Sagittarius Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Sagittarius Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Ancient cultures have looked to the skies for thousands of years, admiring the heavens and watching the movement of the stars. This has led to an interesting set of beliefs and symbols formed from these groups of stars, and Sagittarius is one of the most popular. 

The Zodiac constellation of Sagittarius has become a popular tattoo in recent years. It symbolizes courage, strength, and wisdom. It is portrayed as a bow and arrow, whereas some take inspiration from Greek mythology and represent it as a centaur. 

This article will discuss Sagittarius Tattoos, their meanings, origins, and where the most popular place is to get them tattooed on your body. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about Sagittarius Tattoos.

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What is the history of Sagittarius Tattoos?

The history of Sagittarius tattoos begins with the astrological constellation known as Sagittarius, one of the twelve signs of the zodiac calendar. It governs the sun’s placement in the night sky between November 22nd and December 21st. 

Sagittarius is represented symbolically as a bow and arrow; other times, it’s an archer. The Babylonians may have been among the first to portray Sagittarius as an archer way back in the 11th century BCE

The mythological Greek centaur, Chiron, the most famous of all the centaurs, represents the Sagittarius constellation. Chiron is well known as the wise mentor of Achilles as well as around a dozen other ancient Greek heroes. His skills and knowledge rivaled all who he came across, and archery and hunting were at the top of his repertoire list.

Sagittarius is also held in high regard, as the sun, in its annual journey around the stars in our night sky, reaches the winter solstice near Sagittarius’ west border.

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What do Sagittarius Tattoos Symbolize?

Astronomical constellations have long played a part in symbolism for human beings, with each zodiac sign having certain perks that we inherit if born within that period. 

The symbol most associated with Sagittarius is the centaur with a bow and arrow. This represents an adventurous spirit who wants to pursue intelligence and the realization of a higher self. 

The centaur symbolizes the aspiration to break away from the animal self and worldly desires and, through philosophy and knowledge, come to find who you are. It promotes bravery, adventurous nature, and wisdom.

The bow symbolizes both strength and the ability to transition in life through the phases that will come before you. The arrow indicates the ability to look at things from a distance with a clear vision and always aim high. The portrayal of a bow and arrow also represents the qualities of a hunter or someone who can provide for their community.

The owl is the Sagittarius spirit animal, and like an owl who can venture anywhere, it prompts a symbolic representation of freedom. An owl is also known for being extremely wise.

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What Do Sagittarius Tattoos Mean?

The meaning behind Sagittarius tattoos can differ from person to person, as there are a wide variety of interpretations behind this astronomical constellation. People may feel connected to a specific symbol associated with Sagittarius.

For some people, the Sagittarius tattoo represents their path of self-discovery and the desire to gain knowledge and wisdom so they may become the best version of themselves.

A Sagittarius tattoo is a reminder to have courage and use your strength to accomplish your goals in life.

To others, it’s a reminder to stay calm in all situations and never forget that you can overcome any obstacle if you continue to try.

Those who see themselves as rational member of their family or friends group may have a solid connection to the Chiron and find meaning in this Sagittarius symbol. If you take pride in the inner hunter within yourself and don’t have a problem providing for your family in the best way, this may be the right tattoo for you. 

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Characteristics and styles of Sagittarius Tattoos

The styles of the Sagittarius tattoos can differ significantly as there is more than one symbol to represent this zodiac sign. Because of the many characters associated with Sagittarius, every person may feel connected to a different tattoo.

The most simplistic tattoo representing Sagittarius is a simple arrow, sometimes accompanied by a bow. These can vary from simple lines portraying a hand to extremely detailed arrows and bows, depending on the preference of the one getting the tattoo.

The other main design is the centaur. These can range from simple designs to highly detailed pieces of art, portraying the centaur in many fashions. Some even portray the centaur as shooting an arrow from his bow. 

Another common tattoo associated with Sagittarius is the actual astrological constellation in the sky. These tend to be smaller tattoos, yet, they can be intricate and as detailed as one chooses. In rare cases, we see a complication of all these designs, often a large tattoo portraying the centaur shooting an arrow, with the background being the constellation. 

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Where do Sagittarius Tattoos Usually Go?

Most people who get a Sagittarius tattoo do so as they feel a connection to what it symbolizes, whether it be their star sign or they agree with its meaning. This often leads to the placement being on the part of the body that people can easily see.

If one chooses the bow and arrow symbol to represent Sagittarius, they often use a minor part of their body to get it tattooed, such as the forearm, upper arm, calf, and even the wrist or ankle. 

When someone chooses the centaur as their Sagittarius tattoo, it often requires a little more space. In this instance, we see the chest and back being utilized. Yet, it can also be a forearm or leg tattoo, as they are still common. 

The constellation version of the tattoo usually doesn’t take up too much space, so we see it tattooed on the arms, legs, the side of the body, wrists, ankles, and sometimes even the neck. 

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To The Point Facts

  • Sagittarius is an astrological constellation
  • It makes up one of the twelve signs of the zodiac
  • It is represented in Greek mythology as a centaur.
  • The Sagittarius is symbolically represented as a bow and arrow.
  • The centaur symbolizes the aspiration to break away from the animal self’s worldly desires through philosophy and knowledge.
  • The arrow symbolizes the ability to look at things from a distance, with a clear vision, and always aim high. 
  • In modern times its meaning helps conjure strength, courage, and the ability to remain calm in all situations.
  • There are three main styles of tattoos, the first being the arrow and bow, the second being the centaur, and the final being the constellation.
  • The tattoo placement differs between each style, as the arrow and the constellation require less space, whereas the centaur takes up a large surface area.


The Sagittarius constellation has become a popular tattoo in recent years thanks to its symbolism and multiple interpretations. If you feel connected to some of what we’ve spoken about in this article, maybe a Saggatoirus tattoo is next for you.

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