seaweed Tattoo

The star is one of the oldest symbols in history. Representative of human mastery of the elements, inspiration, guidance, or love of the divine. 

A Starfish and Seaweed tattoo might represent a strong affinity for these feelings and an active nourishment of the soul on the part of the wearer.

It is also something to choose just for the beauty – the colors of the Starfish and it’s detailed, porous skin are sure to catch the eye, contrasted in the gently waving seaweed in the hidden depths that few will see.

Starfish and Seaweed Tattoo

5. Seaweed Tattoo on the Ankle

Ankle tattoos are a great way to add a little body art and to borrow some self-expressing symbolism while still being able to keep it hidden away and shown only to a select few. 

A Seaweed tattoo on the ankle might represent a peaceful nature in the wearer or perhaps their commitment to actively nourish the souls of themselves and others.

Seaweed Tattoo on Ankle

6. Traditional Seaweed Tattoo

When we think of seaweed, most of us think of green bits floating onto the shore or sushi – but it can be a little more colorful than that. 

A Traditional Seaweed tattoo gives you a chance to showcase an integral part of the underwater ecosystem. Seaweeds come in red, brown, green – and black.

This gives you some a good palette to choose from and depending on what you add, you can incorporate meaning through what’s around the seaweed, the seaweed itself, and the colors that you’ve chosen! 

With a little thought, you can make a very clever tattoo, so give it a little thought and show your creativity to the world!

Traditional Seaweed Tattoo

7. Seahorse and Seaweed Tattoo

This seahorse and seaweed tattoo is quite peaceful and the contrasting colors are definitely a sight to see. 

Sea-themed tattoos give the owner a lot of opportunity to play with colors that are not normally paired together and to create scenes that are tranquil or even quite the opposite.

In this case, the serene seahorse is happy and healthy, hiding in the weeds as it contemplates what it’s going to have for lunch or dinner. 

If you love body art for the sheer aesthetics of it, then a scene like this might be a good fit for you.

Seahorse and Seaweed Tattoo

8. Jellyfish and Seaweed Tattoo

Speaking of colors, a jellyfish and seaweed tattoo certainly brings on the rainbow. 

Jellyfish come in many colors and shades and there is something comforting about their casual and colorful glides through the water. 

This is a choice that you can also put a lot of detail into if you like, creating a realistic jellyfish more colorful than just about anything you might see on the land.

Jellyfish and Seaweed Tattoo

9. Mermaid and Seaweed Tattoo

A perfect choice for someone in the Navy or with other strong ties to the sea, the mythical mermaid allows you to bring in traditional female beauty and form and could even be customized to commemorate someone close to you.

Whatever the reasons, this classic choice makes for beautiful body art which is sure to catch the eye.

Mermaid and Seaweed Tattoo

10. Octopus and Seaweed Tattoo

Octopi are clever little creatures, capable of instant camouflage and even of spraying ink to confuse their foes and to quickly escape. 

This octopus and seaweed example shows you a little of what you can do with the various hues, with the purple octopus contrasting nicely with the serene, green seaweed.

Octopus and Seaweed Tattoo

11. Coral and Seaweed Tattoo

Coral and seaweed make an interesting choice, especially when you consider the symbolism involved. 

While beautiful, coral is actually made of tiny creatures that have a limestone exoskeleton, making the lovely coral essentially a construction of skeletons and living things.Rather like life, when you think about it. 

It’s a good tattoo for a person who wants to express that in it’s totality, even the rougher patches in life make for a beautiful tapestry when you can step back and view things as a whole, rather than the sum of their parts.

Coral and Seaweed Tattoo

12. Seashell and Seaweed Tattoo

Simple, peaceful, and beautiful… 

A seashell and seaweed tattoo takes basic, recognizable elements and accomplishes a lot by means of this display. 

If you love the sea, then this might be a nostalgic choice to keep it close even when you’ve had to move away.

Depending on what you display with this, it could mean a number of things, but with sea tattoos is it often simply an affinity for this bit of nature or a representation of one of the great frontiers that we have yet to fully explore.

Whatever your reasons, just be sure to add some things that are significant to you and to consider a bit of color… You can do a lot with the basics, it’s all up to you!

