5 [Amazing] Sea Urchin Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

5 [Amazing] Sea Urchin Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

Spiky, colorful, and beautiful… Sea urchins are like flowers of the sea and are sometimes chosen as body art for their color and fierce appearance. 

In places like France, Korea, and Japan, these colorful creatures are even considered a delicacy!

Today we’re going to take a look at the Sea Urchin as a subject of body art and we think that you will agree… these beauties from the depths might be an uncommon choice, but they certainly make for unique and interesting tattoos.

Let’s take a look and you can see what you think…. We think you’ll find that their exotic beauty lends well to any scene from the sea!

1. Sea Urchin Pack Tattoo

The alien flora of the sea is peaceful and has an amazing fort of symmetry to it, such as we see here in this sea urchin pack tattoo. 

All spikes and color, you get all the beauty of a flower without the feeling that it is defenseless… 

Beauty and ferocity sometimes come together perfectly, and this is a perfect tattoo for the soul who has both of these qualities.

Sea Urchin Pack Tattoo

2. Octopus Tentacle and Sea Urchin Tattoo

The details of this piece are mind-blowing and you could wear something this beautiful too! 

The spiky sea urchin looks like a fallen star, taken up a new life in the sea, while the octopus represents a clever threat that can never quite cash in – the sea urchin is well defended with its spikes!

This is a good tattoo for a dangerous beauty that keeps other dangers close by nature, never harmed by them but only empowered.

Octopus Tentacle and Sea Urchin Tattoo

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3. Hawaiian Sea Urchin Tattoo

When you choose a specific species, there’s a message in that sometimes, like this Hawaiian sea urchin tattoo. 

If the tropical state has a significance for you, then this might be a good choice, with a local species beautifully depicted to tell the world a little about your roots.

It’s also a fine way to remember a special time in a special place!

Hawaiian Sea Urchin Tattoo

4. Sea Urchin Shell Tattoo

Sea urchins come in many different forms and this sea urchin shell tattoo is sure to provoke a conversation or two. 

The lovely, yet alien symmetry looks beautiful with it’s perfect shading, not even requiring color to catch the eye.

Definitely a unique choice for body art!

Sea Urchin Shell Tattoo

5. Sea Urchin Eating Jellyfish Tattoo

While primarily herbivores when it comes to their diet, you might not know that the beautiful sea urchin is quite the opportunist and is actually an omnivore. 

This tattoo shows a sea urchin actually eating a jellyfish, and this DOES happen in the wild.

This is a great tattoo choice for a beautiful soul that’s not afraid to ‘eat’ larger things that get in its way – and who will do so efficiently and with a natural grace that you can only see in the world underneath the waters.

Sea Urchin Jellyfish Tattoo

Sea Urchin Tattoos FAQ

What does sea urchin tattoo mean?

Sea urchins symbolize long life and fertility.

These colorful creatures are found most commonly in coral beds, where these herbivores graze and play an important part of the beautiful ecosystem in the salty water of their home.

A Sea Urchin tattoo is a great way to show the ‘flowers of the sea’ and perhaps to reflect a soul that is beautiful, but like the sea urchin also has ‘defensive spikes’ to protect their heart from those who would come too close!

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