Pear Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Pear Tattoos: History, Meanings & Designs

Fruit has long been a staple in the art world and that definitely includes skin art. This brings us to the subject of pear tattoos. What are their symbolism and meanings?

It might interest you to know that not only have they been popular in classic art since time immemorial, but pears have a historical symbolism that is uniquely their own to go with that simple, elegant shape.

Let’s take a look and you can see for yourself – there’s quite a lot of meaning hiding behind these deceptively-simple fruits!

What is the History of Pear Tattoos?

While we tend to take them for granted, pears are one of the oldest cultivated fruits that you can find around the world.

For instance, we know that as early as 5000 B.C., there was a Chinese Diplomat that was obsessed with pears, peaches, and many other fruits, to the point that he abandoned his responsibilities to gobble-up as many as he could. In Chinese myth, the pear even represented immortality.

The Romans loved them as well, cultivating over 50 types that they exported easily due to the hardiness of the fruits, including one called ‘the Tiberiana’, as it was a favorite of the Emperor Tiberius himself! The Greeks, too, loved these fruits, and the famous poet Homer called them ‘gifts from the gods’.

Needless to say, we have a lot of history with these now-common delicious fruits, and it’s not even completely about the myths, deliciousness, or the fact that Romans led to further cultivation by carefully documenting the technique to grow them. A lot of it is simply aesthetics – they’re beautiful fruits and definitely a fine skin art option on their own.


What Do Pear Tattoos Symbolize?

Pear tattoos can symbolize different things, depending on whether you depict them alone, whole or partially eaten, or even the scenery that you choose to go with them. If you love ancient Chinese, Greek, or Roman history, for instance, then pears fit into an ancient scent nicely.

Then there is the whole ‘immortality’ interpretation, which means that wearing a pear could symbolize anticipation of or the activate cultivation of a long and meaningful life.

With their associations with powerful people throughout the annals of time, this is also a fruit that represent elegance and royalty.

While the apple has dark connotations, having to do with biblical myth, there are no potential symbolic pitfalls in the depiction of a pear. They are considered wholesome, they represent durability (as you could store them for ages or ship them across the world relatively easily), and they bring their own sweet aesthetics to the table.

Whether you just like the timeless look of them, fancy pears as a favorite fruit, or intend to communicate something a little deeper, there’s a little something for everyone with the choice of incorporating these fruits into your own pear tattoos and designs.


What Do Pear Tattoos Mean?

Pear tattoos are a little eclectic, as they definitely draw meanings and symbolism from many different cultures. Pear tattoos could mean anything from the quest for immortality, to the robust influence of the glory days of Rome, or it could be a nod to the aesthetics – artists, for instance, absolutely love depicting this fruit.

A partially eaten pear could symbolize a long life where one has definitely enjoyed themselves – perhaps, even, a little too much, and yet it says it in a way that could best be described as tasteful and let’s face it, rather classy.

Your own pear tattoo, of course, can say all kinds of things, it’s really just going to depend on how you choose to depict it and what you place it with. Take your time when you are creating the design and you’ll see for yourself. The many choices and applications from a symbolic perspective are really quite staggering.

Like the person who wears it, there’s a whole lot of meaning going on at the surface and behind the scenes, and this popular fruit of classical art history is a beautiful and tasteful choice that you are sure to enjoy for a lifetime – perhaps a very long one, if that immortality myth has a little truth to it!


Where Do Pear Tattoos Usually Go?

As beautiful as these fruits are, pear tattoos are typically placed somewhere that they will be seem. The outer arm, for instance, or high on the back where they might be ‘accidentally’ shown or even showcased by one’s clothing choices.

They’re pretty versatile, as far as symbols go, with very distinctive shapes that are recognizable at any size. Think about it – have you ever looked at an accurately drawn pear shape and thought it was something else?

Even in silhouette, it is ‘clear as day’ that you are viewing a pear and that’s something to take advantage of. Wherever you decide to put it, we do recommend going with color. While it’s definitely a pear, even in black and white, the delicate coloration of these fruits is really worth taking the time to properly depict.

While a handful of people frown on tattoo art, pears are one of those rare options that can soften even the hardest heart when they are rendered beautifully, so put it wherever you like and take the time to let your artist do it right – pears are the stuff of classic art and the history is there to back it up!


Characteristics and Styles of Pear Tattoos

Pears can be done in many styles and come out looking quite amazing. Japanese style, for instance, fits quite nicely with the artistic elegance of the pears smooth shape and delicate colors. If you fancy a little fun, New School pears have an ‘in your face’ quality that can turn said elegance on its head.

Photorealistic depictions of this fruit’s simple beauty are also a surefire way to turn a few heads. The undeniable aesthetics, coupled with the most delicate of colorings, make for a piece that you’ll love looking at every day.

Ask your artist to show you their portfolio to make sure that they are up for it and don’t be afraid to ‘shop around’ and view the work of other artists who might be able to do your own pear the justice that you have in mind.

It will take longer but the results speak for themselves in the annals of classic art history.


In closing

Simple, beautiful, and powerfully symbolic, pear tattoos give you a subject matter that is both classy and known quite well throughout the world. They are also not a tattoo that you see every day, so if you are looking for a skin art option that definitely holds a lot of old-world magic, then look no further than pear tattoos.

It’s the classic fruit that the art world keeps coming back to again and again. Immortal fruit indeed, no?

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