Sakura Blossom Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Sakura Blossom Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

If you’re looking for a floral tattoo that’s both delicate and meaningful, you can’t go wrong with a sakura blossom. Sakura Blossoms – or Cherry Blossoms – are a delicate and beautiful flower that’s been a source of symbolism for centuries, and continues to be an elegant source of tattoo imagery today.

Sakura Blossoms have been a source of symbolism in Japan for centuries. These delicate blossoms form a beautiful and intricate image full of meaning for anyone who chooses them as a tattoo.

This article explores the symbolism, history and meaning behind sakura blossom tattoos.


What is the History of Sakura Blossom Tattoos?

Sakura Blossoms have been the national flower of Japan for centuries.

Some sources tie their symbolism back to the tenets of Buddhism.

They’ve been depicted as part of Japanese culture since before the age of the samurai

Traditions relating to cherry blossom viewing have been part of Japanese culture since the third century AD.

Cherry Blossoms have been a part of Japanese folklore for even longer than that.

When and where Sakura Blossoms became part of tattoo culture isn’t clearly recorded, but it’s safe to say that this is one of the older floral patterns used in tattoo history


What is the Symbolism Behind Sakura Blossom Tattoos?

There are several symbolic meanings behind the image of the Sakura Blossoms.

Potential symbolism includes:

– New beginnings and the renewal of life

– Fragility and ephemeral nature of life

– Beauty

– Love and Fertility

– In China they symbolize feminine elegance and mystique

– In Buddhist representations they symbolize mortality and mindfulness of the present

– Empathy and Appreciation of Beauty

Symbolism of Different Colors of Sakura Blossoms:

Blue Sakura Blossoms symbolize a rare personality and a sense of enchantment

White Sakura Blossoms symbolize a commitment to your spiritual beliefs.

Pink Sakura Blossoms symbolize rebirth and the cycle of life

Red Sakura Blossoms symbolize passion, love and compassion


What Potential Meanings Do Sakura Blossom Tattoos Have?

Sakura Blossom Tattoos have a number of potential meanings.

A Sakura Blossom tattoo may represent a renewal of life, or a desire for a new life.

It can also represent an event or an individual which might have offered a person a revitalized energy.

It may represent a sense of wonder, or a source of beauty in life or an appreciation of life in general.

It could mean the person intends to focus on the moment, and live in the present.

A Sakura Blossom tattoo might symbolize an appreciation of beauty or fleeting moments.

Blue Sakura Blossom tattoo may represent a person who has a unique or quirky personality, while red Sakura blossom may represent a passionate relationship of some kind, either as a memory or as a current relationship.


Meanings of Sakura Blossoms With Other Imagery:

Sakura blossoms paired with other images create subtle alternative meanings.

– Paired with a dragon, Sakura Blossoms represent the fleeting nature of life, and the wisdom of remembering that. They might mean the person has found wisdom in life, or is seeking wisdom in their future.

– Samurai images paired with Sakura Blossoms represent wealth and prosperity, either commemorating a source of wealth and prosperity or indicating that a person is seeking wealth and prosperity in life.

– Sakura Blossom Tattoos paired with Koi Fish often represent a passionate relationship, celebrating life and fertility.

– Butterflies and Sakura Blossoms in a tattoo represent rebirth and renewal, and may mean the person has gone through a period of rebirth, or is seeking a new outlook on life.

– Sakura Blossoms on a branch often represent beauty intertwined with strength. It may mean a person has found beauty in their own strength. It may also represent a memorial for someone who was a symbol of strength and beauty in the person’s life.


Where Are Sakura Blossom Tattoos Usually Placed?

This tattoos, can be placed in almost any location.

Forearms are a common location for long spiraling branches of sakura blossoms, which can form a sleeve-like design. These tattoos often cross up into the upper arm as well, but not always.

Small sprigs are often placed on the front or back of the shoulder, though large arrangements can go over the entire area.

Large designs of Sakura Blossom tattoos can sometimes be found tattooed across the side of the rib cage.

Miniature designs have been placed on the wrist, the back of the shoulder, the front of the shoulder, or sometimes even the back of the ear.

Straight line sprays of Sakura Blossoms are sometimes tattooed the length of the spine, to give the appearance of a Sakura tree.

Small, delicate designs are sometimes used to tattoo the ankles or the top of the foot.

Style and Characteristics of Sakura Blossom Tattoos:

Most Sakura Blossom tattoos have several characteristics in common:

– Sakura Blossom tattoos are done in sprays or sprigs. They’re rarely done as a single blossom.

– Blossoms are usually shown connected by twigs.

– The most common color for Sakura Blossom tattoos is pink.

– Imagery is usually very delicate and intricate.

There are also characteristics that make individual Sakura Blossom tattoos unique:

– In addition to pink, Sakura Blossoms can be depicted in white, red, and occasionally blue.

– The blossoms can be done in realistic, illustrated or watercolor styles.

– Traditional Sakura Blossom imagery can be done with just the flowers, or with additional Japanese images:

  • Pagodas
  • Kanji
  • Bonsai Trees
  • Crescent Moons
  • Koi fish scale patterns
  • Lotus Blossoms
  • Samurai Imagery
  • Dragons

– Sakura Blossoms can also be done intertwined with other images:

  • Animals
  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Water imagery
  • Compasses

– There are minimalist versions done with simple lines

– They can be done in pen-and-ink style as well as in color

– It’s not common, but Sakura Blossom tattoos can also be done in larger-than-life images, to show more details of the flower.

Sakura blossoms are a beautiful source of imagery that can create a gorgeous and meaningful tattoo. Whatever style of Sakura blossom tattoo you choose to get, the result is sure to be a striking image full of symbolism that can be a conversation starter any time.

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