Top 66 Polar Bear Tattoo Ideas In 2021 [Symbolism, Meanings, And More]

Top 66 Polar Bear Tattoo Ideas In 2021 [Symbolism, Meanings, And More]

Tattoos can be a great form of self-expression, especially for those looking for a way to express themselves through body art.

Tattoos have always been a symbol associated with representing a culture or a stigma. It wasn’t very long ago that some tattoos were associated with criminal behavior.

However, in recent years, tattoos have evolved into a way for many of us to express our art and develop our own meanings.

Gone are the days when only bad girls and boys had tattoos, as we welcomed a new form of self-expression and artistry. Today body art is seen as just that – art, and we have to look no further than the Polar bear tattoo. 

What is a Polar Bear Tattoo? 

The Polar bear is a strong animal, and when you think of one, what comes to mind? White, winter, strength, and in some cases, Coca-Cola?

Yes, all of the above and more. These snow bears have become more than iconic mascots for a soda brand, although you can bet there is a tattoo featuring the bears from the classic advertisements.

These bear-inspired tattoos come in a vast array of styles and designs and have become the inspiration for many tattoos over the years. 

What is the meaning behind Polar Bear Tattoos?

As Spiritual Guides

The symbolism behind these tattoos can vary wildly; however, the most notable ones are based on their representation in different cultures.

For instance, for some North American indigenous people, polar bears symbolize courage.


To them, they have spiritual connotations, viewing the polar bears as spiritual guides, a form of psychic empowerment, with shapeshifting powers. 

As Strength and Endurance

According to the site WWF, polar bears can also be a depiction of strength and endurance.

Polar bears are known as powerful animals that use their strength and endurance as a way to survive their harsh environment in the wild.

For many people, a polar bear tattoo could be a reminder of their own strength and endurance so they can push through any difficulties that may come their way. 

As a Symbol for Family and Protection

If you have ever heard stories of people coming across baby cubs while out hiking, you will always hear them say that they made sure to be careful and get away before the mother bear showed up.


This is because bears are very protective of their cubs, and polar bears are no different. They are dedicated mothers taking care of and protecting their young from potential danger.

So, if you’re looking for a tattoo that symbolizes family and protection or dedication or devotion, this bear tattoo may be right for you. 

As The Mascot 

In the United States and some places around the world, the polar bear has another symbolic meaning, and that is the mascot of Coca-Cola.

Usually shown around the winter, these bears are not only a representation of the beverage but also of winter and the Christmas Holiday.

According to the Coca-Cola website, the arctic bears were a part of their advertising since 1922; however, it wasn’t until 1993, with their Northern Lights advertising campaign, that polar bears became a famous symbol for coca-cola.

They were supposed to be depicted as playful animals with near-human attributes.

Ken Stewart, the creator of ‘Northern Lights,’ states: “That’s really what we were trying to do – create a character that’s innocent, fun and reflects the best attributes we like to call ‘human’.

The bears are cute, mischievous, playful and filled with fun.” 

Since then, Polar bears have been a more playful and family representation in United States culture.

Add the family dynamic to snow and their red and white color scheme, and you have the Coca-Cola depiction of Christmas. It is a clever bit of advertising that we still associate with the holiday. 

Inspiring Ideas for Your Polar Bear Tattoo

There are many interpretations of the polar bear in the tattooing world, and they all depend on what you want your tattoo to represent. Here are some inspirations for your tattoo: 

The Roaring Bear

If you are looking to represent the polar bear’s strength and horrifying power, a roaring tattoo can help you convey the seer untapped, fierce part of the depiction.


This shows what a polar bear is: a monster of an animal, a hunter, a fighter, so if you want to represent yourself as someone who does not back down from a fight, this is the type of tattoo you might want to get. 

The Cub

On the flip side, we have the cuddly bear tattoos, depicting polar bears as cubs, cartoons, cute and cuddly, instead of the ferocious and powerful beings they are.

Polar bear cubs can be a representation of childhood or revisiting someone’s youth. This could also symbolize family or a young child in a family.


It’s a great way of representing a child or a way of remembering your childhood. 

The Bear Paw

A tattoo of a polar bear’s paw comes in different forms, either has a paw print or paw with a bear in the middle of it or behind it.

This could be a call back to polar bears being seen as spiritual guides. As stated before, in some indigenous cultures, the polar bear is seen as a protector; they are a sign of strength, power, and courage.


So, if you were looking for a symbol of guidance, strength, courage, or protection, a bear paw could be a good option for you.  

The Family Bears 

A tattoo of a group of bears with two parents and two or more cubs or one parent and one or more cubs is a good representation of family and dedication.

The bears, usually depicted as traveling, relaxing, or cuddling, show the importance, love, and devotion you have for your family.

Tattoos have always been an amazing form of art, with their symbolism and meanings, especially when it comes to showing others who you are as a person.

It’s a form of self-expression that is always interesting to explore. There are many more tattoos out there, and they each have their own meanings and symbolism, so it is worth looking around to find one that speaks to you. 


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