Paperclip Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

Paperclip Tattoo Ideas In 2021 – Meanings, Designs, And More

A paperclip is often seen as a mundane office supply. If some of your papers in a file have come loose and fallen embarrassingly on the floor at work, you feel like shouting ‘You Had One Job!’.

That’s all a paperclip is supposed to do, bind things together. 

So when it comes to a paperclip tattoo, it can become a very creative symbol that binds many things together.

If we look back historically, the paperclip played a very important role in society. Let’s explore some of the best paperclip tattoo ideas this year.

Norwegian defiance

During World War Two, Norway was invaded by the Nazis. They did in the streets of Norway what they were doing in all of their occupied territories.

They destroyed the national culture and tried to turn Norwegians into good little Nazis. They refused!

They began to wear paperclips, because they were a Norwegian invention and paperclips are designed to bind things (including people sometimes) together.

The Nazis hated this silent symbol of defiance so much, they would arrest people just for wearing a paperclip on their shirt or coat.

What came first?

Have you ever bent a paperclip into a unique shape while fiddling around due to boredom? Of course you have, you’re a normal human being.

Have you ever wondered if the trombone came first or second to the paperclip? Okay we can forgive you for this one.

But, yes, the word ‘paperclip’ is literally ‘trombone’ in French. Who knows, maybe the instrument really does take after the humble paperclip. It sure makes for a unique paperclip tattoo idea; especially if you’re a musical person.

Mental health 

We’ve been over how paperclips symbolise things staying together. It’s also become somewhat of a mental health symbol.

A paperclip can keep things together, and sometimes we wish we had a mental paperclip to keep all of our thoughts and feelings together.

You could have a paperclip tattoo with those words or something like ‘holding it together’. Paperclip tattoos are simple anyway and accompanying it with words could make it clearer as to what it symbolizes.

Symbol of love (pairing tattoo)

Here’s another question for you. Have you ever attached two or more paperclips? Of course you have, you’re civilized.

When it comes to a paperclip tattoo, this clipping together of paperclips can be a symbol of love. You may find that it’s a simple way to also make a love heart.

Placed at the right spot, it can be a pairing tattoo with another person. And who says you need to get a paperclip in the dull steel colour? Why not just get it in pink, purple, red or whatever colour you want?

Veteran’s dissent

Some of the soldiers of the Vietnam and Iraq wars wore black paperclips as a symbol of dissent. Many who were against the wars, wore these to identify each other while on duty.

It was a silent way of showing, they were against what their government and country were asking them to do.

If you have a dissenting side to your personality, a black paperclip on your sleeve, wrist, or chest could be something to consider.

If you’re a veteran and want to object to current or past wars, this could be a great tattoo to have. It also makes for a cool solidarity symbol with your fellow veterans of past wars. 

Modern art

If you are a very artistic person, try to create a paperclip tattoo that symbolizes a battle against something you care for.

It might be anxiety such as Eisen Bernardo that has created gallery pieces of pink paperclips crowded together. The center of the piece is open, showing the background.

It can be there to symbolise a little bit of clear air among all your thoughts. Once again, you can have any kind of colour paperclip you want.

It doesn’t have to be grey or black. This particular artist has done a crowded piece of pink paperclips, which could be to show the female brain during anxiety. You could show the male brain with blue or red.

A note or photo

If you would like to have a paperclip tattoo that is really creative and truly unique to yourself, then a note on a piece of paper from a notepad stuck together with a paperclip could be for you.

As you might have guessed, you can write anything you want on the tattoo. It can be quirky such as ‘let me know when you’re ready’ with a heart if you’re looking for love.

Or it could be ‘Bread, milk, cheese, fun’ as your shopping list of mundane things and the thing that you really want in life.

It can also be a photo of someone you love that is attached with a paperclip to your skin. It should look like something you would attach to your fridge, message board or something similar. 

Consumerism hilarity

Prada has done many stupid things to get some attention but what they did in New York City was astonishing. They were selling a silver paperclip that was fashioned in such a way that it could be used as a money clip.

First of all, just because it’s made in silver doesn’t mean anything. Silver is symbolic in jewelery, not a paperclip. Secondly, who carries money these days? Thirdly, who carries so much money that they need a paperclip!?

You could have a paperclip tattoo with a price tag to symbolize your objection to the ridiculous culture of consumerism these days.

It was being sold for about $250! Anyone who wants to mock Prada or fast fashion outlets, could pair their paperclip tattoo with heels, sunglasses, jewelery etc.

If you need any ideas about paperclip tattoos or other types of quirky meaningful tattoos, contact us today.

We have lots of other articles about meaning, symbolism and ideas on tattoos if you are yet to discover what type of ink you want.

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