45+ Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

45+ Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

The pinky promise represents an unbreakable pledge and is a common symbol for tattoo designs depicting strong friendship or serious ties.

Pinky swearing or making a pinky promise is the locking of two people’s tiny fingers – otherwise known as their pinky fingers – to indicate that a commitment has been made.

The serious pledge of a pinky promise is intended to be a means of promise between tiny children, but it also extends between adults.

People have been making pinky promises for generations, so it is only natural that to cement deep and meaningful friendships and relationships, many people have a pinky promise tattoo.

If this is something that you have considered having with your best friend, loved one, or family member, let us take a close look at its symbolic meaning and more.

The origins of the pinky promise

The pinky promise is thought to have originated in Japan. In some areas, people also kiss the palm to seal the deal. This swear is considered to be the highest regard of all the promises.

The concept has been popular in the United States since the 1860s when it was mentioned in Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms. The pinky promise was described as follows: “Pinky, pinky, bow-bell.

Whoever tells a lie will sink down to a bad place and never rise up again.”

It appears to be a terrible punishment for violating a promise, but it is actually more severe in Japanese society.

In Japan, the pinky promise is known as “yubikiri,” which translates as “finger cut off.” It is frequently utilized by the Japanese mafia, known as the Yakuza, and is a lot worse penalty than any of us would choose to face.

What does it mean for a tattoo?

Those who have a pinky promise image tattooed on their body may interpret it in a variety of ways.

To start with, the pinky promise tattoo could be a promise between two buddies who both have the same tattoo. This is a terrific option for friends or partners who want to match their tattoos.

A vow to be honest with one another and to never hurt one another. Pinky promise tattoos are also recognized to signify a person’s sense of honor.

Making and keeping a promise is a respectable thing to do, yet not everyone is strong enough to uphold their vow through thick and thin.


It represents mental strength because keeping a promise may require you to face up to forces that urge you to breach that pledge.

Another meaning of this popular tattoo design is to honor or remember someone. We used to make the pinky pledge when we were youngsters.

It meant something back then, and we pledged we would uphold it.

We all lose friends along the way, and we know of a few examples where folks are honoring a childhood memory by getting the pinky promise tattoo. It is often the simplest details that make the biggest difference.

It is the ideal tattoo design for married couples

While wedding ring tattoos are popular among tattoo aficionados who want their ink to commemorate their marriage, some couples prefer not to have hand or finger tattoos and prefer a different choice.

A pinky promise tattoo to represent the serious bond of marriage – the whole death till we part concept – is an excellent choice for couples’ tattoos.


….and mothers and daughters too

Not only is the pinky promise design a great tattoo choice to celebrate friendship or romantic love, but it is great for representing the relationship between a mother and her daughter – or father or son, or any parent/child relationship. After all, no bond is stronger than the one between a parent and a child. 


The elements that could be added to a pinky promise tattoo

Pinky promise ink is often straightforward and simple. The majority of them are variations on two simple black line hand motifs clasped at the small finger.

However, as with all tattoo designs, a pinky promise design can be enhanced with a variety of design components to give it a more personal significance. These are some examples:

  • One hand is a skeleton, implying that the promise goes until and beyond death
  • The addition of flowers – roses, for example, can symbolize friendship
  • Script, quotations, and captions 
  • A heart
  • Adding color or red ink to the central promise

Skeleton pinky promise tattoos

The addition of a skeleton to your pinky promise tattoo gives finality to your pledge. It simply means “until death” to represent the strength of a vow and the strength of a union between two individuals.

In addition, including a skeleton into the pinky promise design idea is a refreshing departure from the typical simple linework version of the tattoo.


Script tattoo

This is another unique way of having the pinky promise tattoo. The individual will have the word “promise” tattooed on the inside of their pinky.

It is a unique approach to obtain this tattoo, and it is less prevalent than the one that we mentioned above.

It is also easily concealed, so if you do not want it to be visible, perhaps for work or family reasons, this is a major bonus.


Where should one put a pinky promise tattoo?

The simplicity of the pinky promise tattoo concept – the meaning and execution of the tattoo are clear and easy – makes it a very flexible design element.

Pinky promise tattoos can be placed almost anyplace. Because of their generally modest size, covering them up or making them more noticeable is often left to individual choices and concerns of taste.


A pinky promise tattoo is so much more than ‘just’ a tattoo; it is a promise between two people, whatever the relationship may be. Tattoos are permanent – just like a promise.


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