9 [Beautiful] Parasaurolophus Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

9 [Beautiful] Parasaurolophus Tattoo Design Ideas and Meanings For 2022

They’re definitely the ‘odd ducks’ of the dinosaur world. The Parasaurolophus was something to look at, with its distinctive head-crest which we believe now might be quite colorful. 

Raptors and tyrannosaurs are seen a lot in tattoo work, but the Parasaurolophus might not get as much credit as it deserves in the body art world.

Let’s take a look and see what you think!

1. Parasaurolophus with Flowers Tattoo

With all of the color coming from the flowers, you can get a good gander at the shape of this creature. 

This Parasaurolophus with flowers tattoo is a beautifully executed example.

This odd-looking dinosaur looks contentedly ahead while the eyes are drawn to the beautiful flora and sometimes that’s all a tattoo needs to be about.

It’s simply beautiful to look upon.

Parasaurolophus with Flowers Tattoo

2. Origami Parasaurolophus Tattoo

Origami art is fun and this geometric breakdown of an origami Parasaurolophus tattoo is cute, clever, and to the point. 

Even when it’s rendered angular, it’s a shape that everyone knows, and to sure to get a smile and a conversation going.

Origami Parasaurolophus Tattoo

3. Simple Parasaurolophus Tattoo

With meteors raining down and sure to spell the extinction of the dinosaurs, this simple Parasaurolophus tattoo shows the dinosaur in a necklace and looking in the mirror.

It’s quite the interesting contrast and it definitely gets you thinking, all without going overboard or even the use of a lot of color. 

Some of the best art does that, so consider a simple Parasaurolophus if you’d like a dinosaur but you also like thinking outside of the box!

Simple Parasaurolophus Tattoo

4. Pretty Parasaurolophus Tattoo

This colorful and pretty tattoo is a great example of dinosaur art that can really catch the eye. 

These days we know that many dinosaurs were quite colorful indeed and it’s a real treat to see when an artist reminds us of this.

It’s got flowers, jewelry, and the cold reptilian eyes and we have to say that we love it. 

It’s not the kind of tattoo that you see every day, after all, and it’s hard not to love those.

Pretty Parasaurolophus Tattoo

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5. Parasaurolophus Skull Tattoo

There’s no skull quite like this one, wouldn’t you agree? The Parasaurolophus definitely had a distinctive look and this skull tattoo shows it quite clearly.

While we now know that this skull was designed to help the animal communicate, it’s still truly amazing to see one of these and to know that this animal existed.

If you like skulls and you want something that isn’t run-of-the-mill then a Parasaurolophus skull tattoo might be just what you are looking for.

Parasaurolophus Skull Tattoo

6. Cute Parasaurolophus Tattoo

Alien, cute, and extinct – but certainly not forgotten. 

A cute Parasaurolophus tattoo tells the world that you love dinosaurs — especially the cute ones. 

When you are choosing a dinosaur, you’ve got lots of choices… Triceratops for instance, are quite well known, but this little Parasaurolophus is not one you see every day.

This gives it the charm of being instantly recognizable but not common, and with this particular dinosaur’s head-shape it really makes for interesting art.

Cute tattoos are a bold choice with a lot of personality, so if you are looking for something different then this dino might just be a great fit for you.

Cute Parasaurolophus Tattoo

7. Traditional Parasaurolophus Tattoo

This traditional Parasaurolophus tattoo keeps it simple, but beautiful. 

Look at how the bold lines and the strong colors play together and then we dare you to disagree! 

With just a handful of colors and strong lines, this ‘simple’ tattoo design is anything but!

Traditional Parasaurolophus Tattoo

8. Minimalist Parasaurolophus Tattoo

The fun thing about minimalism is when you find a strong symbol that everyone knows and you can simplify it. 

This minimalist Parasaurolophus tattoo is a great example, with that crescent-skull telling you right away that you aren’t looking at any other dinosaur.

It’s cute, compact, and instantly recognized!

Minimalist Parasaurolophus Tattoo

9. Small Parasaurolophus Tattoo

Speaking of cute, this small Parasaurolophus tattoo is adorable! 

While it’s not complicated, it’s art that instantly gets the attention and puts a whole lot of cute love in a very tiny space. 

It’s all about invoking a response, when it comes to art, and this little guy is low on detail, but enormous on character!

Sometimes the easiest way to say something is to keeps things simple but direct — and let’s face it, folks. it’s hard to argue that this tattoo isn’t exactly that!

Small Parasaurolophus Tattoo


What does a Parasauroluphus tattoo mean?

This is a good tattoo choice for the dinosaur fan that knows what they are talking about.

The duck-billed Parasaurolophus was quite interesting and that strange skull had a purpose. Scientists tried blowing air through it and low and behold – its purpose was communication.

A tattoo like this is perfect for dinosaur fans that don’t feel like going the Jurassic route, but rather prefer a Cretaceous classic!

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