25 [Cute] Schnauzer Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

25 [Cute] Schnauzer Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

If you have a miniature Schnauzer then it’s almost like being part of an elite group. 

These amazing little creatures are loyal, sweet, and they have a distinctive look unlike any other breed.

Today we’re going to take a little look inside that club and show you 25 cute Schnauzer tattoos to get your creative juices flowing so that by the end, you might just have your own perfect design that captures the spirit and look of that friend who has always been for you!

1. Neo Traditional Schnauzer Tattoo

Just take a glance at this little guy and you can see that this tattoo has it all! He’s got a little cast, toys, colors… and those amazing eyes! 

It’s the little things in life that really stir the heart, and a tattoo like this somehow manages to give onlookers a glance at a little life that made or still makes such an enormous impact.  

Neo Tradtional Schnauzer Tattoo

2. Grey Schnauzer Tattoo

For those who are looking to catch a memory and keep it close, a face is often the most direct way to do this. 

In this gray Schnauzer tattoo someone has done exactly that, showing a cute little face that is obviously not afraid of a fight or two.

 If you’d love to commemorate your own little scrapper, you could do a lot worse than this amazing piece of art!

Grey Schnauzer Tattoo

3. Finger Schnauzer Tattoo

Sometimes our furry friends have made such a difference that a dramatic statement is in order. 

A finger tattoo is a good example of this. It’s basically a statement that is always there for the world to see and it’s easy to tell that this little guy deserved it.

Dog’s don’t have our lifespans, but they make the most of what they have, setting the standards for what we call family as you can see in this finger Schnauzer tattoo.

Schnauzer Tattoo on Finger

4. Small Schnauzer Tattoo

Tiny, cute, and distinctive, a small Schnauzer tattoo such as this really drives the message home that this little furry person was special and will be held close to their owner’s heart always. 

You don’t need a lot of space with your body art to say something significant and this tattoo is a great demonstration of this point!

Small Schnauzer Tattoo

5. Tiny Schnauzer Tattoo

In this tiny Schnauzer tattoo we are seeing another example of ‘less is more’. With all of that detail, it’s almost photorealistic, and it’s hard to look away from art this good. 

For the wearer, this is even more the case, as this little furry family member is known quite well and has shared a special place in their heart for a long, long time.  

Tiny Schnauzer Tattoo

6. Miniature Schnauzer Tattoo Outline

While it’s simplified, an outline tattoo like this miniature Schnauzer tattoo outline has all that you really need to say in a seemingly-simple combination of lines. 

Sometimes a photo is too painful, but you still want to honor your little friend, and an outline tattoo such as this is a great way to accomplish that.

It also preserves an image that represents some of the best of times, with the little rascal smiling and looking up to see what’s on the agenda for this day!

Miniature Schnauzer Tattoo Outline

7. One Line Schnauzer Tattoo

This one line Schnauzer tattoo shows a whole lot of creativity in a small space and you can’t help but stop and think about the profound relationship that this person must have had with their furry little partner-in-crime.

It just goes to show that body art doesn’t have to be massive to say the important things that you really want to express.  

One Line Schnauzer Tattoo

8. White Schnauzer Tattoo

Maybe you have a Shih Tzu or a Jack Russel friend that you’d like to remember and if so, you’d do well to make up a design like this white Schnauzer tattoo. 

By capturing that distinctive face of the dog breed and imparting a little detail, you can capture that special little dog almost perfectly so that you can keep them close for the rest of your life.

White Schnauzer Tattoo

9. New School Schnauzer Tattoo

Sometimes our little friends have a style all of their own. A tattoo like this new school Schnauzer really does the trick nicely for expressing this. 

Take a look at all of the colors involved and the details. It’s not every day you see a mutt with a blue mohawk, chains, and a nose-piercing.

Little artistic exaggerations like this often make the statement perfectly for the owner and the other viewers – this is a dog with a bit of attitude!

New School Schnauzer Tattoo

10. Schnauzer Memorial Tattoo

 A memorial is sometimes best done as exactly what it is – no exaggeration, no exotic colors, just a visage and a message of remembrance. 

In this Schnauzer memorial tattoo, we see how many years this little one spent with their owner and a message of gratitude. 

It’s instantly apparent that this little dog was a big part of someone’s heart.

Schnauzer Memorial Tattoo

11. Watercolor Schnauzer Tattoo

Here in this watercolor Schnauzer tattoo you see quite the moving piece of art.

Someone captured their dainty dog in all it’s glory, and the coloration helps to show the spirit of this little angel quite nicely. 

It’s obvious with a glance that you are looking at a furry little spirit that was quite the princess in both appearance and attitude.  

Watercolor Schnauzer Tattoo

12. Schnauzer Face Tattoo

Captured forever in time, this Schnauzer face tattoo shows a look that the owner knew quite well and wanted to keep forever. 

It’s a fitting memorial for those little best friends, who do so much and ask for nothing in return but to have us close and to share the occasional treats.

Schnauzer Face Tattoo

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13. Geometric Schnauzer Tattoo

Here we have quite an interesting take on a certain Schnauzer. In this geometric Schnauzer tattoo some special dog or a personality aspect of this animal has been captured in perfect symmetry. 