Seashell and Seaweed Tattoo

Symbolism and Meaning – What Makes Seaweed Designs Iconic?

Seaweed is most definitely a symbol of life and of new beginnings. You will see online that there are a wide range of tattoos that are used to inspire those thinking of getting a seaweed tattoo.

Most commonly found wrapping around the arms, or legs, it depicts elegance and beauty. You can of course place your seaweed tattoo wherever you so desire, such as the chest, back or neck.

Seaweed tattoos date back many years and are often seen in Japanese-style tattoo designs. Along with floral tattoos, they are pure in their design, often with detailing and shading if desired.

This really focuses solely on the art itself, adding a 3D style element and therefore adding depth. Any tattoo that we choose to ink our bodies with will always derive from somewhere.

With seaweed, it is new life and beginnings. 


It is from this association that the meaning of the symbol derives strongly. The symbolism continues as when algae forms away from the sun and still thrives, it shows a beauty like no other.

This is why seaweed tattoos are symbolic of strength and of animation. It symbolizes that sometimes when dreams do not manifest, they can further be grown.

A tattoo design encapsulating this is most definitely a perfect example of artistic symbolism. This tattoo design has risen in popularity massively in the past few years and it is clear to see why.

Considering this symbolism, it means that anyone who chooses a seaweed tattoo, may have endured dark times, and come out the other side, an inner strength has prevailed.

They may have dreams that they wish to come to light. That is the meaning of tattoos in the first place, the story they are seeking to tell. 

The tattoo designs connected with this can look beautiful as standalone art or as a one-of-a-kind piece. They can be designed by incorporating other delightful plants and florals.


You can play with colors and styles in order to capture what you really want in a tattoo design. Whether this is exotic seaweed or seaweed native to a certain country or continent.

There are a plethora of options that we will be happy to talk to you about. That is what makes this such a beautiful tattoo design. It will also be forever timeless and encapsulating the beauty of nature.

You can choose to place the tattoo anywhere, but often people choose to place it on the leg or ankle, as if it is growing upwards towards the heart. 

What other symbols does it represent? 

Seaweed flourishes through difficult water torrents and currents. It then stirs strongly under the effect of the current but the roots always remain in the same place.

It represents strength and endurance, and for any person who has faced adversities, it is a beautiful reminder of the power inside of you. 

Seaweed grows and develops in the most beautiful places; from the depths of our oceans to the calming seas of the coastline. Seaweed is also synonymous with sustainability and a natural world.


For someone who is in love with the oceans, and wishes to preserve nature, a seaweed tattoo design could be a brilliant choice.

We can be mindful of the issues presented to us on earth. Seaweed tattoo designs are both timeless and impactful. They allow you to tell a story, to get in touch with your inner strength.

We can work to create an incredibly magical and realistic look, with shading or outlines, depending on your personal preference. 

What designs are associated with seaweed tattoos?

We can create a plethora of designs relating to seaweed design. Many underwater creatures live among the seaweed and other plants that intertwine with them.

This can be incorporated in your tattoo design. In addition to this, there are plenty of different types of seaweed too. Some of the most popular types are:

  • Nori. 
  • Kombu. 
  • Wakame.  
  • Umibudo.  
  • Hijiki.

All of these are particularly beautiful and the shapes and sizes will vary. The colors also vary, from deep purples and magentas to lush greens.


Whichever you desire, we can make it a reality. Other design elements may include jellyfish, crabs, crustaceans, sea urchins, seals, sea turtles, sea horses, lobster, crayfish, and more, which can be made part of a larger, wider design. 

For more information on seaweed tattoos and to create a design that is perfect for your tattoo story, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today at https://noteworthytattoo.com/ to see if we can make your tattoo dreams a reality. Is it time to get inked yet?

Seaweed Tattoos FAQ

What does seaweed symbolize?

Seaweed is an integral part of the sea, providing nourishment for fishes and other creatures which live in its depths, as well as providing shelter and a place to hide.

Symbolically, it can represent the subconscious and nourishing of the subconscious, as it proves that the depths hide not desolation but life, growth, and the safety of remaining hidden when it is needed.

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