Praying Mantis Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

Praying Mantis Tattoo: Symbolism, Meanings & More

When you’re choosing to get your next tattoo, it’s always going to be important to pick out designs that speak to you.

This could be in the form of a design that you like the look of, something that has meaning to you, or both. If you’re thinking about going for a praying mantis tattoo, maybe you want to know more about it.

The praying mantis is an interesting design to go with. It’s a carnivorous insect that loves to hunt and preys on others such as the cricket, grasshopper or fly.

But not only that, it’s pretty unique to look at – making it an interesting design to go with. It stands out and has an air of intrigue about it.

But, if you’re someone that wants to go with a praying mantis tattoo, you might want to align with the meaning first.

To help you decide whether a praying mantis is the right design for you, we’re going to look into this interesting insect, what it means and what it symbolises, design ideas and more.

What Is A Praying Mantis?

Before you decide to get it as a tattoo, it’s a good idea to know exactly what a praying mantis is. It’s a carnivorous insect that hunts and eats other insects that are smaller than it.

It can grow to around six inches long and it blends in with its surroundings well. It’s a great hunter that catches its prey and it can also turn its head 180 degrees to check out what’s going on around it.


Not only that, but they will often eat each other. Commonly, females will feed on the males after they have finished mating.

And no, the name doesn’t come from the insect preying on others, but from the way that its front legs are bent as they like the hands when praying.

The Meanings Of A Praying Mantis Tattoo

When it comes to meanings, there are a few things to consider when it comes to this unique insect. The first of which is that it can be good luck!

They’re patient insects that wait for the right opportunity to strike, meaning that good luck may also come to us if we’re ready to spot an opportunity and take it!

If you’re one that believes the meanings of your tattoos will be transferred to you or influence you, choosing the praying mantis is a great option.

With it being quite a spiritual animal, you may be able to connect to a higher level and take your spirituality further with this tattoo.


One of the biggest meanings for this animal itself and the tattoo design is calm. The insect is a very still, silent, and watchful one. It’s patient and waits for the right time.

It lets its prey come to it. Because of this, it often represents meditation and striving for calm. But also, intention.

It has a lot of focus and can allow you to heighten your focus and intention if this is a meaning that speaks to you.

There is also the idea of attainment centred around the praying mantis too. As it works to hunt its prey, it’ll channel in you the idea of going and getting what is yours and what is meant for you.

Not only that, but one final meaning relates to the females eating males. It can symbolize femininity and strength with a reminder not to take any BS!

The Symbolism Of The Tattoo

The praying mantis has quite a spiritual meaning. Most of the time, we can see it more when we are busy and overwhelmed with too much chaos in our lives.

It often symbolizes mindfulness and meditation. So if you were to see one (which is tough, as they are often camouflaged so well), it could be a sign from the universe telling you to slow down and be present.


To focus on what’s around you and to welcome more calm and peace back into your life.

If you know that you want a reminder to be more mindful and present in your everyday life, then it could also be a great idea to get this tattoo.

A Totem Animal

It’s also a totem animal. If you think that this is your spirit animal totem or that it may have chosen you, there will be a great meaning behind it and it can also be a good idea to choose it as a tattoo.

Just like the idea of still and calm and silent, this totem can represent careful thought, contemplation, and serenity. It can symbolize making the right decision quickly when an opportunity comes up.

But at the same time, not rushing. Consideration is important to you and you always want to make the right decision and find success.

Praying Mantis Colors

If you are thinking about getting the praying mantis tattoo, you might also want to know what colors to go with.

The insect itself is green, but it can also be shown as a more neutral color. So think about whether you want to stick to this or go with something shaded or even a quirky colorway.


Different Variations

When it comes to the design, you’ll want to think about how you want it drawn up. Do you want it as a feeding insect? Or maybe you want it flying?

It could even be that you just want it laying in wait, so that you can remember all of the key symbolism around it. Just be sure that you pick something that speaks to you the most.

Popular Accompanying Designs

Maybe you want your praying mantis tattoo to be combined with another design? If so – what should it be? Will you want it to be in a natural environment with flowers or nature?

With something mystical or spiritual? Or even alone to let it stand out in all its meaning.

Are you attracted to a praying mantis tattoo? How would you design yours and where would you choose to have it? Share your favorites and ideas in the comments below.

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