One of the best parts of body art is finding a unique way to say what we want, and a tattoo like this is definitely a creative example.

Geometric Schnauzer Tattoo

14. Schnauzer Silhouette Tattoo

A silhouette is a beautiful thing. It can capture the look of someone or something that we want to remember and help us to keep it close, without making it too painful to see. 

This somber and beautiful memorial expresses a profound love in a perfect, simple way. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want to say and to keep!

Schnauzer Silhouette Tattoo

15. Schnauzer Tattoo Portrait

A face and flowers and everything is perfectly clear. This was a little dog with a lot of heart and the combination of details and fine colors really drive home the point that tattoos are a strong form of art. 

After all, when the canvas is your skin, how can it not be profound?

Schnauzer Tattoo Portrait

16. Cute Schnauzer Tattoo

He’s got a little purple hat and a look that warms the heart. What a character we are seeing depicted in this cute Schnauzer tattoo! 

Tattoos don’t always have to be somber and serious, and when you look at this little work of art then for just a moment, you get to share the amazing relationship that someone had with the dog who was always at their side.

Cute Schnauzer Tattoo

17. Girly Schnauzer Tattoo

These little characters have a wide range of personalities, just like their owners, and this girly Schnauzer tattoo showcases this in vibrant color and symbolism.

You’ve got stylish clothing, a balloon animal, and a name tag that practically shines, reflecting a personality that truly impacts or impacted someone’s life.

This little girl obviously had a spirit that was larger than life.

Girly Schnauzer Tattoo

18. Black Schnauzer Tattoo

A sleeve is a significant thing, because it’s hard to hide and so it takes a commitment of not only the visibility, but the time with your artist to make it a reality. 

Buddy was obviously an important part of someone’s life and here you can see that the love was shared equally.

Sometimes with a memorial you want to go big and while we can’t say enough, a sleeve like this black Schnauzer tattoo  shows the world what this little friend meant in your life.

Black Schnauzer Tattoo

19. Miniature Schnauzer Tattoo

Compact, colorful, and full of life… the vibrant colors in this miniature Schnauzer tattoo really give a taste of this dog’s personality to the viewer. 

You’ll notice it’s not cute or stylized, but completely serious – this was a dog that liked one person and probably had little patience for anyone else!

The sheer attitude that the artist has captured is a pleasure to behold and this is surely a tattoo that the owner is going to spend a lifetime looking at fondly and reminiscing.

Miniature Schnauzer Tattoo

20. Traditional Schnauzer Tattoo

Mr. Lambor was a cool dog, that’s easy to tell when you take a look at this traditional Schnauzer tattoo. 

With a basic appearance depicted in a cartoon fashion, shades on and a little bit of a halo – only red – the artist caught a piece of personality in a way that the owner will be able to keep forever.

You can definitely see that this little guy was cool to have around!

Traditional Schnauzer Tattoo

21. Schnauzer Paw Print Tattoo

Jack Russel, Bichon Frise, or in this case, a miniature Schnauzer. These dogs leave a footprint in our lives and this Schnauzer paw print tattoo reflects this nicely.

With the face frozen in the footstep, it manages to make a heavy statement about the difference that this animal made.

Sometimes a friend steps into our life that we can’t forget, and this body art manages to reflect that in a single instant. 

After all, what is more reminiscent of the mark that someone or something made in our life, then the impression of their feet

Schnauzer Paw Print Tattoo

22. Simple Schnauzer Tattoo

Cute and not complicated at all, this memorial tattoo shows the world your little friend in all of their innocent glory. 

Cartoon depictions are often perfect for dogs, because they are quirky and loveable in such a way that it doesn’t seem real – even while it might be the truest form of love you’ve ever had in your life.

So, if you have a dog to remember, body art like this can help you to capture the most important parts of their personality. Always light and happy and there for us.

Simple Schnauzer Tattoo

23. Realistic Schnauzer Tattoo

A face frozen in time, a realistic Schnauzer tattoo like this has every hair covered and keeps an expression what we’ve known and loved and puts it somewhere that no one can take away. 

These animals are family members, after all, and they’re unique in that they’ve never wanted anything more than our time.

You don’t see that kind of love every day.

Realistic Schnauzer Tattoo

24. Minimalist Schnauzer Tattoo

This little guy is just the perfect size and shows that body art doesn’t have to be huge to say what you need to say. 

When you look at it, you can almost feel the personality that was important enough to the wearer to preserve.

The light color from the clothing really makes the black and white pop and we suspect this was an outfit that this beloved canine actually owned and wore a lot. Subtle, sweet, and small… it’s a great tattoo.

If you are looking to make a statement, just keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard to do it. 

This is art on your skin, after all, and a little bit goes a long way. A classy tattoo like this can tell the world everything that you need to say quite nicely.

Minimalist Schnauzer Tattoo

25. Giant Schnauzer Tattoo

Look at that nose! A big personality and a big difference in someone’s life, this little dog has been kept and preserved in admirable detail, and you really can’t look at it without feeling a tug to your heart.

 It’s kind of amazing how much difference that they can make in our lives, and when you see a memorial tattoo like this then you know that this was a special dog indeed.

Giant Schnauzer Tattoo

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